What is your personal heaven?

This week, our best friend Dog is sitting with the grandfathers reminding us of values like loyalty, commitment, and compassion.

Dog reminds us that the Creator, our guides, and Ancestors are always with us. That the unconditional love of the entire universe is always there for the asking no matter how tough things get here on Planet Earth.

Dog 1Life on planet Earth is intended to be a long and upward spiral, a journey each of us have created before we came here to facilitate greater consciousness and spiritual evolution for ourselves and for the collective.

People who are called to service resonate with Dog’s Medicine and will have a powerful Dog totem that stays with them throughout their lives. All will have dogs as companions whenever they are able throughout their lives.

Dog’s medicine is the cuddly, soft snuggles of a best friend who loves us no matter how messy we are, how many mistakes we have made.

Dog is humanity’s oldest and closest friend in the animal nation, and although dog has served us nobly in so many capacities throughout our history, humans have often failed our best friends and the other creatures as well.

We need to do a lot of work on this.

Hero dogDog teaches us unconditional love for ourselves and shows us how connected we are to all living creatures. It is through this connection, this acceptance and love that we begin to see the truth of the divine. The truths that the Ancestors taught us.

Dog reflects the divine aspects of our soul which are patient and long-suffering as we stumble from one tough situation to another until we get to the point that we’ve really had enough.

Until we awaken from the slumber of our delusional lives – the lives in which we play a role to get along, cower instead of speaking our truth, and stay in toxic jobs and relationships – our journeys aren’t truly our own. So they are filled with wild ups and downs, distractions, and circle-backs because we aren’t listening to the truth of our own soul.

Dog is our protector, the wise one inside us who will put up with a lot but knows instinctively when to growl and say, “this far and no further.”

If we are lucky and wise, at some point the dogs in our souls will bark and howl loudly enough that we’re shaken awake from the dream and forced to take a good hard look at everything around us.

How do you bring heaven to earth? 

When we finally decide to awaken, to walk out of the delusional world and into our truth . . .

. . . that is the point we begin calling our pack.

spirit-wolf-brandy-woodsFinding our pack is the theme of many of our lives right now, as many of us aren’t the same people we were a year ago. Many have lost friends, have been attacked and exiled by family members, lost jobs and have walked away from their old social circles after awakening to the terrible truths of this world.

And many of us have used our time wisely to create new businesses, start new relationships, and even begin lives in new places in spite of the lockdowns being imposed by tyrannical psychopaths.

That means we aren’t the same people we were before the storm.

Finding our pack after an awakening and a wilderness adventure is a much different undertaking than the way we made friends in our old lives for we have learned the importance of shared truth, shared values, and shared vision for the future.

Dog Medicine shows us the power of loyalty to our path, and the importance of compassion for ourselves on every leg of our journey.

When we have been through the Mankayia (Kiowa for Red Thunder Horse) tornado of personal healing and reconciliation which always changes our worldview from material to spiritual, there is a long time of processing and integrating our new ways of being. This can feel like “learning to live again” as we are so incredibly aware of every thought and choice that it can be a little nerve wracking.

Whale is here to remind those of us who receive visions, knowledge, wisdom, and instructions from the Ancestors (often in a deluge that leaves us flattened) to take extra care to sit with that material, process the experience and protect the teachings we were given so we can share them when the time comes.

Medicine Woman by Denton Lund.

We’re in a three-week period of canines sitting at the top of the Medicine Wheel giving us the medicines of transformation, loyalty, and leadership.

Last week, Coyote was here reminding us that powerful transformation starts with our Spiritual Connection. We can do little under our own steam, but when connected to the power of the Creator and our helpers, guided by the wisdom of our Ancestors and Elders with a genuine understanding of the ancient teachings, we can do anything we feel called to if we make the commitment and do the work.

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear know that we are all blessed to be living through this historic time in which the prophecies of all Nations are coming to pass.

This is a time of sorting the wheat from the chafe. The leaders from the followers. And at this point in the human story – make no mistake – we really need new leadership.

Wolf is sitting in the East, the home of the mind, the fire of the intellect, telling us that in order to be the leaders we have come here to be, we must learn to think like leaders.


If You’re walking through hell, keep going.

Wolf shows us that strong leaders must face many storms alone, must face the darkness of our own souls alone, and change our perceptions – alone.

john_trudell_matika_wilburJohn Trudell of the Santee Sioux Nation was a powerful prophet who realized the deception of the globalist elite system that has been controlling humanity for thousands of years.

His wife and three children died in a fire – believed to have been an assassination by corrupt BIA/Tribal leaders – who were threatened by the family’s activism for Native American Rights.

