Hummingbird SunflowerIt’s hard to believe that Hummingbird has come back around with her divine medicine of good tidings, joy, peace, and abundance from a year ago. Wow – how time flies when you’re in the middle of a cosmic transition and a historic change of the human narrative on planet earth. ☺🤓😎🥳

Last year, I wrote about how Hummingbird Medicine is a cure for apathy, and lately am being reminded that I need to focus more on the lightness and trust of the Hummingbird and the messages of hope for our future.

I think it would be a good idea for all of us who are flying high through this storm to take a pause and reflect back on our divine purpose, reconnect with the little child who lives inside our souls.

Because as Mother Bear who is here with us all year, tells us that this is a year of healing – and more importantly a time when humanity is changing our perceptions of healing and disease.

Many people are having spiritual awakenings during this time of great truth rising, and the intense nature of this experience can be overwhelming.

So it’s good to be aware of any friends of relatives you have who may be nearing the edge of their personal precipice.

If you have been levelling up in your spiritual journey and are now feeling scattered and exhausted, maybe apathetic and just sick of the whole damned thing — know you’re not alone. Many of us who have been going through the process of our own Spiritual Awakening and personal healing, combined with trying to manage relationships that are under serious attack by the dark, and the chaos still going on around us are feeling pretty overwhelmed.

It’s been difficult for me the past few months to focus on much of anything, and I am finding that the longer the scamdemic situation continues, it becomes more difficult for me to feel inspired to write or create. Are you feeling this lately?

I haven’t been sure if it’s because of the “choices” I’m making about how to spend my time, or if it’s not something deeper that I need to be looking at. So much has happened in the collective the past few years, it’s a lot to process and hard to know where to build a foundation when the current situation seems to be in a state of flux.

SpiritualAwakeningHumor17And, when we have been through a powerful spiritual awakening experience, it sometimes takes years to regain our footing because we have to relearn everything and every relationship in our lives from an entirely different perspective than we had before going into the storm.

If you have undergone a massive spiritual awakening, then you understand the immediate aftermath when you’re learning how to live while being completely aware of everything you’re doing and much more conscious of the thoughts going through your head.

It’s important to remember this and not overload ourselves with the need to get back to the level of comfort we thought we had before our experience, especially if it requires returning to the old, toxic system.

To a person, everyone I know who has been through the spiritual awakening process comes out the other side with a completely different life – different jobs, relationships, even new cities.

It’s really important to recognize the changes we’ve been through and honor the place that the Creator has put us at this moment. Even if we’re not where we eventually want to end up, we have a better understanding of why we’re here and where we’re going.

Falling back into the old system will only cause us troubles, so its important to allow ourselves plenty of time to map out a plan for our futures and figure out how to get there. Building the new earth from a new consciousness at the individual, community, and global levels will take more time than most of us would like – so patience is key, grasshoppers.

I have always been terrible with the patience thing, and it’s something that I (and probably millions of other bird clan truth-tellers) are having to learn through experience these days. Unless we’re supernaturally empowered with this particular gift, experience is our only teacher for learning patience.

The world is giving us many opportunities to meet chaos and confusion with patience and the same compassion and understanding we have been given through our journeys into the land of the Red Pilled ones.

None of us would be where we are if the awakened souls had taunted and jeered at our lack of knowledge. No. Instead, they helped us and gave us great information and support. That is what we need to be offering to others at this time.

ExecutionThere is mad chaos around the world as workers in every nation are standing up together and refusing to continue in the bioterror attack and fraud known as Covid-19.

The fake Biden regime mandates (which don’t actually exist) revealed the fascist plans and involvement in the American (and global) economy, and the sane, strong warriors of truth have drawn the line.

There are rallies and marches in every nation as the people rise up, demanding the arrest and punishment of every single person on every level of society and government for their participation in mass genocide and crimes against humanity.

We are seeing more and more indications that Nuremburg Trials have either begun or will be soon

Hummingbird is a powerful bird clan symbol of infinite communication, and we have seen this medicine through the connectivity power of social media.

Many of us have become very attached to social media over the past few years, primarily because we have built communities that are our lifelines during this time when truth-tellers seem to be scattered in a few and far between pattern around the planet. I think for many of us, these online friendships have saved our sanity and in many cases, even saved our lives.

