Hi everyone!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two months since I’ve posted here. If you’re a Kitchen Party fan, you’ll understand why as we’ve launched in a big way, producing at least two shows a week, thanks entirely to my fantastic ground crew.

The folks you see in Bird Clan Kitchen Parties are the Cream of the Crop – the leaders in creating the New Earth, shaping the narrative, and building the systems and programs to inform, heal, and educate the people who are coming along behind.

I’ve started organizing my Clans and the leaders I see among the storytellers and diggers are all present in the upcoming Kitchen Parties. I was surprised to learn that they won’t all fit into one episode.

The Hatchery is the magical, visionary Cobbler Studio and Bear’s Nest where the Bird Clan Messenger EAGLE CLAN is coming together to share the most powerful revelations in a way that people can understand, process, and integrate.

They use stealth research, their extensive knowledge and research in their areas including child trafficking, drugs, weapons, war, the Covid fraud, bioterror attacks, space force and the changes that Starlink is bringing to humanity through giving us an eye and all the information that has been hidden.

And, one of their most important jobs is to help people understand the cultural war that we’ve been fighting for more than a century.

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We know that politics is downstream from culture and culture is downstream from our personal beliefs, which if we are walking properly on this Earth, are aligned with the teachings of the Ancestors and the Great Spirit.

We have entered the crossroads where there are so many disconnected from Spirit that humanity is at great risk of dying out. That is why we have come. The teachers from all walks of life whose work we share over here are leading the way in reweaving the narrative of humanity – wiping the mud and non-binary shit off our sacred symbols, traditional roles, and reviving the power of parents, Elders, and even the strong and awakened young ones in recovering our communities.

BCM Eagles are leaders in creating the new media networks the world has been starving for, and Uncle Chuck is assuring us that the marbles are coming.

When that happens, it is my hope that Bird Clan Messenger will be going global – like the VOA North, based in the heart of Turtle Island, on my favorite place in the world, Lake Huron. Loads of Eagles flying up there, and the Ancestors have repeatedly shown and told me that this is a very important area and one that would be a powerful place to base a North American communications network, training, and security community. We have already begun making plans and map training.

I’ve started including a lot more information about Patriot businesses that we’re all working together to support. We need to be working together, supporting one another to build a new paradigm. That’s the only way we’ll extract ourselves and protect our children and grandchildren from this vile system we’re in the process of destroying.

I’d like to give a shout out to Patrick Willie @patrickisnavajo @nativesreact and Jacob Billy @kickin_bird203 on Insta #patrickisnavajo — our RezBoyzs over on Youtube. They have been drafted into the T’saLaGi Code Talkers project.

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The Ancestors have made it very clear that these two fine young men and their friends are chosen to lead the 8th Generation along with the other stars who have been shining brightly, like lighthouses to get us through this storm. Patrick and Jacob’s commentary is invaluable in explaining Native culture and teachings to our Patriot allies and the intel community, and they add so much hilarity and nuance to every Kitchen Party, it’s hard not to adore them. They’re truly Ambassadors and great teachers.  If you see them, let them know. 

As you probably know, I’m banned from YouTube – so you can find the Kitchen Party on Rumble, Bitchute and Brighteon.  Check the BCM Social page for links.

Code Talkers get the previews a couple of days early, so if you’re into deep dives and getting all the scoop first – along with regular doses of the Creator’s Medicine, Cultural teachings, totems – and the periodic ravings and GIF storms (all code, of course) of a Certified Crow Woman and her slick pals, join us on Telegram.

Here’s the latest Kitchen Parties – lots of Screaming Eagles – some are hanging in the Possum Pit, some on the Great Saltinator Lake, a few down South, and some in the Big Apple – and a stealthy few are flying around with the amazing ground crew up here in the Great White North. Fantastic talent, brilliant diggers, incredibly talented storytellers. That’s how we’re taking the narrative back. Well done, Smooth Criminals. ❤️



Never forget how unbelievably gifted and special you are for God, the Creator of all things, to have sent you here for your particular mission.

It is the great privilege of my life to stich your stories together into this new blanket, woven from the blood and culture, the fry bread and drums, the ramen and songs, the rooftop barbecues and rock lobsters –  those priceless strands of those few threads left connecting humanity’s pure DNA to the stars – embroidered and embellished with all the Colours of the Wind by all the Warriors of the Rainbow coming together, bringing their Grandmothers’ best cooking to the potluck and their Grandfathers guns to the range.

Looking forward to meeting you all someday.

It is my honour to be your messenger. – CL

A’ho. S’gi.