Dog’s MEME-Tastick(!) Medicine Show includes some of John Trudell’s teachings this week.

Many truth-tellers of all backgrounds have experienced the same – assassination, murders of their families, imprisonment, censorship when they have dared to stand up against the machine.

And we are seeing these attacks increase as people stand up against the communists who have been infiltrating our governments, institutions, media, schools, churches, and all aspects of society on behalf of the elite globalists and their attempted (and failed) “great reset.”

Walk Strong through hellIt is dangerous to be a free thinker who believes we are all sovereign, powerful children of the Creator in a society that continues to bend to its own oppressors in the government and its agencies.

We see the unwillingness of many to do their own research into vaccines and mask-wearing but choose instead to stay asleep, continuing to live in the delusion that the government is here to help and the western medical industry is about health.

Wolf shows us that the most difficult task for creating true and lasting change in our own lives and in the world is changing our minds.

This doesn’t mean being non-committal or backing out of promises, although these may be required at times to protect ourselves.

Changing our mind for the long-haul means firing up that little doggie inside us to reclaim the wild aspects of our nature – to be like the wolf, constantly vigilant in guarding our thoughts to make sure they’re going in a positive direction from the time we awaken through as much of our day as we can manage.

Changing our minds also means paying attention to those little niggly thoughts that keep coming back, for they are there to remind us of our shadow. The Great Mother reminds us to feed the dark wolf and listen to her teachings and she will guide us to the depths of our heart wound.

Wisdom reminds us that walking in balance means we need to recognize and honour the darkness, our shadow, and to remember the ugly histories of ALL our people and nations for when we forget our history we are doomed to repeat it.

New Normal2As our Ancestors and great healers like Carl Jung and Clarissa Pinkola-Estes teach, we must walk into the darkness, sit there for awhile, explore the wrecks sitting on the bottom of our own soul’s ocean, and begin the work of recovering our dying dreams and discovering our own truth.

In the desert or the basement, the sense of loss is so deep and profound that we often sit frozen in fear of what will happen if we move forward – away from the self-imposed prisons we’ve created for ourselves. We sit frozen in fear that we’re “not doing it right” even though we have no one else to answer to.

This is the power of the negative programming we’ve all received from the minute we dropped onto the planet. From every direction, the “rulers” tell us “you’re not doing it right, you’re a bad parent, you’re a racist, you are not enough unless you buy our product, support our cause, believe what we believe, you are crazy, you are a conspiracy theorist, you are not allowed to challenge the narrative, your body is disease-ridden and you must stay away from everyone, your children are tools to be used as we want, you will never do enough to please us. . .

This is the voice of the Accuser. The singular essence of evil. The negative cause that leads to terrible effects. The stories of our Ancestors show us that every culture has its version of the predator in our psyche – whether we call it Bluebeard, Lucifer, The Predator, Satan, or Hillary Clinton.

This powerful Black mother wolf forces us down to the depths to face the predator in our own souls. To take the time we need to go down those basement stairs and sit in the blood and gore, the skulls and skeletons littering the floor of our old lives. To see the reflection of our own darkness in the culture around us and use all our wits, gifts, talents and helpers to get moving forward again.

Listen to the Elders

TemperanceThis is a sacred and crucial part of our healing and is tended by the creatures of transformation – Crow and Raven (who is coming to visit in a couple of weeks), crazy Uncle Coyote, little feisty Fox, Porcupine, Snake, and Buzzard. These creatures help us look at our most primordial wounds and the fears still connected to them, treat them with love, understanding, humor, and the right medicine, then go dancing or slithering off on their merry ways.

The creatures of the South remind us that it is not good to stay too long in the basement, for it costs us a great deal of energy to bring our light into the darkness. And the longer we stay, the more our light burns out.

It is one of the most difficult things for people both women and men to realize that at every step of our journey, we have the right and the power to change our thoughts. To speak our truth. To have the lives we’ve dreamed of. Dark wolf challenges us to ask, “why not me?”

Why not take another look at those aspects of yourself that others criticized and abandoned you for and look at the gifts lying inside? Why not look at that Scapegoat and the sins of others she was willing to bear for the collective? Why not think about why she chose and was chosen for that strong and holy role?

Why not think about asking for help – again?

Dog girlWhen we first break away from the intergenerational trauma and the curses of our past, it is so hard for us to believe that we can be safe and provided for, just doing the work we came here to do – and that everything is going to be okay. That our pack will show up to help us when we need them.

Bringing light to the darkness means that we can look at our past and the “mistakes” others believe we made and convinced us to agree with them about – and change our minds.

