By Kandace Keithley

Osiyo family!

It is a great honour to be here with you and working with such a great team of messengers, healers, teachers, musicians, artists, community leaders – and everyone in our FANTASTIC GROUND CREW!

For the past few years since I first awakened and received the knowledge about these times from the Ancestors and the Great Spirit, I have been writing and adding to this New Year’s greeting so have decided to continue that tradition for 2021.

So – Happy New Year! For those of you who have been carrying the weight of these truths for so long by yourselves, hang on because the time of awakening is finally here. We have watched millions awaken this year through the tyranny of the bioterror attack the elites have named “covid” – which stands for certificate of identification which is the final intent of the Great Reset.

Fortunately, through the US 2020 Election, and the massive, globally coordinated fraud perpetrated against the American people, the world finally has the truth about what has been happening to all our nations.

Eagle on TruthTruth is the only antidote for the ailments of the world, for our families and for each of us as individuals, and Eagle is the totem of truth. The sacred bird of the Cherokee and other Indigenous nations – and people around the world – who recognize the powerful, ancient role of Eagle as the messenger of the Great Spirit.

My relatives who have chosen the path of the Eagle – of serving the Great Spirit as a messenger and teacher to the people – have complicated journeys which involve both walking through many challenges on planet earth while at the same time receiving and discerning truth to share with our communities.

Folks think the spiritual gift of prophecy is all “airy fairy” (and this is true to some degree, lmao), but throughout human history the great prophets of all people have endured very harsh suffering of their people, their families, and to themselves. You wouldn’t BELIEVE what some of those Old Testament guys had to go through! Folks with this gift of vision use their challenges to rise spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically in order to spin those experiences into medicine in service to humanity.Eikhert on Mystics

To be a Bird Clan messenger is to suffer – then to understand that suffering, rise above it and share those lessons with others. It is this process that connects us with others in our communities – and around the world via cyberspace.

Three (!) years ago, just before beginning a very intense part of my walk – smack dab in the middle of Crow and Coyote transformation energy, – I received and wrote the following New Year’s Greeting to my very small following.

I am sharing it again this year in honour of those beloved friends and relatives who have been fighting the good fight with me for a long time – even when nobody else believed.

We realize that we have chosen to come to Planet Earth, and specifically for us, Turtle Island and the Land of the Dish with One Spoon (which is the name the Ojibwe people have given to the Toronto area) – to be in the places we have chosen to experience the most fantastic ascension of human consciousness ever experienced.

Those in the Q community are very familiar with the phrase, “Future Proves Past.”

And so, it is the spirit of that teaching I share the following.

S’gi (thank you in the Cherokee language of my Ancestors) for being here with us. All honour and respect.




#QAnon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit Well, my beloved friends – we’ve really covered some ground in 2017, haven’t we?

I am so honored and proud to be on 💫Team-Light💫 with each and every one of you. My great hope for 2018 is that we can awaken all of our Sleeping Loved Ones to the truth of the 💫 New Narrative of Truth and Power to the People. 💫🙏

We are moving from the Raging-War chapter to the Small-Skirmish chapter –>> and soon, will move into identifying and punishing the criminals.

Only AFTER we Capture, Identify, and Punish the Criminals who have caused such immense suffering and chaos over the past generations, are we able to turn our attention to cleaning up our Country and beginning to create our New Society, which will…

💫bring together the Warriors of Strength and Moral Conviction from the Conservative side…

💫with the Nurturers and Creators, and Leaders in the Work for Human Goodness and Social Justice from the Progressive side.

Scott Presler
Scott Presler is an openly gay man who left the Democrat party and joined President Trump’s revolution. He has orchestrated the clean-up of millions of tons of garbage in Democrat controlled cities during 2018 and 2019.

