Warrior FlagOsiyo from behind the Canadian Iron Curtain where that phrase has become much more than just hyperbole.

After a week of being on the receiving end of Castreau’s WEF backed attacks on peaceful protestors: battery and assault, destruction and theft of property, online stalking, harassment, closed bank accounts, state sponsored propaganda and a media shutdown, there’s no doubt Canadian Patriots are feeling a little dejected at the moment.

The War Powers Act has been enacted by Klaus Schwab’s WEF slaves against the Canadian people, and we are going to have to work together with the good leaders and uncorrupt lawyers and public officials to forge a path forward.

The last thing we need to do is panic and believe the Debbie Downers of the world who run around shrieking that “CANADA IS LOST!!”

Lots of good people are awake and on the job, so, it’s a good time for Butterfly to show up and remind us of some lessons about the process of transformation.

Usually when we think of the transformative power of the butterfly, we envision the emergence of a glistening, ethereal creature gracefully lifting herself away from the cocoon in which she had been growing for the last little while.

Chrysalis 1Most of us don’t know about or overlook the difficult and delicate process the butterfly has to go through to get herself out of that cocoon using the instinctive knowledge she possesses and the divine timing that is always a factor in great transformations. And what a transition of Celestial proportions are we in!

At this time, we’re seeing the Pluto Return for the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

This date is understood by Astrologers to be America’s birth date for chart interpretation.

PlutoAstrologers are generally in agreement that the exact transit is happening this week. Those who work with math and numbers believe the exact transit is today, 2-22-22, and that makes sense to me as today’s date reduces down to a number 1 – which is the number of God.

But, others are suggesting it occurred on February 20, which was a number 8 day – Butterfly number – so that makes sense too.

Regardless of the exact day or moment the transit occurred, there is unanimous agreement that we’re witnessing and living through the most monumental time in human history and that Pluto has taken the stage.

So – what does a Pluto Return mean? The teachers I follow are saying this is a major period of revolution and change for people all over the world, but particularly for the United States, the nation many believe God chose to be the “New Jerusalem,” the Land of Milk and Honey where people could be truly free.

What happens with America determines the fate of the world. Here is a great article that explores the political meanings as well as the deeper subconscious impact that Pluto’s return has on our societies and lives.

The people who shared the fundamental belief that all men are created equal and all have the God-given right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness created an experiment in Nation building that has never been done, and now we are again called to step up and show the world exactly where our allegiance lies.

mark anthony jacobson Butterfly
Butterfly by Canadian Ojibwe artist Mark Anthony Jacobson

Because, it’s clear now that our nations have been nothing more than glorified “company stores” for Crown Corporations (now bankrupt), which were nothing more than slush funds for the same global elites who’ve been dogging humanity forever.

The sad reality of America is that our glorious experiment – which actually began with a treaty written by and made with the Iroquois Confederacy (which includes the Mohawk) was hijacked by Masons, and has been systematically chipped away almost since the day it was enacted.

History repeats itself, exactly like God’s constellations keep circling back.

And, with this major transition during this time of profound prophecy, we have been given the opportunity to seize our reality back from those who serve the dark.

To go as a collective back into the cocoon or chrysalis where we can sort through the rubble and rot, get rid of what we don’t need and plan new beginnings for ourselves, our families and communities, and our nations.

ObamaI have seen suggestions that Pluto’s return actually began in 2008 when Obama was “elected” as the first “black” President of the United States Corporation which is now bankrupt.

His message of “Change” certainly got the people’s attention and their votes, but his version of change was definitely not what most people were expecting.

Most have no idea that it was his divisive policies, backed by the CIA, George Soros, and the Kazharian Mafia (think Ukraine) that created the race-based division in America. This is a well-known Marxist strategy for infiltration and overthrow of enemy cultures.

Just ask the Natives.

The evidence about Barry Soreto, aka Hussein Obama, the dirty CIA operative who committed treason at the highest level against America has begun to emerge; and, although it’s wildly frustrating to wait until people are awake enough about the unfathomable crimes against humanity perpetrated by this man and his entire administration, to wait for the wheels of justice to pick up the pace, the news is coming out faster every day.

Obama PedoThis is a part of transformation that is going to be very hard on a lot of people, and we can expect that millions of people around the world are on the doorstep of a very dark night of the soul. That’s another gift of Pluto. The one who will keep hammering you until you finally decide to get a clue and make some changes, or just lie down and accept enslavement.

