There is a great battle raging on planet earth for the souls of the people. We are seeing this on every level of society through the continued deception and abuse of the people through political manipulation of truth, of health, of the economy and virtually every facet of individual life and liberty.
People’s lives are being damaged. Many are dying and taking their own lives. An entire generation is growing up in this climate of fear and disconnection.
Swan is a mystical bird of courage and surrender who flies higher than even the Eagle who is the messenger of the Great Spirit.
She comes to us when we’re in need of timeout (when we have been ignoring the pleas of our souls for a break) in order to regain our clarity and trust in ourselves and the ones we love.
Swan’s journey to the heavens shows us that path of true Spiritual Awakening and the choices that each of us must make as we ascend higher on the path. And this path comes with many questions.
Or do we walk away entirely and choose to live our lives in isolation?
Swan Medicine CardThose of us who have been awake and aware have been warning of this attack for a long time.
The visions I received (and shared) of this assault on humanity and our planet in 2018 sent me into a time of wandering in the wilderness where I grappled with the darkness and light in my own soul.
Many truth-tellers began sharing the messages and prophecies they received years ago and have been exiled, ridiculed, shamed and attacked by those they came to serve.
A disconnect from the truth which affects us in our personal lives as well as on the larger level of society – no matter which culture we’ve grown up in. And this attack is being led by the people at the very top of the human hierarchy of this planet.
So, at this time of chaos and continued awakening for those who have been clinging to their sleep, the message for the Way Showers is to rest at the side of the frozen pond with Swan while the world begins to understand the meaning of Surrender.
Surrender of old self-perceptions, surrender of old ways of being, surrender of people and organizations that no longer resonate, surrender of material goods, stability and even economic security – for a time.
Like all Spiritual Masters, Swan approached the doorway to heaven, the path to the most high Creator, with childlike innocence and willingness to risk everything for the experience.
This is the essence of the spiritual path.
For when we arrive on the planet, we disconnect from who we are in the Spirit World. Life on planet Earth is geared toward giving us choices to return to ourselves. To return to walking the path of faith and spirit that will return us to the essence of who we are. And that only comes through our desire to touch the hem of the Creator’s blanket.
Swan Medicine Spread September 2020Swan and the other creatures who join her this week (Armadillo, Hummingbird, Horse, Butterfly)  remind us that the external battle for truth on our planet is a collective reflection of the battle that each of us face when we decide to come here for our mission – which is always about the evolution of our soul.
Armadillo – We know that Earth is a training ground for people on the Spiritual path.
And, as we have seen throughout history, the enemies of a nation will always attack, censor, and even murder the spiritual leaders and destroy sacred objects and teachings.
Armadillo has been with us for a few weeks teaching us about boundaries, focus, and guarding our perceptions.
Here, he is telling us to be aware of the ways the globalists are attacking religious leaders and religious peoples’ Constitutional Rights.
We are learning that a great deal of Sacred knowledge of Earth’s people has been intentionally hidden for a very long time.
These sacred teachings are now being released to the public and this is awakening many people around the planet.
Hummingbird reminds us that “all that glitters is not gold.”
Beware of sparkly “believers” who don’t practice what they preach.
Because as in every war throughout history, the attacks against people’s spiritual traditions is coming from outsiders as well as from false teachers and corrupt leaders in the religious communities.
Around the world – and particularly in North America – it is deeply distressing to see all the churches closed except for one or two whose pastors are being jailed and congregations are being stalked and persecuted.
Where are the ministers who took an oath to stand in their faith against the evils of this world?
They’re all hiding behind masks, behind locked church doors while people are hungry and cold and dying on their very doorsteps.
This is because most Christians have come to believe that their existence depends on the government rather than on the Grace of God and the communities they have taken vows to serve.
They have come to believe the lies of the darkness, believing that hiding, wearing masks and even ingesting poison is the path toward light – instead of recognizing the sanctity of breath. 

Here, Scott Kesterton of Bards FM talks about the commercialization and indoctrination of the progressive church – which has lost its way. 

