When we are on a Spiritual path (and actually even when we aren’t) we dance around a spiral and return to the same issues and challenges over and over until every last bit of resistance is illuminated, addressed, healed and released.

We do the life-death-rebirth dance many times in one lifetime.

And this is good for it is the only way we can move forward. We must face those deep fears, use our time in the cocoon to dive deep into the depths of our psyche to learn the lessons of Moth (some of whom live with the Night Eagle, Owl in their nests). The lessons of this time are deep and dark and not for the faint of heart.

Bird Clan Messenger

We are walking through a very important point in the transition from the 7th to the 8th Fire times and many of us are facing a time of great decision for ourselves, our families, and our community and country.

This is a time of the Moth – that fluttery, ethereal flyer whose medicine teaches us to be brave and dive down into the very deepest crevices of our hearts to find our truth. To bite the bullet and make the descent to find our truth and best vision for our lives. And to open ourselves up to going through the process of healing and learning that will help us get there.

Once we make the decision to commit to the path of our heart, we will find that our lives begin to change and we meet many different kinds of helpers along the way.

This is such an important teaching…

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