Greetings everyone from the Land of the Dish with One Spoon, downtown Toronto – the heart of the Meeting Place as it is known by the Anishnaabe, Mohawk, Huron and other folks whose families were here to greet the Queen’s agents when they first showed up to trap the Canadian Beaver for their hats.

CastroOf course, as we now see being revealed before our eyes, the British Crown’s interest in Turtle Island extended far beyond beaver pelts, and we are watching her descendants, relatives and snotty nosed agents like the Castreau fraternity in Ottawa (and in strategic locations across Canada), do their best to continue their genocide and kill as many “useless eaters” as they can while also destroying peoples’ freedoms and economic independence.

They want it all folks, and even though they know their power and hold on the government here is waning quickly, they’re still going to do as much damage as possible on their way off stage.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been watching this show unfold for years, intended to awaken as many people as possible through the slow and steady dissemination of truth, yet so many continue to cling to their old beliefs about the world we live in – about the people who claim to be our “leaders.”

It’s hard to continue pushing truth and dropping those seeds around us while criminals continue to walk away from horrific crimes Scott-free, while good people who stand for freedom continue to be stripped of their rights and labeled as “dissidents” and “enemies of the state.”

It is a weak and fearful government that has to work so hard to create fear and division in its own people.


It’s easy for us as humans, in our human understanding of the ways this world works, to get discouraged and filled with the urge to chuck it all and go live in a trailer down by the river (which actually sounds like a fantastic idea at this point, lol).

But the birds and creatures, in their humble and steadfast ways, always come to remind us of the lessons we need to learn and to offer us a bit of medicine from their overflowing bundles of wisdom and knowledge of the land.

Opossum is the animal totem for this week, and last year she reminded us (as I wrote here), that sometimes the best strategy is to play dead. 

While last year, Possum suggested we play dead for awhile, take a breather so we could come back and take another crack at life on this crazy planet, this year Possum is says this time of looooooooooonnng limbo (much longer than any of us would have suspected), is a blessing for us to think about what concepts like, “obedience” and “strategy” mean in today’s world and to us personally.

When we walk the narrow path in which we try to align our beliefs and lives with the teachings of the Ancestors and the Creator, we come (at some point) to realize that obedience to God and obedience to governments are very different, and it is through refusing to bow our knee to the forces of darkness that our obedience to the light shines brightly.

Possum Medicine Dont give up

And, when we are walking more closely in obedience, the strategies that we create for our lives become more and more clean – without the emotional debris and co-dependency that dragged along behind when we were still walking in darkness.

This is a great question that the powerful (and often frightening) birds of transformation like Raven, Crow, and the great Turkey Buzzard ask us.

How have your plans or visions changed since the beginning of the war? How have your perceptions of people you once respected and trusted changed?

Who are the people still standing in your life that you can communicate with well enough to start rebuilding?

What are the aspects of your own character and personality that are still blocked and refusing to release the old in hopeful expectation of the new? Surrender is a real thing and it’s scary af. Definitely not for the feint of heart but absolutely worth it in the end.

There have been many times in this cha-cha of revelation that those who have flown far ahead of the crowd have had to pull back and simply observe the chaos on the ground.

But, too much observation and not enough action can put us out of balance and out of sorts. If we spend too much time observing what’s going “out there,” we forget to deal with the stuff going on “in here” – whether that’s in our own home or inside our souls, where the work is never done.

Where I come from in the Cherokee Nation lands of Northeastern Oklahoma, we call the little skin-tailed messenger who has come to visit this week, “Possum,” which is a shortened, kind-of Creole for the original Powhatan word recorded by English colonists at Jamestown, variously spelled opassomaposoum or apasum, and means “white animal.”

Painting of the Trail of Tears by Max D. Stanley

You can see how the language of the Eastern-most tribes spread across America via the diasporas and specifically to Oklahoma via the Trail of Tears.

The Lenepe Tribe of the Delaware people, like the Cherokee, tell the story of how Possum was the first of the animals to volunteer to bring the Sun to the people in their efforts to have fire so they wouldn’t freeze.

