By Jean Paul Baptiste

I went last night and said my prayers….Asked Spirit to reveal what is really going on with me. I’d been really going deep? I don’t know how I can explain it? Nevertheless I was in my bed, in my head… I was very tired. Then I saw these doors opening as I was traveling within my head.

I opened this one door and all this energy was released. It’s hard to describe it, the feeling, it was like when I did something horrific and kept the truth from myself?

It was hard to sit in this feeling… It was raw and I called for help, I repeated my “I will not leave you… I am here…”

Loyalty to myself…a lot was going on.

I recall, “it’s like murdering someone and hiding the truth from yourself…but it’s your own child.”

That’s how bad your inner child child sees it…until you open that door. Let that space be revealed, it’s not easy at all.

Native Baby boyA child should be innocent, yet somewhere in his/her life something occurred. It’s a loop of guilt that we hold deeply… It’s how the mind traps us… Makes us forget we have hidden grief, memories and a past that is not fully dealt with.

These are my questions I will ask spirit, show me… So I can have that one chance my body/heart/mind can reveal what it’s truly holding me back….and I thank my beautiful vessel for trusting me once again.

We are going through our deepest traumas for us personally and for Mother.

Our racial traits were talked about, the setting was a beach. I saw all these people talking about these traits, pointing to something on a shore of a beach. I walked over to them and they had these options about traits. They were looking at sea shells and talking to them like they are human traits.

Mother was speaking about them, others listened and looked at the shell she held in her hand.

Mother can easily throw away the traits…. Belief systems away…she was with us, teaching, we observed her teachings in many ways. It’s always a deeper truth… I remember the beautiful beach as she walked with us and how this life did not was a dream.

The Great Mother
The Great Mother By Dana Mrkich

It’s true… Our beloved belief system, our traits… Do they really belong with us on that beautiful beach? They will spin you like a top…… I will pray today you will observe yourself more and really see what holds your mind together ♥️

It is never what you think…it’s our wounding that holds us together.

The puppet master is always on… I woke up and said, “12 inches to the heart…” As I held my hands up! My eyes are opened as I awakened.

We are so close…. Another big release and I don’t know what fully occurred. I do know this… Do not ever stop nor give up.

Jean Paul Baptiste MarigoldsLet the heart reveal what is left on this beautiful land… Be it ours or not…it must be released.

What do you think the lineup was for? The lineup Mother made was to transmute what the lands holds… It is deep traumas… everyone ignores.

Much love… We are just the petals of the flower of life.

Bird Clan Messenger is honored to share this beautiful message from our dear brother Jean Paul Baptiste, a healer who works in the dream world and shares his messages.

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