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As always, I hope you’re hanging in there through this final push through the birth canal of the new beginning. It’s interesting to sit and watch all the systems and institutions of the old world falling apart as one by one the corrupt ones and all their puppets are being exposed around the world.

As we teach here on Bird Clan Messenger, we are blessed to be living during this time of great prophecy during which the true believers in the power and mercy of the Great Spirit – of all cultures – are now being protected and shielded from harm. And this is by design.

This week, the 40th week of this year of the Great Mother Bear, Dolphin is weighing in with some beautiful encouragement for Starseeds and the handful of Elders who continue to follow the old ways, to walk the narrow Red Path of alignment.

The Ancestors see your sacrifice, and understand your experience of alienation, exile, and deep grief at the betrayals of so many you trusted and loved.

Those who have been called to share the prophecies and teachings of the Ancestors have been terribly mistreated, ignored and even silenced and banished by those who claim to be the leaders of their communities.

The sacred gatherings have become tainted by sleeping elders and those who have chased the Great Spirit out of their meeting places through their own dirty, filthy bones – which we are told to keep clean so that we may be hollow bones for the messages of the Creator.

I have a young friend, a Bear Clan Warrior in the Canadian Prairies who has shared a heartbreaking story about the last Sundance he attended.

He is a Sundancer and understands the deep and sacred meanings of the ceremonies, prayers, and rituals in this powerful Native demonstration of love, loyalty, and devotion to the people, the self, and the Great Spirit. He has graciously given me permission to share his story so that we can all see the depth of the damage that is being caused by the false and corrupt leaders:

Sun DanceThe Warrior Dance in May of 2020 was a special one. The local elders had came together and spread the word in the sweats that 4 warriors were to be chosen to represent the Sabe, Bear, Wolf, and the Marten. They were to initiate into dog soldiers for the community and most of all the Creator.

Their names were Leading White Wolf , Screaming Sabe, Charging Black Bear, and Fighting Wolverine. Each were to dance, fast and sweat without food and water for 4 days and 5 nights until the dragging and piercing ceremony commenced.

The warriors dragged for the community, missing murdered women, the graves of our children and suffering they had endured in residential schools so that they would find peace and the way back home.

Each warrior initiated into the warrior elite through their own trials and tribulations in life, painted in children’s hand prints, dragged and fought things in the warriors circle that would make even the strongest of people cower in fear. But after that ceremony, each warrior was told to go to their directions and stay on the Red Path.

[But] the Warrior Dance of 2021, the Warriors weren’t called to the circle again.

Things had changed.

Screenshot (780)The elders became irritable, cold, and began to go against the original ways of the ceremony. People noticed this and they started leaving throwing their prayer ties away.

The Sundance recently passed. The warriors weren’t allowed to be present through odd coincidences.

The elders were asking the young and old for any visions they had received.

The sweats were unbearable and medicine bad.

The head elder had become angry abusive and greedy turning the Sundance into a drama show of glam and pride.

The gray tree for the Sundance that was pegged down was ripped from the ground and slammed to the earth with all the prayer ties on it people began leaving in even more numbers.

The Warriors now dance, sweat, and fight in secret together as they have been exiled along with the others from the lodge.

The grand fathers knew this, because there’s a massive gathering soon of elders and warriors and.. the ones who will be selected to gain the knowledge the elders have.

The ones on the Red Path will lose jobs, homes, food, and security because that is the path they chose.

The Creators opened the path to live in the old ways.

And the warriors will lead the way and protect that knowledge, elders, and people by any means necessary.

Experiences like these, when our Elders are sleeping or corrupt or too wounded to stand up with the people, can really shake us to our core. Those leaders who have chosen the laws of man have lost their anointing and should no longer be trusted. When a healer, Elder, or teacher demonstrates that they love money, power, and material things more than the health and wellbeing, the Spiritual connections of the people they are supposed to serve, they must be ignored by those who walk the narrow path.

For we are seeing that many of those we came to trust and honor are weak of character and are undeserving of our continued respect – unless and until they awaken, see the errors of their ways, and make amends to the people in authentic ways. It takes a long time to rebuild trust after it has been broken.

In spite of these offenses and sufferings, Dolphin tells us to be joyful because finally – after nearly two years in which every member of our community has had the opportunity to demonstrate where their true allegiance lies – with the laws of man or the power of the Great Spirit – we are beginning to see who are false teachers and who is walking the Red Road with pure intent.

Dolphin Animal SpiritFor, Dolphin – a great communicator of the cosmos who works in frequency and vibration – shows us that by flipping the script, changing the narrative from a head-based walk to one that begins in the heart, we receive the wisdom of the Ancestors first, before we continue our walk out on the ground.

When we move from our heads into a heart based walk, we live with a greater understanding and compassion for our brothers and sisters, all our relations.

The heart based walk begins in the cave of the great Mother Bear and she is protective of her cubs as well. So, Mother Bear and the Grandmothers remind us that even though we can have compassion for the lost ones, we still need to love them from afar until they show that they have changed and can be trusted.

When we allow the hurtful ones into our lives again and again, thinking that they have changed just because they’ve told us so, we end up hurting ourselves and being of service to nobody. It is still important to protect ourselves until we’re sure that the people who have hurt us really do want to change, and really do value our presence in their lives.

Gratitude and joy in all things will replace the feelings of fear and jealousy that lead to drama. Being truthful with one another is a major Dolphin message, for she is a master of communication in all ways of the Spirit and the Heart.

This Dolphin Medicine in this year of the Great Mother Bear shows us the truth that the Spirit-led know: all sickness begins in the Spirit. And here on earth, the best medicine we will find is in the cave of the heart with the Grandmothers.

So if you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed, or just sick of it all, take a clue from the ladies – the feminine energy of water, compassion, stillness, and peace. Unhook from the internet and the things that are upsetting.

We still have a way to go on this journey into the time of the 8th Fire. It’s still important to practice patience – with ourselves, and with the people around us. And to remember that we still need to give ourselves time to grieve and heal. We have lost a great deal, and we will need to be prepared to help others as they awaken to all they have lost individually and as a human collective.

It is my honor to be your messenger.

This week, Dolphin is joined by Hawk in her natural home in the East. Grandfather Moose, a symbol of male protection, dignity, endurance, sacrifice, and hospitality is in the South giving us the strength to keep on pushing. And, dear Crow – the keeper of the Sacred Law – is sitting with the Grandmothers in the West.

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MedicineWheel1The Medicine Wheel is an Ancient teaching tool used throughout history by Indigenous peoples of all nations. Native Turtle Island People use the Medicine Wheel to organize and understand our lives and as a visual aid to help us learn and teach our Traditional Culture.

Because I follow Native Turtle Island and Celtic Traditional teachings, I have found using the Medicine Wheel and its many teaching tools along with daily practice – and especially Medicine Walks in my community – are powerful healing forces that help me demonstrate surrender.

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