By Joseph White Eagle

It can be said this sickness is a vaccine from Mother Earth and that we human beings are the virus, that this vaccine called Covid 19 was injected into the epicenter of pollution that is called China and spreading throughout Mother Earth.

For wherever it has spread, there after comes healing for Mother Earth.

For Father sky has cleared from the poison smog, the water is regenerating and purifying, the animals are coming out from hiding to enjoy this lull and peace from human beings.

Even we are being transformed from this, uniting as one people to stem this threat to mankind.

The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes, Terrence H. Booth Jr.

Truly wherever this has spread there has been transformation for the better except for some who have been affected by this in a selfish and greedy way.

This a test to see if you are the disease or the cure, for in this troubled time you can see what is truly within all our hearts.

We all must meet this peril in a loving, compassionate, honorable and respectful way to all.


Joseph White Eagle is a Cree spiritual leader and teacher of traditional Native medicine who grew up in Saskatchewan and now lives in British Colombia with his wife and family. We are deeply grateful for his contributions to Bird Clan Messenger and to all of humanity. A’ho.

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