Artist: Ayla Bouvette "Beaver with Messenger"
Artist: Ayla Bouvette “Beaver with Messenger”
Artist: Ayla Bouvette "Beaver with Messenger"
Artist: Ayla Bouvette “Beaver with Messenger”

Beaver is the DOER of the creature world who shows us the importance of action while staying open to the Great Spirit.

If you’re ever seen a Beaver protecting its community, you’ll know this fierce little home and community builder isn’t messing around when it comes to protecting the ones he loves. And first and foremost, that means keeping a safe home and maintaining our provisions with care.

The beaver’s large teeth are among its most prized possessions and they continue to grow until the moment of death. This prominent feature of the beaver is a reminder that the tools we use to improve our lives must continually honed and sharpened. – White Wolf Pack

May be an image of 2 people and people smilingBeaver comes along at a time when many of us are GLUED to social media, desperately searching for clues that this crazy time is coming to an end.

This clever little teacher tells us to listen to the Ancestors and unplug. It’s time to work on building our dreams into reality and we can’t do this if we’re spending all our time on Facebook or Twitter.

A lot of kids are becoming more despondent and suffering with all kinds of spiritual and mental illnesses thanks to the programming that’s continuing in the old paradigm community.

Starseeds and others souls who haven’t been to this planet before are finding all the tiny details of living on Earth to be overwhelming, and unfortunately we have to report that there’s really no way around a lot of this stuff.

Since there’s no way around it, Beaver tells us we’re going to have to gather ourselves and just get on with it. Our friends in the Wolfpack teach us:

“The beaver is a tremendously complex, yet simple totem – Complex because their abilities and talents are many, and simple because most qualities of the beaver can be emulated by humans. They are master architects and are among the few animals on earth, that alter their environment to meet their requirements.

As an expert builder, beaver medicine strengthens the foundations of ones life and can help to build new ones. Beaver can show us ways to be in harmony with our environment even as that environment changes.” – White Wolf Pack

We need to find balance between doing the missions we’re called to, working on our self-care and healing and paying attention to our on the ground worlds.

This is particularly hard for Bird people – who tend to live too much in the world of spirit and ideas. 

But, when we spend too much time in the dream world or living in our heads, we miss out on great opportunities all around us. 

One young healer I know named Hanna says, “sometimes the best thing you can do is show up.”

Find a way to balance real life with the Storm that’s about to hit because we all need to be prepared for anything.

And that’s what high-flyers need to do sometimes. Beaver reminds us of the importance of community – that our global team of patriots and our leaders have got the plan, they’ve got our backs and it’s really okay to step out of the war and put some time in on the home front.

Things are getting rocky outside as the grown ups in the room are starting to find their voices and reclaim their positions of leadership and authority over the bougie leftists and the generations of self-entitled, virtue signaling monsters they’ve created with their social activism that’s completely based on Marxist ideology – which by its very nature is devoid of spiritual connection and self discipline.

Last week, we looked at Owl Medicine, the medicine of the wise old Grandmothers who demand we ask “WHO are you?” to ourselves before pointing fingers at others. She asks are you Awake? Or just Woke?

Continuing that hard-assed Elder’s theme, Beaver is showing up this week asking us to put up or shut up. Our beliefs and true essence is always expressed in our activities, in the world we create around us. Even in our homes. If we’re feeling blocked in doing our work, we can still express our beliefs in our day to day lives – get practicing on how we would spend our days if we were in our ideal situation. Muscle memory is a thing.

Out in the collective, the energy level is high as Conservative people are finally standing up to the bullies and tyrants on the left who have been gaslighting humanity down the devil’s path to global communism – all the while pretending to be on the people’s side:


This is why everything you see from Hollywood and Establishment “celebrities and leaders” has been so panicked and deranged since we elected Donald Trump in 2016. THEY know exactly what is going on – that their world is coming to an end. Many will be put to death for crimes against humanity. Not many A-listers making movies anymore.

“They thought you would follow the stars.” – q

May be an image of text that says "Tiffany FitzHenry @Tiff_FitzHenry Pedophilia will bring down: -The Royal family -The CIA -The deep state -The Vatican -Hollywood It's happening ight now. Right before your eyes. This is the elite apocalypse"The sane and rational people around the world have watched in horror as communist celebrities and their relatives in the media and political industries are calling for outright violence against anyone who challenges their death cult march.