BreathEzekiel 37.9  –>>

We know the movement that Jesus inspired was overtaken by the Roman Empire as a tool of their colonization plan for the world in 309 AD. And we see the results of imperialism on the church today.
Most churches are now operating as “tax exempt” organizations which makes them vulnerable to the governments.
Many church leaders are more interested in the “business” of church and ways they can enhance their own reputations than in actually serving the communities God has placed them in.
This is a very unfortunate thing to witness for those who understand the reason Jesus and other Spiritual leaders called people together for service to the Creator.
With regard to the *Institutions* that have come to define our religious and faith traditions, there is not a thing wrong with religion properly taught and adhered to.
The problem is the institutionalization of a personal relationship with our Creator and the hierarchical control they impose on our faith communities. And it is this rigidity and lack of heart that drives many people away.
This reflects an imbalance in Spiritual communities that is more focused on materialism and intellect than the path of the heart as Jesus and our Spiritual Masters teach.
Horse 35Horse is in the black house with the Grandmothers and as always they remind us to look at our history. Particularly this week, the history of religion in our society.
We live in a world where it’s now “not okay” to even say the word God without setting off a firestorm of debate or “offending” people who choose to remain disconnected.
Modern culture has made faith communities out to look like freaky weirdoes – and at the same time, many churches (not all) have become nothing more than social clubs only interested in serving themselves rather than helping people.
These abuses and misinterpretations have caused many people to disconnect from their own divine connection with the Great Spirit.
For we have been taught “the devil is in the details,” and one of the great techniques that the destructors use is to chip away our beliefs and faith a little at a time through constant challenges.
Atheists claim that “religion is the cause of all wars and division” but that is untrue. In fact, we see more people who claim NOT to believe in God fighting against people who do and their rights than simply living the “let it be” doctrine they claim to follow.
There is a reason that communist revolutions have begun by wiping out the Elders and sacred traditions.
Religion is only the word we use to describe the path for people who honor and serve the Creator – no matter which tradition they practice.
Religion is a way of life for spiritual people.
Everyone on a spiritual path is practicing their own form of religion all of which are founded in the beliefs, traditions, and culture of our Ancestors.
Those who are disconnected hate everything about the spiritual aspects of life. They claim that people of faith are “crazy” and they create all kinds of challenges and strawmen to entrap them. They lie about them and even drive them away.
For the presence of a person devoted to healing and truth is very uncomfortable to bear for those who have refused to step into the light.
And that is why it is so important for those on the Spirit Trail to step back and remember we’re in a year of the Great Mother Bear, a time for healing and introspection.
The beautiful story of the Ugly Duckling shows us the path for those who are on the high spirit path of the Swan. After fleeing the places we don’t fit in, making a mess of things where we don’t belong, we are resting and recuperating at the side of the frozen pond. . . many still looking for their own flock or tribe and wondering what will happen next.


This is the time that we are being tested in our faith, for it is in the times of darkness – outside the chaos of the world – that we learn to surrender all that no longer serves us. To strengthen our faith, clarify our vision for our next chapter and continue walking out our new reality.
This takes time and a lot of energy and patience. Self-care is always the key to loving ourselves and that allows us to love others along our path. Swan and Bear remind us that we must spend time in the cave to be able to hear the still small voice of our own intuition whispering the messages of the Great Spirit.
Swan Message
Here are a few ideas for you to think about while you’re resting on the side of your pond:
Advice for a Young Swan
  • Use your wilderness time while the pond is still frozen to research and remember who you are. Why you are here.
  • Learn to Love the Unlovely, the broken and imperfect parts of yourself and your relationships. We have each chosen all the people in our lives, all our experiences, to help us grow and learn to make the right choices.
  • Continue to walk your healing path. Remember that a little each day creates strong habits.
  • Share with others whenever you can for this is the teaching at the heart of all religion.
  • Take time out to rest. Unplug and think about what you can surrender in your life to lighten your load. Sort the wheat from the chafe.

Swan’s path is that of the mystic. On this high-flying path, we receive visions about the future and understand that they are reflections of our own perceptions and interpretations of reality.

We learn that the path to healing always comes through surrendering the old parts of our selves and our lives that no longer serve us, gathering our courage to walk the path that we don’t often understand, loving the unlovely parts of our experience, and learning to accept the grace, provision, and faithfulness of the Great Spirit to get us through times of uncertainty.

It is my honour to be your messenger.