In the tale, “How the Turkey Buzzard Became as He Is,” Possum tried to lasso the Sun with his tail and got all the fur burnt off, so he had to return to his friends without accomplishing his task.

Instead of being mean to him or making fun, the creatures simply accepted Possum back into their community and used his heroic action to explain why this little marsupial’s tail is bare.

Turkey Buzzard

This is a great teaching story that our Ancestors used to show the usefulness and connection of all of creation.

It’s interesting to me, as a person who grew up in the area where Cherokee and Lenape people settled after the removal, that the tribes have different ultimate heroes of this story.

In the Lenape story, it is Turkey Buzzard who is the hero that brings the sun to the people, but he is so badly burnt and scarred by his efforts that the other creatures and the humans think he’s ugly and turn their faces away.

So, the Turkey Buzzard becomes a loner bird who flies in circles above the others and gives them messages about great transformations that are coming – either through death or drastic change.


But, in the Cherokee legend, it is Grandmother Spider who uses her wisdom, intuition, and determination to create a pot to carry the Sun and her web to carry her to the heavens and back to earth where she shares the fire with all of the people and creatures. 

As we see in the stories of our Ancestors, most of the creatures act together in creative ways for the common good. The few who don’t are ostracized and ridiculed as cowards or tricksters or fools.

Possum shows us how even the most humble of creatures can be of service to the others – by taking the first step and even failing if necessary.

Those early failures are always the foundation for great success if we continue to walk our paths in faith and obedience to Universal Law – the Laws of God.

And, that is a great message for this time: Obedience and Strategy on the Down Low.

That title just popped into my head yesterday, and I’ve been thinking – “what in the world is that about?” We’ve all heard the phrase, “keep it on the down low,” meaning – keep this quiet, keep it a secret.

But, I decided to take a trip into the land of the Urban Dictionary (another activity not for the faint of heart), and learned the darker meaning of this term – which is pretty applicable to the unbelievably ugly truths we’re learning about the secret lives of politicians, celebrities, business leaders and others we have been taught to trust over the years. You’ll have to do your own search to find out what it means. yuck.

So – to me, Possum’s message for this time is, instead of continuing to wallow down in that filth of public disclosure since we’ve pretty much seen it all, now might be a great time for us to consider the aspects of our own character that still need to be focused and disciplined so we can better walk in accordance with our Holy and Sacred teachings.

When we take the time out to review our past mistakes – mistakes we’ve made in not keeping important secrets, mistakes we’ve made in telling our own plans too soon, just the simple errors we make in our daily habits that aren’t moving us toward health and life. . .

Once we identify those areas where we’ve struggled with obedience in particular forms, it becomes easier for us to address them and create a strategy to use in the future – so we don’t make the same mistakes again.

Cherokee Highest Calling

Possum is generally understood as a maternal, feminine messenger, although I saw the possum in the Cherokee story as male. And, this reminds me of the power of the masculine that has been pushed aside and greatly diminished these days.

We know from our Ancestors of all nations that in order for society to flourish and sustain life in a positive way for all, we need both male AND female leaders – in their traditional roles.

I like the Cherokee story because it shows creatures of both genders working together to bring warmth and light to the earth.

And, that’s the most important strategy we all need to use moving forward.

Humanity has been under horrific attack by those who intend to erase most of us from the planet – and they’re doing this through creating confusion among our young with regard to biology, sex, and gender.

Here’s a link to the promo for Matt Walsh’s fantastic documentary, “What is a Woman?” which I strongly encourage people to watch.

Also, check out Matt’s entire body of work to get a complete understanding of the Alphabet Army’s agenda which relies on sexualizing children, indoctrinating them in schools, and essentially turning them into drag queens and sex toys for perverts. 

This fight we have found ourselves in (and believe me, none of us ever thought we’d be here fighting this one), is literally a battle to save the beautiful essence of humanity – which emerges ONLY from the union of the male and the female.

From the very act of conception, through birth – which is only possible through the body of a woman – and through the long process of raising our young, humans have had to learn a very hard lesson about what happens when nefarious actors intentionally try to replace Moms and Dads with governments, corporate sponsors, and NGOs with disgusting agendas.