Together, Progressives and Conservatives have won this war – against the most insidious, widespread, and longest-term period of evil in the history of humanity. These puppets of Evil Elite globalists, directing our world toward a “New World Order” Dystopian Nightmare – based on an agenda of:

💫Depopulation via poisoning & stealing our food and water,

💫Perpetual war, Nuclear war,

💫Injecting us with chemicals to cause horrific, debilitating conditions,

💫Creating diseases like HIV, actively promoting abortion,

💫Destroying the family as the primary unit of society,

💫Indoctrinating children via institutional education & government “care” at earlier and earlier ages,

💫Destroying Women’s roles as nurturers, healers, and spiritual leaders of society – beginning with the family,

💫Destroying the sanctity of the private family home through stealing houses and private property, penalizing single-earner families through the tax system, forcing families to purchase everything from basic foodstuffs to clothing and household goods from global corporations (products made by debt/income slaves in other countries),


. . . and, many many other ways – both large and nearly invisible.

🦈🐦We are deeply grateful for the help of all the earth creatures who gave their lives to help awaken us to the terrible state of our Mother Earth.🐻🐘

🙏We are deeply grateful to all Souls who have agreed to come to Earth and express the immense depth and breadth of human suffering – victims of all sorts of Evil: war, crime, racism, bigotry, hate, jealousy, greed . . . We thank you and honor you. 💖

💫💫💫We are deeply grateful for the help of the Sky and Star beings, the Angels, Archangels, the Pleiadians, Arcturians and all the other benevolent Keepers of the Light for Creator. 💫💫🙏

💫Family of Light💫 – Let us move forward in 2018, continuing our work of Awakening the Sleepers, and leading the way toward the New Earth.”

– Kandace Keithley, December 2018**



Pretty Cool to compare last year to this year, eh? How many friends and family members do you have who are awakened now compared to last year? It’s so great to be able to look back and see how far we’ve come. I am so EXCITED to see what New Years 2021(!)  has in store for us!

** Writer’s note (When I wrote last year’s post, I believed this message was from 2018, but in fact was written in 2017. I changed the original paragraph introducing the message but forgot it here.

In  2018/19 – I was literally in the hospital deliberately choosing to identify as a healer walking the Red Road, rather than a “mental patient” as the western system tried to define me. That was a transformational year in my life. Such powerful Crow and Thunderbird medicine. Felt like being in a Time Warp!) – kk

Now, as 2020 blooms into 2021, I am another year along this amazing path of healing and truth-telling. Bird Clan Messenger and our community is growing leaps and bounds. We’re expanding our network across social media and are beginning the process of looking for some helpers in the Toronto area who are motivated to learn a skill and make some money through building a business.

How much has your world changed in the past year? Are you finding opportunities and blessings in the midst of the chaos? Are you using this time to reconnect and focus on what you’re truly here to do?

It’s hard sometimes to walk the path between the receipt of the vision, to the planting of seeds, tending the garden and waiting for harvest. But, if we stay focused on our own healing and continue working on what we’re here to do and leave the future to the Great Spirit, our paths will become easier.

Once again, I’m sharing this great quote by a fantastic teacher, Soul Guidance UK. 

“Even though you’re in the time of year when everyday feels like Sunday. A lot is happening in the other realms which is in the process of manifesting into your physical reality. What occurs in the higher dimensions always manifests physically as an end result.

You’ve been doing the work spiritually, and you’re having an intense integration, upgrade and clearing. Whatever your current experience is whether somber or dramatic, this is part of what is needed before you’re next physical expansion. Trust the process. You’re right on time. – ~ Soul Guidance UK


If you are reading this [now in the dawning of 2021 – the year of the Great Mother Bear], if you have made it this far on  your walk, I salute you. Well done.

Keep walking and sharing the light of Truth and the love of the Great Spirit with everyone around you.

And, this year – for heaven’s sake – put yourself and your healing first.

I love you all so much, and with special S’gi and Chi Miigwetch to my FANTASTIC ground crew. 🙂

It is my honour to be your messenger.





K Keithley, 3D Medicine Wheel 4 June 13 2018

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