Osiyo frens!

Totem Tuesday is here, and joining us this week are Deer, Whale, Dog, and Beaver.

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Deer – Balance of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Love, Gentleness, Compassion, Strength, Stealth, Discernment

Whale – Ancient codes DNA, Frequency, Ascension, Star Seeds Awakening, Spiritual Masters

Dog – Companionship / Relationship Trust, Unconditional Love, Roots, Healing Animus & Father wounds

Beaver – Industriousness Grandmother’s Hut, Homemaking, Medicine, Traditional Culture

This is a week in which Deer has come with her medicine of kindness, compassion, gentleness of spirit and unconditional love – which are greatly needed at this time we are losing so many of our youth.

Kelly Fraser was a young Inuit Spirit Bird who came to teach many lessons. She took her own life at Christmastime in 2019. Read “Spirit Bird – Kelly Fraser’s Message for our Youth” here 🦅🙏 

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