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Hope you’re doing well as we continue to watch Justine Castreau impale himself on the tip of his own spear.

Anyone who’s paying attention now knows that Trudeau has gone into hiding, refused to talk to Canadian Patriots to resolve the 2 year long imposition of fascist control over this country, and finally resorted to bringing in NWO mercenaries – the same crew as from Standing Rock – to attack peaceful protestors in Ottawa.

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The gig is up for the little Commie, and the world has nothing but disgust for this imposter who is pushing more division and cultural destruction of this country than anyone has ever seen.

Yesterday, Trudeau’s paid mercenaries used a horse to charge a group of peaceful protestors, injuring a disabled Native Elder, causing another to have a heart attack and injuring many more. The man is deranged and needs to be removed.

As foretold by our Ancestors and preserved in our prophecies, the indoctrinated Marxist token Natives are once again showing their allegiance to their own Colonizers and attacking the very people helping to free them.

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The ignorance of these “influencers” in the Native community (known as Bougies) is well known by those who study the prophecies. They are the ones who have misled their own people down the path of darkness and death.

And these Native “activists” are the exact people named by the prophets who would turn against their Elders, lose all respect for others, and behave in abominable, perverse ways. Notice the masked activist harassing the Elders in his orange shirt. These people are operatives, and no doubt their Grandfathers and Grandmothers would be ashamed.

Lefties attack Grandmothers

These token “Natives” have bought into the materialism and status of their own oppressors and work to divide the Native people from our own Elders and Ancestors with racist hatred that they spew and project onto anyone who disagrees with their masters’ continuing efforts to control Turtle Island and enslave us all. Read the Anishnaabe Prophecy of the 8 Fires to learn about these lost souls and their horrific impact on our own people here.

Anyone who calls themselves “woke” and uses pronouns is definitely not to be trusted as they are clearly sleeping and not operating in alignment with the Creator. CRT and “Diversity Programming” are just rebranded terms for Communist indoctrination. Below are a couple of examples of the way these people use their own Native culture to spread lies, hatred, and division.

Screenshot (18)

At this point (and I’ve been saying this awhile), ANY Chief or Tribal leader, ANY *Indigenous* “executive,” “medicine man,” or social worker or community worker who is not supporting the Freedom movement is a paid operative for the Trudeau Communist party. Don’t be shocked. This sorry practice goes back at least to the Trail of Tears. . . 


There have been criminals infesting Tribal leadership for generations. The time has come for them to be routed out and sent packing.

Here’s a little compilation of just a few of the fantastic videos, pics, and clips from this past week. People around the world are watching in shock as Justin Castro Trudeau tightens his grip on the people behind the Canadian Iron Curtain.

This episode of the MEMEtastic(!) Medicine Show is opened by one of my very favorite Alternative voices, The Salty Cracker – who gives a fantastic (but vulgar and “politically incorrect”) analysis of the attempted Communist takeover three times a week.

We’re all on the same page this week, as Salty opened Saturday night’s stream with the story about Trudeau’s sketchy lineage. Definitely not for children so take care when watching this Reeeeeeeee Stream.

Midnight Shine PicChi Miigwetch to Midnight Shine for the use of their fantastic song, “Northern Man.”

And deepest gratitude to the Truckers and all Patriots who are gathering together to stand for freedom, sharing information, pics, videos, clips.

We’re all in this together.

Lots more to come! Thank you for being here.

It is my honor to be your messenger.




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