By Melissa Teague

Ancient Hebrew, Sanskrit, Aramaic and Arabic have been spoken for thousands of years. Its been found that certain words and sentences spoken in these languages create a “vibration” or frequency. Its also been found that frequencies like these can create sacred geometric shapes or move physical matter into geometrical shapes.

This secret has been kept from us by many translations being changed – to be backwards.
Many being backwards can cause some what of a curse as well. How we write has also been changed and is backwards. In ancient times we wrote from right to left and also in columns going down not left to right. Why was this changed?

The Ancient Hebrew language translated into English is the exact opposite of the original message so the translation doesn’t hold the power it once did. If it were to be translated correctly it could hold a lot of power because sounds are more than just vibrations or frequencies. Sounds interact with ALL life. Some even believe the universe was created by use of sound.

Sanskrit breatheMantras, from Sanskrit have been used for thousands of years as well and are believed to hold psychological and spiritual powers. People who practice Mantras believe that repeating certain words, sounds or syllables can rewire the brain to create a more positive reality for yourself.

If you want more abundance or happiness you could repeatedly say or write certain words or phrases to affect the subconscious mind where you hold a since of “lack” (which usually stems from childhood experiences)

Many secrets and powers can be found through the study of Dead Languages. The ancients hide clues in ancient temples and sites all over the world. Many translations into some of these places speak to the fact that Mythology holds the TRUTH. These stories that seem so unbelievable are based in fact. Look to these stories and the sites where perfect lines and blocks were created with perfect measurement.

Melissa Teague Ancient HebrewHow and why these were created are still unexplained today. This world is not as we have been told and the secrets to it can be found within our ancient languages and stories.

I think its time we start looking outside the box of today and into the past and alternative beliefs to understand and create a new world for ourselves.

Melissa Teague is a Spiritual messenger and teacher of Cherokee, Choctaw and Irish descent, a psychic who uses Tarot as one of her major teaching and healing tools, and an animal rescue hero living in the Southeastern United States. 

We are deeply grateful for Melissa’s contributions to Bird Clan Messenger and to all of humanity. A’ho. – #BirdClanMessenger 

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