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Being different is a key lesson for this great time of transformation – and it is the foundation for understanding the difference between sickness as “disease” and sickness as an opportunity to grow and change.

So many children are coming to earth now with incredible gifts, talents, and abilities. But, because these gifts are so powerful and they are very courageous in wanting to share them, these kids are often seen as – first, “troublemakers,” then as sick children who need big-pharma medication to “function” in society.

Bird Clan Messenger

By Kandace Keithley

Perhaps one of the most difficult truths that we must accept during our time on planet Earth is that all disease and sickness is brought about through our own perception and our own activity on an individual, community and global level.

Whatever we accept as sickness is what will become disease. But when we view sickness as a sign that we have more to learn, whether it’s about plant medicine or spiritual healing, then it becomes a blessing and an opportunity.

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