As Obama ushered Communism into America, corrupt Canadian politicians who have been working with the World Economic Forum (WEF) their entire adult lives began laying the groundwork for the despotic takeover of Canada they imposed two years ago with their catchy slogan

15 Days to Flatten the Curve!

Over the past two years since the beginning of the Covid hoax, and increasingly over the past month, the world has begun awakening to the fact that Canada was intended to be the tip of the spear for the WEF takeover of North America.

Justin Castro Trudeau is the poster boy for the Cabal’s “Diversity” generation of degenerates, and he has just proven to the Canadian people and the entire world that he truly is worthy of his Satanic and Communist bloodlines.

After illegally locking Canadians in their homes, destroying businesses, traumatizing people of all ages with useless mask mandates, forcing seniors to die alone, ripping families apart, closing schools, and causing untold damage to the economy and fabric of society for what has turned out to be nothing more than a cold, Trudeau went full on Hitler this week demanding unlimited War Powers against the Canadian people who dare to challenge him.

WEF Libs

Last night, the Canadian people were given the opportunity to identify the traitors in our Parliament masquerading as representatives of the people, through a public vote that saw the approval of Trudeau’s unlimited use of the War Powers Act against Canadian citizens.

Checkpoints OttawaThis sickening (but not unexpected) development followed the gestapo style tactics of hired mercenaries from various police forces in Canada and other nations. Apparently, Justin couldn’t get enough Canadian LEOs or the military to back him.

The small businesses that Trudeau tried to destroy with his lockdowns and insane, ever changing mandates were thriving during the trucker’s movement and some of them are now under attack by Trudeau’s SS for serving coffee.

The crazed cult members (bureaucrats who haven’t missed a paycheque while working remotely from their basement while wearing a mask) only last week, were complaining about those nasty, unwashed truckers with their bouncy castles and barbecues standing for the Charter are now living in an occupied zone and can’t enter or exit without papers.

Ottawa lockdown 2I hope leftists will take comfort in the soothing words of John Lennon: “Imagine no possessions. It’s easy if you try.”

And, speaking of the slippery slope of progressive spirituality . . . People who believe they were called to work as ministers of Jesus Christ, as servants of the people had really better start upping their game as the vast majority are still masked up and leading their flocks straight down the path of death. There are card-carrying Communists who support abortion on demand running the United Church of Canada these days.

Luke 6 46“Progressive” and aligned with Communism and its “seeker friendly” values, many of these folks are there for the paycheck and happy to bow to Lord Fauci, Prince Trudeau, and his corrupt puppets instead of following the word of God. If you’re one of them, here’s a little refresher course on the vows you took. 

Or, as in Nazi Germany, they are in place to subvert the Truth and infiltrate the church with a tyrannical and divisive political agenda that dehumanizes the Orthodox and pushes Satanic rituals and operators onto the people. That’s the power of your tax deductible tithe. The government controls your church and your pastors report to the government.

Make no mistake that these “leaders” will be held accountable for the maiming and deaths of the people they are supposed to be serving, along with their counterparts in every other strand of the WEF web that is trying to strangle our society.

The beautiful miracle that’s happening in the face of all this treason, filth, and tyranny in spite of the fact that our own Spiritual leaders, healers, bosses, the media and government officials have REFUSED TO ADMIT THAT WE’RE BEING OVERTAKEN BY ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE!! . . .

. . . is that the whole world has been captivated by the courageous Canadians who have stepped up and united the world against the filth of the Communist whores who have infested our societies.

Canadians – who everyone knows to be the most polite people on earth.

Canadians – reticent beyond belief sometimes.

Canadians – who won’t even cross the street if the walk sign isn’t flashing . . . 

are the last people on the planet anyone could accuse of being “terrorists.”

But, that is exactly the losing strategy Fidel and Maggie’s murderous little boy is using, trying to convince the world that the most peaceful people on earth are terrorists while he is somehow on the right side of history.

And his deep state propaganda arm has gone off the rails so far as to insist that demanding freedom is “white supremacy.” Delusion has no bounds.

The irony of this is not lost on the Mohawk or the countless newcomers to Canada who have been assaulted and dehumanized by Trudeau since he began his reign of terror.

Louis Reil

Even more ironic is Trudeau and his corrupt company store agents (posing as a government) passed the War Powers Act against Canadians on Manitoba’s Louis Riel Day. 

