zz Trudeau Tyrant TrioOsiyo everyone from behind the increasingly Communist Iron Curtain where Justin Trudeau is working hard to make it a crime for law abiding citizens to defend themselves.

History is strewn with the skulls and carcasses of those who gave up their firearms to tyrants.

And Justin and his frat-house crew of Nazi descendants, watch listed terrorists (looking at you Jimmy Jag Meat), and card-carrying Communists are terrified of what will happen to them if Canadians are armed.

Don’t believe for a second that because they appear to be so unbelievably incompetent and irresponsible with CDN tax dollars and rights that they don’t know exactly what they’re doing.

These “leaders” – who were definitely selected and not elected, as we’re going to see in the near future – have been bred, groomed and trained for their roles their entire lives. They are all bloodline descendants of well known Communists or Nazi party leaders, with possibly the exception of the low-level terrorist Jimmy Jag Meat Singh who chose his own dark path and isn’t even allowed into his Ancestral country.

Any politician who claims to be for the people but has links to the World Economic Forum, WEF, like Pierre Polliviere, is bought and paid for – not to be trusted.

Fortunately, the idiot manager of the Queen’s corporation known as “Canada” couldn’t help himself and once again went on the world stage to virtue signal to his pals in upside down land after last week’s horrific FBI False Flag terrorist attack on school children locked in a Texas school.

History will show how Trudeau (like Biden and the Communists trying to disarm Americans) used this obviously planned operation in another country to introduce his plan to strip Canadians of the right to buy and sell handguns.

The next day saw the biggest increase in gun sales in Canadian history with many stores selling out in the first hour of opening! Salty has the Coyote take on the story here:

Redundancy, Resilience, Rebound.

You-can-become-a-WinnerThose are the Cliff’s Notes for Beaver Medicine, who is visiting us this week to remind us of the power of persistence and teamwork in building our new communities, and encouraging us to just “Take the First Step” if we’re feeling blocked.

And that’s what we all need to remember right now.

It’s tough for those of us who are still caught up in far-left controlled territories of Turtle Island and around the world.

It’s still dangerous to speak your truth in some areas, and even here in my neighborhood, there are Communists destroying property and any alternative information being offered to the public.

If you’re a Bird Clan person (i.e. flying high and ahead of the crowd), you’re probably getting tired of seeing the same cycles replayed over and over again.

Every new terror attack whether through a syringe, street drugs, business closures, or mass shootings designed to justify the confiscation of private property and the stripping of more rights, is tiresome to watch.

But, the good news is each of these attacks are being exposed earlier and earlier thanks to Patriot researchers and alternative media outlets, and together we are slowly waking up those who love their illusionary state.

Beaver reminds us that patience and hard work are virtues that can get us through even the stormiest of times.

BeaverBeavers are expert architects and builders who design and build safe and comfy homes using their ancient, instinctive knowledge and the power of a strong and tightly knit community.

The Blackfoot people tell the story of how Beaver gave their medicine, the knowledge of community, ceremony, home building – and justice – to a young man who had been betrayed and left for dead exactly as the Biblical Joseph was by his own brothers. 

During this time out of time that can sometimes feel like a lonely leg of our journey, we’re given the gift of solitude to continue working on our own healing, understanding the choices we made that brought us to this point on our path, and consider how we will respond in the future. For, as we know, our personal challenges will come around to test us again and again.

Maybe you’re an intuitive with great visions and dreams to create a new way of life for your future and for your own tribe, but are finding that bringing heaven to earth is much trickier than it seemed when you first received those sacred messages. It can be frustrating and sometimes disheartening to continue persevering when it seems that your work is for naught.

The industriousness of the Beaver archetype is certainly one to emulate when the going gets rough and we’re struggling to bring our ideas to fruition. Here, Ina Woolcott over at Shamanic Journey explains how keeping Beaver’s building process in mind can motivate and sustain us:

“I’m sure most of you will have had many grand ideas, and for most of you the getting idea part is easy, but the problems have begun only when you have thought about actualizing these into physical reality…and then the ideas have faded, just like dreams often fade when one wakes up. This is where you will find beavers medicine to be of great assistance. The beaver is one of the leading creators in the animal kingdom. They get an idea of what their home and also dam should be like, then fell trees with their sharp teeth and build intricate structures with several entrances and exits.” – Ina Woolcott

Holding on to our sleeping dreams when we wake up is difficult for most of us, and that’s no different for the dreams we have in our waking times as well if we don’t lock them down and tend to them every day.

Beaver (like Seagull and other creatures) shows us the importance of being flexible on the path. Remembering that it is the process of creation that brings about the greatest change, rather than just trying to instantly manifest the end result.

“The many entrances and exits [of a Beaver dam] signify the importance of pliability when in the process of creation. Often when we imagine something we’d like to materialise in physical reality, we focus only on this vision. By doing this we forget that creativity doesn’t finish, but begins with the vision, and that in the course of making something real we too change and grow. Often improvements are thought up whilst making a dream/vision reality. If you push these thoughts aside, you may find yourself stuck mid creation. Instead, bear these thoughts in mind and if you find it an improvement restructure your design accordingly, as the end product may be more awesome than you ever dreamed possible.”

