Hi everyone. Hope you’re having a fantastic Halloween. I’m excited to share this video that features my son Peter’s first band, the Co-Pilots and their first single, “Satan Street” – which is about how the dark truly does control the music industry, and how to stand up against it. Followed by a little “Folsom Prison Blues,” and the SONG of the YEAR!! Bryson Gray’s “Let’s Go Brandon.”

We are seeing what happens when the people stand up and take our power back from these ones who would throw all of us under the bus for a dollar.

Stand Strong. Hold the Line – and enjoy this time. We chose to come here for the greatest narrative change in the history of humanity!

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The Medicine Wheel

MedicineWheel1The Medicine Wheel is an Ancient teaching tool used throughout history by Indigenous peoples of all nations. Native Turtle Island People use the Medicine Wheel to organize and understand our lives and as a visual aid to help us learn and teach our Traditional Culture.

Because I follow Native Turtle Island and Celtic Traditional teachings, I have found using the Medicine Wheel and its many teaching tools along with daily practice – and especially Medicine Walks in my community – are powerful healing forces that help me demonstrate surrender.

If you’re interested in learning about the Medicine Wheel, Totems, and how these tools can help you understand and better organize your life, contact me.