The Angelic Humans

By Cynthia Sabina

Spanish version here.

How many angelic beings were sent to the stake because of the ignorance of the egos that reacted with fear to the light of others, because the light beings are a mirror that reflects what others have inside.

Who reacts in a low way, with gossip, with accusations, with nonsense to blame someone who has never been seen intentionally acting badly is because the bad intention is put by that person who reacts like this. Who, on the contrary, knows how to recognize the true light, is because he is authentic himself.

We all have the opportunity to let our reactions be balanced or to let the balance arrive before issuing a reaction and that is when one refrains from forming judgments and prejudices to be able to feel instead of assuming, to be able to resonate with it instead of accusing someone of the garbage that one is carrying within.

Many people do not understand love even in these times and react to the light by expanding their own darkness to try to obscure the light of others. We are in an Universal event of transition from one era to another, the best time to be alive on this Earth because our actions made with love and a life dedicated to love, mercy and compassion will guarantee the soul’s graduation in times of darkness.

AscendedMastersIt was only intended for spiritual teachers who had no internet to listen to binaurals, and had mantras and all the knowledge that is now available for the ones who can see. They had no internet before to share their knowledge or connect with others like them more than physically, being there physically to be judged by everyone as crazy (as many did) and be reviled in life (as many were), and yet they concentrated on their own ascension.

Today we have all the universal opportunities to “graduate” from the third dimension or to have to repeat the course for 26,000 more years in cycles of karmic incarnations on an Earth that stays with all those who vibrate in that dimension. NOTHING of the third dimension can enter the fifth dimension.

I have realized that it is still very complex for many to understand the dimensions, timelines, and many spiritual questions that many of us are here to share with you all that information, but if someone is deciding to remain with what they already know, they are taking their decision not to transcend that information that will die with your ego along with your body. When they return to the Source and their souls detaches itself from the ego, they will have their “final” judgment and see how their decisions permeated the reality that they themselves created.

However, here we are, facing the third dimension and the people who are still stuck in the third dimension and their own darkness, deciding to give their energy to gossip, bad intentions, bad actions, etc. That does not affect anyone in a balanced way who vibrates high, that negativity only returns to themselves because it is the law of universal correspondence and attraction, it is not witchcraft, it is not a whatever they think based on their ignorance, it is a universal law.

EarthAngels2.jpgIf you sow love, you receive love from the Universe. If you sow negativity, you will have to eat that negativity at some point very close in your life. Everything comes back, it is a basic principle that we should all acknowledge at this point. No one returns it directly, it is given back/ corresponded by the Universe. One should not move anything there and desire to return things as karma, because then one is making the decision to sow negativity and then his own karma is generated and it is a never-ending cycle that has defined the Earth for 26 thousand years in a karmic cycle of incarnations.

Without getting lost in religions, in human words, let’s speak the universal language of light and love. Each religion has the same essence and is sitting there, the rest is paraphernalia.

Who settles his/her way in love, has the doors of “heaven” (the word “heaven” is the human understanding of the highest dimensions) guaranteed. Even your own ancient/sacred texts say it, it’s said incessantly in everything that is observed; our avatars have said it during the history of mankind, and the light beings who lived on Earth before taught it as wisdom during the era of light from which nothing seems to be known by Western history indoctrinated in schools.


They were called “angels” for using a word that defined those beings of light that vibrated in a higher dimension. Multidimensional beings who speak the language of the Universe (love).

For a long time there has been contact with angelic or multidimensional beings (from higher realms, or rather, from higher dimensions) who have decided to incarnate here, live the human experience and be able to provide with light among the darkness.


Many times these beings have been murdered, condemned, persecuted, lynched, accused, subdued, imprisoned, but it is not that “angel” who came to learn something from darkness, but came to serve it, that is, the angel returns to the Source proud of having served his soul mission and having been genuine and authentic in his loving intentions at all times, and if he managed to sow light where there was none, then he will have earned much more than he already had.

All those who reacted with hatred or negativity (fears, rage, anger… ego) before them is because they had the divine opportunity to witness them and yet they brought out the worst of themselves before them and therefore “did not pass the test” of their soul test.

Today I tell you that during this Event it is the moment in which one dimension is going to be reunited with another, so we have many beings of light (angels, multidimensional beings) who decided to live in this incarnation with you to guide you towards the understanding of things that have not been touched still for humanity but taking our holistic knowledge to help you find the meaning of your own existence, as well as lead you to transcend your ignorance of the subtle planes and remind you of what it is to vibrate with love (it is not something you know of this life, but before this life, and within yourself).

You will all run into many “angels” (beings of light, starseeds, sowers of conscience) along the way because many of us were waking up to our Divine Truth in the past months. Only the authentic will recognize their light without feeling fear or something moved inside. If you have that fear, control it and see if you can connect through the language of love, and if you don’t, please ask for help, because lovingly you will be helped.

“God helps those who help themselves.”
Bhagavad-gītā, 18-47.

Being a light beacon is not something that can be faked, it is something that has to be congruent in all aspects. You can see a person of the most normal, but if love is always emanating even though they are always being misjudged or facing lots of challenges altogether with a smile and love, then you are probably before one.

Cynthia Sabina is an Arcturian Starseed Lightworker in service to humanity. We are deeply grateful for her teachings and generosity. A’ho. 

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