Screenshot (773)We’ve also come to rely on social media and our favorite independent news and Patriot channels for true information about issues that conservatives care about — from the ongoing audits and investigations of the fraudulent 2020 Election, to the truth about Covid and the toxic criminals being pushed on humanity – to the increasingly ridiculous attempt at a Marxist color revolution in America, to the impending arrest of the deep state and its puppets . . .

There are so many areas to learn about and keep track of it’s hard to focus on anything else at the moment.

But still, it’s important to drag ourselves away from the drama to focus on our daily lives, plan for our future – which, if we are doing our work faithfully and standing strong to the end will be very bright indeed. And, we need to remember to focus on enjoying the present as well.

Hummingbird 1Little hummingbird shows us that no matter how tiny we feel that we are, we still have the power to change our lives through changing our vibration – the pattern of our wings.

Those little flutters are showing up around the world and are building up to a tsunami of awakened consciousness like nothing we have ever seen.

Hummingbird reminds us that we’re still in a period of great healing, narrative change, and great drama because the core essence of the battle playing out is about the importance of women and the divine feminine.

This week’s totems are really reminding us of that as Bear, Badger, Mountain Lion, Hummingbird (which I read as feminine energy) and even Crazy Uncle Coyote are visiting us and sharing their lessons.

Remember, Coyote bears a powerful connection to women’s very existence and he reminds us that it really bugs the Satanists and oligarchs that the lowliest woman on earth has the one superpower that they don’t have – the power to create a human being in their body.

Protect the feminine. Protect women’s culture. Protect the women and girls around the world who continue to be in danger until every last criminal is taken out.

Honor and respect the men who are standing up for their families, protecting their homes and communities, and fighting to have justice and integrity returned to our land.

Native American ChurchHummingbird is one of the Creator’s divine messengers of hope, peace and abundance. She (and her very powerful warrior husband) remind us of the power of the smallest change in energy.

Remember the story of the butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the earth that caused a tsunami?

We are all the writers of our own stories. We are all storytellers.

And we all have the power to make great changes through the vibrations we put out – for that is the basis of attracting the ones who share that energetic frequency. The ones who will help us on our new path.

Storytellers document the history of their people and culture through the stories they choose to tell. Many of us here will have such a fantastic arsenal of material by the time this is all over, we could write books for the rest of our lives!

BearHugsSo, while we’re working on our healing during this year of the Great Mother Bear, watching the cosmos shift and the chaos begin to calm itself outside, let’s remember that our stories and the changes we make to them always start with a vibration, a spark that turns into a thought – to be carried out in our daily lives when we’re ready.

Sometimes, making enormous life changes takes awhile to process and plan, and this is okay because as we’re seeing outside, most of us are still not going anywhere for awhile.

Please make sure to pray for everyone who is fighting for their rights against fascist employers. Pray for people who are facing unemployment, that God will provide for their needs through the people in their communities.

It is only through standing together and caring for one another that we will get through this. Our great grandparents showed us this during the years of the Great Depression and the World Wars.

Make sure you’re stocked up and prepared for anything. Because we are still most definitely at war with the dark ones and even though they have surrendered, they’re trying to destroy as much as they can on their way out.

Have faith friends. Even though the Great Awakening is taking much longer than many of us would have liked, it is indeed happening in God’s perfect timing, and we are watching the end of an old, ancient, evil cycle.

New beginnings are just ahead. It’s a hummingbird promise.

It is my honor to be your messenger.

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MedicineWheel1The Medicine Wheel is an Ancient teaching tool used throughout history by Indigenous peoples of all nations. Native Turtle Island People use the Medicine Wheel to organize and understand our lives and as a visual aid to help us learn and teach our Traditional Culture.

Because I follow Native Turtle Island and Celtic Traditional teachings, I have found using the Medicine Wheel and its many teaching tools along with daily practice – and especially Medicine Walks in my community – are powerful healing forces that help me demonstrate surrender.

If you’re interested in learning about the Medicine Wheel, Totems, and how these tools can help you understand and better organize your life, contact me.