Pelosi Perv

For two generations, our children have been victimized by the cruelty of a system that sees them only as cradle to grave consumers which can be exploited and literally raped for the pleasure and enrichment of the parasites who call themselves “elite.”

The time for the adults to take control back from this braying mob of 12 year old “mean girls” has come, and it will take all the obedience and strategy we can muster to out maneuver their plans to capture children and make them sexual beings from birth.

It has only been within the last decade that we’ve watched the deadly sin of pride take over our cities and towns with what seems to be religious fervor.

Parents can’t take their children out in big cities for an entire month because they never know when they’ll turn the corner to find a naked old pervert standing in 7-11 wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and boots – a freak who would be arrested during any other time of year. I actually witnessed this in Toronto a few years ago, only blocks away from University of Toronto Student Family Housing.

And, of course because demoralizing our children and turning all of the west into degenerate shitholes of perversion and vice is the ultimate name of the game for the controllers, they’ve gotten all the government agencies – right down to county libraries – to organize “drag queen story hours.”

I’m still waiting for the libraries to pony up for Stripper Story hour.

Or maybe a minstrel show where Justin can do another blackface performance while spewing lies about decent Canadians.

It’s clear these agencies and organizations have absolutely no qualms about turning women into cartoon characters to be ridiculed and mocked by perverted men who have made their lust for children very clear. These delusional people are completely fine with rape victims and survivors of domestic violence being housed in shelters and jails with rapists who have “female penises” because – pronouns. With grown men using public washrooms reserved for little girls and women.

Libraries – like all our other agencies and organizations – need a good clean out, Patriots.

In addition to the filthy politicians, the paid-off pharma execs and drug dealers masquerading as “doctors,” the feminists who have led two generations of children into a demoralized shithole society in which kids don’t know if they’re a boy or a girl while their sponsors line up to chemically castrate them . . .the ones who live it up and celebrate the agenda are really no better than the evil they worship.

These librarians – Public Employees!! – are literally exposing children to pedophiles who have clearly stated they’re coming for our kids.

I’m not going to share it here, but if you have a strong stomach, check out this video where the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (that includes at least four sex offenders including child rapists) sing about how they’re “coming for our children.”

There’s no longer any wiggle room on this issue. Our grandfathers and great grandfathers didn’t fight and die in two World Wars to allow a bunch of Kool-aid headed perverts and freaks take over our countries.

We were warned repeatedly about the slippery slope into complete debauchery, and the people have refused to take heed.

Now we have an absolute treasonous criminal, a lifetime pervert and his crack-head, whore-banging son trying to make people believe they’re in charge.

Now, the world – at least the western world – is having to deal with the fallout of this deadly harvest of lost souls who are ever so willing to lead the future generations to hell.

I just want to make clear here that the issue is about the organizations, corporations, politicians, and agencies who are working together on an AGENDA to use homosexuality as a weapon to destroy western society. They are intentionally misinterpreting and appropriating our culture to further their agenda.

This is very different from individuals who are gay, and who just want to live their lives in freedom and peace. Sadly, the “unwoke” members of the gay community, those who refuse to go along with all the public sexuality and preying on children, the Marxist indoctrination through schools and the media, are every bit as mistreated as they were before “pride” became an official thing.

Obedience and strategy are excellent tools for this time of chaos, this time when speaking or writing God’s truth will get you exiled, labeled a “bigot, terrorist, racist” and censored or worse.

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country, President Kennedy said when many of us were very little. And that time has come back around.

While the chaos rages outside, take the advice of Possum and the creatures. Think about how you can be of service in your own little part of the world – even if you don’t plan to hang around there for awhile.

There are many changes on the horizon, many challenges that lie ahead for all of us.

The best way forward is to stick together with the good ones – the ones on the side of truth, who believe in the ways of the Creator, and who refuse to blindly follow the dictates of those who prey on humanity and benefit from our suffering.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

If you’d like a Medicine Card or Medicine Wheel reading, or would like to learn more about totems and animal archetypes and the work I do, check out this page.