Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having a great week. This week is Spider Medicine Week, and I hope to have a post finished in the next few days. I’ve been super busy producing the Kitchen Party which I would like to increase to two per week as the information is flooding in and it’s the perfect time to wake people up. In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out Grandmother Spider’s teachings, you might like this.

If you haven’t checked out the Kitchen Party, give it a whirl. It’s a fantastic mix of Q drops, news headlines, traditional teachings, video clips, jokes, and loads of fantastic music videos that are woven together to tell the stories of the week. Live performances too.

The Kitchen Party is totally crowd sourced through the work of great Patriots around the world whose mission it is to share truth to wake up the sleepers and save our nations. It is a great honour to be working with such fantastic people. If you’re on Truth Social, follow The AnonAlliance and ScottyMar10 for the latest intel and info.

You can listen to the podcast like a radio show or watch the video (links below) to catch all the news that’s fit to print. For real this time.

The playlist for this week’s show is at the very bottom of this post.

Here’s last week’s show. Currently at number 40 on the MixCloud Global Politics Chart:

Watch the Kitchen Party Here:

Bird Clan Messenger Rumble

Bird Clan Messenger BitChute

Bird Clan Messenger Brighteon

Thank you all for being here with me. Not sure I’d be here without you.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


Bat Medicine – The Choices We Make

(I don’t think they’re in order because I rearranged the clips after I wrote the playlist. lol)

  1. Satan Street, The Co-Pilots (Satanism in the music industry and pop culture)
  2. Boss DJ, Sublime (Q drops, Headlines via ScottyMar10)
  3. She’s So High, Stephen Crowder Band – Nancy Pelosi Parody
  4. Up, Shania Twian
  5. Ticks, Brad Paisley (I stole the Q drops from ScottyMar10 – argh, Mateys. Chi Miigwetch)
  6. Born For This, The Score, (Q drops, Headlines via ScottyMar10)
  7. Something’s Coming, Navy Seals
  8. When The Wolves Come Out to Play, Sam Tinniz (Patriot Channels to follow)
  9. Centerfield, John Fogerty
  10. Middle Finger, Bohnes (Q drops, headlines via Scotty Mar10)
  11. Outtayourdamnedmind, Five Times August
  12. Take The Long Way Home, Supertramp (Child Trafficking in Toronto), via Defiant in the Name of Tyranny
  13. Strange, The Doors (Q drops re pedoes, Satanists. ScottyMar10)
  14. Crazy, Gnarles Barkley (Q drops, ScottyMar10)
  15. Sheeple, The Great Reset, Tom McDonald – The Dark Knight
  16. New Orleans is Sinking, The Tragically Hip (Election Fraud, Bird Clan Messenger)
  17. WWG1WGA, DJ Chilli (Q drops, WWG1WGA Patriot theme song. ScottyMar10)
  18. Crazy Frog, Axel F.
  19. Wolf Totem, The Hu (Q drops – ready for the battle?, ScottyMar10)

Chi Miigwetch to every wonderful and talented Patriot who gives their time and talents to produce these great resources. I am not a great decoder, so the information coming to you guys through ScottyMar10 and the AnonAlliance is much better than anything I could put together. And, we get more information out by working together. Thank you all so much.