By Joseph White Eagle

This is a sacred moment when the fabric of time does not exist and you break the barrier of two worlds, this blessing of becoming a divine conduit between what cannot be seen and this physical reality.

Heaven and EarthYou become a messenger of the hopes and dreams of the powers that are much greater than oneself, you become a hollow vessel that seeks the truth of the purpose of this life.

Destiny is calling all of you to evolve into this sacred being, to become more than what you can only find here on Mother Earth. Your connection can never be severed and will forever be unbroken. Look deeply within yourself and there it is in your divine reflection.

For we do not have to wait for our bodies to die to see the face of all creation nor do we have to wait to see what is beyond this physical realm. When you finally break this spiritual barrier then there will be no more fear in your heart of your mortality, nor will you let the storms of this life make you weak but you only become stronger.

Live this life connected powerfully to both worlds and you will have the inner balance to live a peaceful and fulfilling life.


Joseph White Eagle is a Cree spiritual leader and teacher of traditional Native wisdom medicine who grew up in Saskatchewan and now lives in British Colombia with his wife and family. We are deeply grateful for his contributions to Bird Clan Messenger and to all of humanity. A’ho.

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