And again, we remind everyone to remain calm and allow people to make their own decisions. We know this is a time of great prophecy – a great purging of those who refuse to bend to Universal Law and insist on believing a narrative created and pushed by the conspirators who have been attacking humanity and our future generations for a very long time.

We’re told that a small percentage of people won’t wake up and realize the truth about the giant psyop we’re all living through at the moment, and sometimes we have to step back and allow people to find their own way.

In the meantime, Beaver says it’s time to put our ideas into action.

It can be hard for sensitive people who are deep thinkers to transition away from an idea or activity and begin a new one. So Mr. Beaver reminds us that when we pay too much attention to what’s going on “out there” and in our heads, we often paint ourselves into a corner. 

We can get frozen in fear or be too overwhelmed to know what to do next.

Beaver Fire WalkerFor people who have been through a spiritual graduation – a powerful experience of awakening that puts us into another level of awareness – it is often difficult to move through our days because we’re so open and sensitive to everything around us. We’re conscious of how our minds are processing every thought and action.

So a great way to begin rebuilding our lives after going through a major awakening (leveling up) experience that leaves us scattered and uncertain is to create a plan and stick to it for 21 days.

Apparently, that’s the length of time we need to incorporate a new habit.

Even if it’s just getting up, making the bed and getting dressed – it’s a start. Morning walks. Smudge. The right music. All of these medicines help us create structure. 

“Beavers are very industrious, hard working, and tenacious in what ever project they undertake. People who work with his spirit are reminded to work hard to achieve their goals and they will never be defeated by a lack of initiative. If you feel overcome or overwhelmed by life’s challenges, ask the beaver for help.” – White Wolf Pack

Grandmother Owl joins Beaver this week (she’s still hanging around from last week) to remind us that it’s perfectly fine to step back and take some time to savor our accomplishments. 

Remember this world doesn’t value the Spiritual or anything that can’t be sold in the market place (like Beaver’s beautiful pelt).

The Grandmothers, Brother Beaver and all our guides are clear in telling us that our true treasure lies in the evolution of our souls and tending to the healing work first.

They are surrounding us and are always with us, offering their medicine of truth and wisdom when we’re ready to ask. They will show us our lessons and help us find the right medicine to get back on the move – into the leaders we came here to be. 

Beaver, like the Great Mother Bear, says that as soon as we let go of the old emotional baggage – clean out our own eco-systems – we can find our way to getting a move on and bringing our dreams and visions into life.

Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle Cards - Beaver | Spirit animal totem, Animal  totem spirit guides, Spirit animal meaningBeaver shows us (through his great building skills) that we always need to have an escape route.

We always need an alternative plan for those times we run into obstacles along the path. Often the people we have dreamed about walking with and working with are still waking up and aren’t ready for the responsibilities of truth-telling and building new earth communities.

Beaver asks us to think about what we’ll do in the meantime and reminds us that there are always other options. If we get too focused on one outcome, we block the Creator’s grace from working in our lives.

So during this time out of time, the time of new beginnings, we have been given the gift of solitude to dig some more, ask ourselves about those dreams, sort through what works and what doesn’t and continue building the vision.

It is excruciating for the Awakened Collective right now as we feel like we’re spinning our wheels and getting nowhere in trying to warn our loved ones and communities about the dangers staring them right in the face.

Many are exiled from friends and family, and are struggling with figuring out how to live life without that love and support.

When I reach this place of despair, usually because I have overwhelmed myself again, it’s time to step back and think about my thoughts, purge those old beliefs – the nasty little demons who wait for us every morning when we wake up – and just get on with the day and creating new habits.

We know we’re in a time of great prophecy and that truth-tellers are under serious attack. This is a spiritual war and a battle for the consciousness of humanity. So, we must remember that everyone is on their own timeline. We’re looking at three more years for some of these folks. So patience is indeed required. 

Beaver shows us how to keep it together, organize ourselves and communities, and to find the determination to continue even while we’re being hunted and threatened.

Step back. Review all you’ve learned and accomplished since your awakening. Think about what you’re going to do with that experience. 

And when you’re ready . . . take the first step.

Create your website. Start that video channel or Patreon account. Write your business plan. 

Follow the wisdom of that little builder inside your soul, and he will help you create the life you’re here to live.

It is my honour to be your messenger. 

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