Our Ancestors (all of them) learned how to survive and build shelter, which food was safe to eat, and many other important lessons from the creatures. Beaver is known by some Native people of Turtle Island as “the little people” because they have so many characteristics that are similar to humans.

It was a great tragedy and sign of things to come when the British Empire arrived and brought its focus on commercialization and commodity exploitation to Canada.

Company Store

As most people here know (if this hasn’t been taken out of the school books yet), this country was essentially established as a gigantic candy store of resources known as The Fur Trade for the same Elites who continue to try to steal it all today. Hopefully, the descendants of those Loyalists and “redundant women” who fled the American Revolution for the safety of the Queen’s bosom have learned a thing or two over the last several generations.

15 Latest Saving mother earth ideas | mother earth, native american  spirituality, native quotesAs we have all watched with great dread and grief, the elites and their agents trapped and traded beavers nearly to extinction to provide the materials for top hats the elites liked to wear at the time, as well as for their beautiful pelts.

And now, we are watching in horror as the same evil forces have come to steal and kill the creatures, the land and resources.

The tyrants are trying to shut down the entire energy sector in North America to force the fraudulent “environmentally friendly” Green New Deal on the world.

Like all their schemes, The Green New Deal is another catchy slogan that hides the evil truth about another genocidal program. ICYMI, it’s widely reported that windfarms kill 10 to 20 TIMES more birds than previously reported, and we can all thank the traitor of the world for that – Renegade himself – Barry Soreto Hussein Obama. Another sign of his utter hatred and disdain for all that is good and righteous.


Not only do these “environmentally sustainable” power solutions kill hundreds of thousands if not millions of birds and other creatures every year, but they also rely on child slavery to mine the lithium for the electric cars the party elites and their useful idiots like to drive.

All of these nightmare solutions destroy our landscape and air with enormous and ugly bird and earth killing windmills that are not only deadly to the environment, enormous tracks of mined landscape that can’t be used to grow food or build communities, and rely on OIL(!!) to operate, and promise further destruction of our Mother Earth and enslavement of children.

ServantThe Green New Deal with all its insane plans is working hard to reduce the “carbon footprint” of the planet, while its salespersons (lol) fly around the world in private jets to tell you to eat bugs and stop driving.

They conveniently forget to tell everyone about the fine print of their plan:  YOU are the carbon footprint they want to eliminate.

And of course, via the Covid fraud, we see now that they are focusing their efforts on humanity and even our babies.

They’re far too obvious to be taken seriously at this point.

Beaver, like all community oriented creatures, shows us the power of team work.

As we have seen over the past five years, people from around the world have come together to build a new world, a parallel society based on grassroots freedom and the values morals of our Grandparents and Ancestors.

Up the Creek – Vancouver Art Gallery StoreThe community building in cyberspace has been phenomenal, and the signs are clear that it’s time to begin bringing our messages to our local communities, to continue creating the projects and building the structures for our own New Jerusalem – whatever that means to us.

Even though it looks unbelievably dark and crazy on the surface, never doubt that there is far more going on behind the scene than any of us can possibly imagine.

Don’t forget, Canadian truckers and patriots – the salt of the earth, the world’s quintessential Beavers – led the world in uniting together against the WEF/NWO in February with the truckers convoy.

The Beaver is known world-wide as the symbol for this beautiful country that is the jewel in the Crown’s collection of global resources. They would like nothing better than to take it from us and our truckers knew that and galvanized the people in the middle of winter.

There’s no doubt in my mind that these courageous and patriotic people are already planning to rally again – all over the nation. Enough is enough, and we’re seeing Canadians taking off their masks and waking up in ever greater numbers.

But remember. This isn’t going to be an easy, slam dunk.

Tyrants, like all abusers, will push the envelope. They will keep pushing and pushing until you either give into them or stand up and push back. Many of the truckers and their supporters had their bank accounts frozen by Trudeau’s cronies in the big bank industry. If that isn’t enough to terrify any sane person who believes we live in a free society, I don’t know what it will take.

Fortunately, as the people stand up to these criminals who are trying to enslave us all (further), they’re starting to realize the jig is up and are backpedaling their efforts to intimidate people into silence and compliance. And, that’s exactly what Patriots around the world are starting to do.

Here, the True North Centre reports that the Scotiabank CEO has issued an apology. That’s a start, at least. 

So, while the chaos rages on around the world and it seems like everyone you used to know has either vanished or lost their marbles, take heart.

Timberborn___landscape_key_art___clean___4K.0The Beavers – along with their many friends around the world – are still at it.

Still persevering to bring truth to the people and stand for our God-given rights – down to the right to breathe freely.

Stand up. Never forget we chose to came here during the most intense period of Spiritual Warfare in human history.

Pray and Stand.

It is my honor to be your messenger.