Old stock Canadians descended from Natives, fur traders, and Loyalists to the Crown who chose to leave the US Colonies for British North America rather than stay and fight for freedom in America. Now they have the opportunity to rethink the decisions of their Ancestors and decide what legacy they will leave for their own descendants.

Another gift of Pluto return. Do we expand the ideologies and promises of the time that America was born, or do we walk away and sentence the next seven generations to slavery?

Lefties attack Grandmothers

Instead of mindlessly believing Trudeau’s gaslighting and divisive rhetoric about how “settlers” are the problem for Indigenous communities, it’s time to take a good hard look at tribal and agency leadership and the people’s own values and behavior.

It’s time for Natives to decide which side of the fence they want to be on: continued oppression, victim status and hate-based rhetoric? Or joining forces with Patriots across Turtle Island to finally take control of our own land, our own destiny away from our common enemies.

This is a revolution of the mind and heart first, and we change the world by changing the narrative. That’s the essence of all the teachings about transformation and the creatures like Butterfly who symbolize that deep and lasting change.

David Eveningthunder ButterFly Dance
Native tribes like the Hopi and Cherokee pay tribute to the power of deep transformation for girls who are on the threshold of becoming women through the Butterfly dance.  Painting by David Eveningthunder.

In spite of what the activists pushing us into dystopia say, we don’t change the narrative by projecting onto others. By censoring others.

We have to start by making the change in our own perceptions, which always begins with true spiritual alignment that always takes us into the wilderness.

Police HeroWe had high hopes that the Canadian trucker convoy would continue until justice is served.

But, that apparently not is to be the case. And, all indications are that it’s a good idea for people to get home, organize and protest locally, be prepared to stand together, protect one another and stock up.

If we understand Justine to be the tip of the spear, it’s up to the people of Canada to determine whether that tip hits the target, or whether we break it off at the shank.

There are people who claim that Canada has “failed” because people chose the path of peace and safety in the face of an obvious mercenary war machine, and these are ones who don’t see with the eyes of Spirit.

Butterfly comes to remind us that these times of transformation are painful, intense and most particularly for this time – delicate.

How do we continue to awaken the people about the criminals running the country into the ground while standing our ground, protecting and providing for our families, and planning for the future?

How do we expose the criminals and convince their followers to see the truth and join the freedom movement?

How do we continue to operate financially if tyrants freeze our bank accounts and the entire economic system is crashing?

How do governments get anything done for the people when they’re controlled by criminals who spend their days trying to avoid consequences rather than managing the people’s business?

Remember true and lasting change begins with Spiritual Awakening, and there is no better way for people to hit that point than to face losing everything.

More and more people every week are reporting horrific effects from the poisonous injections Trudeau and his ilk have been forcing on the people while they have all exempted themselves from the injections and defamed known treatments for their little virus.

We’re seeing huge numbers of heart attacks, myocarditis, blood clots, strokes, massive increases in stillbirths and deformed babies. . . all in the people who have been vaccinated.

Rogan and the Queen

And with each new death or person who is maimed and whose life has been destroyed through their compliance, more people around them awaken to the ugly truth about those who have taken power. That they are criminals who are protecting themselves and taking treatments that they are withholding from the public.

There are now millions of Awakened Canadians on every level of society. The good doctors, lawyers, professions and professionals are now stepping up and offering their expertise to those hurt by the Trudeau tyranny. Legal challenges are flying. And the people are regrouping.

And, unlike during the American revolution, we have technology.

As hopeless and isolated as we may feel at the moment (in our little cocoons), we are still connected with one another online and in Spirit.

I started wondering if there were any Bible verses about butterflies and couldn’t find any but discovered this great article.

Apparently, there is no Hebrew or Greek word for Butterfly but the translations of the word used are the same as “transformation.”

Dont lose heartWhat a great sign that we are on the right track in this all hands on deck process of changing the human narrative.

So, Butterfly comes with a reminder: if you’re feeling down or frantic about the current political upheaval, just remember that it’s just a stepping stone – like working our way out of a two year old chrysalis.

There are far more good people than evil and we are winning this war on a global scale.

And whether we can see it every day or not, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than any of us can imagine.

Canada seems to be one of the last holdouts for the old creep people are now calling “Satan Klaus” and his cadre of psychopath “Young Leaders” that his WEF hand selected to usher in his Great Reset.

To Klaus, Justine, and all your nasty puppets we’ve been fighting all these years, we offer you this message: You will never feel the glory you have tried to steal for yourselves. You will all go down in history as the most evil souls of your generation.  It is my honor to be your messenger.

Great Awakening