RE-view them in a way that empowers us and makes us the heroes of our journeys rather than the victims of someone else’s.

Looking at all of this muckity muck stuff can really wipe us out and put us into a holding pattern for awhile. And that’s okay. We will shine when we shine. When we’re feeling stuck or in limbo  – like many of us are at this time – powerful helpers always come to share their medicine.

This week Horse is in the South, reminding us to be aware of storm brewing out in the collective so we need to be prepared.

And Horse, humanity’s loyal friend and servant, has come to help us understand that often we must walk through experiences that are outside our control, and during some of these times it is Spirit that carries us through.

In our personal lives and as a collective, Horse gives us the choice to decide how far in any direction we allow him to carry us. If horse is in the North, we must be mindful of being too “airy fairy” of running off too far or staying too long in the Spirit world. Same with the other directions. Too much time in the mind, the body, the heart, or the spirit leaves us out of balance.

GenocideIn the Red house, Horse asks us to look at our physical and material circumstances. He is a teacher of temperance. When is enough enough? Alcoholics and addicts call this bottoming out. Victims of abuse would know it as the point of no return.

At this point in history, we are standing on the edge of nuclear war. Which timeline, which version of prophecy will the human collective follow? Where is the precipice?

What will be our legacy to future generations?

At what point do we choose to take control of our own horse (our life’s energy) to ride out of the storm and into the cave where the Grandmothers sit waiting for us?

Horse and the other creatures the South who live at the bottom of the Medicine Wheel, come to us in the dark, help us strip away the remaining rotten flesh of our old illusions, clean up the basement, and begin the process of recovering what is salvageable.

Think of these sacred helpers as the healthy aspects of our anima (the male aspect of our psyches) – our brothers who are always standing by to help us when we call. They help us sort through the mess, load up what we need to take with us, and horse carries us to the cave of the Grandmothers where we can sit with it all for awhile.

Cloud Spencer Eagle Bear Spirit DanceCommitment. Loyalty. Friendship.

This week, Whale is visiting the Grandmothers in the West. The watery world of emotion is Whale’s natural habitat where she reminds us that we are only able to clearly hear the messages of the Ancestors and the Great Spirit through deeply connecting with our soul.

And this is done by asking questions, seeking answers with a pure heart.

Often we don’t reach this point until we have had many Earth experiences that bring us to a major life changing event. For some people it’s the death of a loved one, for some it’s a mid-life crisis that forces us to deal with many issues at once, for others it is illness or job loss, divorce, or any of the traumas that we choose to experience to deepen and evolve our soul.

Whale is a symbol of our connection to the energy of the cosmos and shows us that when we have reached a particular point in our healing, we notice the thoughts we think and the songs that pop into our head are positive in nature – rather than the angry, angsty songs of the past.

The good and true material we have accumulated through the years rises to the top and we find it more difficult to listen to the radio or watch television or movies, or even hang out with people that don’t align with our energy.

Whale Medicine - FrequenciesIt is jaw-dropping amazing to understand that we are energy and frequency, and our vibrations and thoughts are the powerful tools we need to begin building our new world.

Many people who have gone through a deep spiritual awakening discover that they feel more aligned with their Moon sign than their Sun sign afterward, revealing a transformation from an ego-based life to a heart-led journey. This is the sacred journey we see reflected through the Medicine Wheel. We begin in the North while we are in Spirit, become a Thought, walked out in the Flesh, given a Heart and returned to Spirit.

We go through this process in the small spirals of our everyday lives and in the larger spirals of the major changes and adventures we find along the way.

This week, we start with beloved Dog in the North who is reminding us to be a wild and strong leader by sending us to the Wolf Clan in the East, where our relatives are waiting to teach us about leadership and the shadow.

In the South, Horse is waiting to carry us through the storm and give us the energy we need to get through in one piece until we can reach the place of the Grandmothers – who are the leaders and guides of the 8th Fire Great Awakening. The Grandmothers are with Whale, reminding us of our connection to our sky family – and that we always attract those who can hear our frequency, can hear the messages in our particular songs.

IMG_20210405_111501_778And then of course, like with every journey, we return with our Dog to the Grandfathers – to Chi Manidoo to debrief, connect, and give thanks for another day.

Every time we hit the lesson going around the Sacred Spiral, we have the opportunity to change our thoughts and perceptions, feelings, and actions. As we heal, we become more objective and compassionate, and walking the narrow path means as we ascend, there is less distance between the spiritual and the material.

We are able to walk in balance as we walk away from the road less traveled to cut our own path through the bush. When we’re able to hear and respond to the howls of our own pack, and begin making the changes we need to make to find them.

It is my honour to be your messenger.




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