The end of winter is generally known as a dark time – Crow time – in which we are often wrestling with the big monsters of life  – recovering financially from the Christmas frenzy, nursing sick children while we’re sniffling and sneezing ourselves, struggling to get to work on ice-slick roads. . . you know – the stuff of wintertime on planet earth.

Crow Medicine ColoursOur external circumstances always reflect our inner state, so the way we are dealing with this season of darkness is always an expression of our hearts, for it is out of the abundance of our hearts that our mouth speaks.

We are in a particularly difficult time right now on Earth as the dark ones are making one last, desperate effort to keep humanity in a state of fear and panic; but in truth many who have been working with the intelligence community believe this “flu” is a way to keep people inside and safe while evil people are being arrested.

It is also revealing who the traitors are as we see millionaire talking heads attacking our President while praising Communist China, the enemy of our nation that has been stealing our technology, trade, and scientific secrets and poisoning our food supply through their bribed puppets in Washington DC.

Our Native relatives know very well about having our knowledge, culture and medicine stolen by these evil ones and are still suffering from a terribly contaminated food supply that has caused untold suffering to our Ancestors and our people through new diseases like smallpox, alcoholism, diabetes & heart disease through the introduction of processed foods and alcohol which are foreign to the Indigenous body. They are now using these same weapons to try to destroy most of the world’s population.
Chiefs protect their people.Fortunately for humanity and our Mother Earth, Crow is the great master of transition. The one who sits at the bottom of the Medicine Wheel of the Bird Clan, giving us her deep wisdom, stability, and sense of humor as we wander through the dark times in both our inner and outer worlds.

Crow takes us to the very bottom of ourselves, the deepest dark time, the time of hibernation then returns us to spirit  to rest up for the next chapter . . .

Crow shows us the darkness in ourselves and our societies so we can wake up and make the changes we need to create a new and beautiful world for our children down through the generations.

Crow and Wolf Puppy

In this time of many prophecies – the Time Out of Time to my Cherokee Ancestors – we are deeply blessed to have been given the mission to come here and be a part of the light, part of the mass awakening of consciousness that has overtaken humanity.

BelieveTo me, it seems like Crow has finished her final tough work of this cycle around the sun – and with the springtime, we begin to see the sweet little Grackles returning for some seeds.

I like to call Grackles “Crow Light” – like Coors Light. 🙃

Grackle CallGrackle hops up to us in the springtime, head shining in the sun with iridescent teal and purple, green and blue and says . . .

“Hi!! It’s time to smile again. It will be okay. We’re going to have a great summer!”

And when we notice her, Grackle gives us the little springtime spark of joy the emotional fuel we need to make those changes. She reminds us to always follow the best feeling choice, but warns this is different from instant gratification. Follow the best feeling choice for your dreams and goals and intentions.

Grackle gives her good Medicine of a happy heart – the super power of SEEING the beauty in all things, no matter how humble, SEEING the beauty of what we once thought were terrible experiences and of SEEING the future. My high school art teacher used to tell us that learning to “see” is a process. Bill McKinney taught us to see through the eyes of an artist. And now, that is what people around the world are learning to do as they awaken to the light.

Grackle tells us to dream big dreams, now is the time to set our intentions for the coming new year. She reminds us that we are diamonds and now is our time to shine like the truth of 144,000 Points of Light.

Grandmothers Points of LightThe time of darkness is over for all who choose to awaken and join in the Great Awakening, for the Prophecies of the 8th Fire teach us that turning from our errors and walk the Red Road is what will save humanity, our communities, our families and our souls.

The Medicine Path – The Red Road – teaches us that we are spiritual beings having a brief human experience during our short visit to Earth.

We learn that our best lives are lived through our heart connection – represented by the Black quadrant on the Medicine Wheel where the great healing medicine of the Ancestors is hidden but accessible to all who ask. This direction on the Wheel is protected by the Bear for everyone and also by the Owl for Bird Clan people.

Wheat From ChaffAs the great Prophet Isaiah showed his people, until we begin walking The Narrow Road in earnest, our “righteousness” is like filthy rags.

“All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away.” – Isaiah 6:46

In the Native tradition that we know as The Red Road, this filthy rag state is understood as a sloppy person who claims to be following the path but has a dirty pipe.

It’s spiritual messiness. Spiritual laziness. We are taught to be as hollow bones – constantly seeking inside ourselves and working with the Great Spirit to show us our errors so we can be healed and of greater service to Mother Earth’s creatures, plants and people.

We are seeing the truth of people’s spiritual health revealed on the Earth today, as those who have been deceived and asleep are revealing the filth of their hearts – the utter lack of morality within their ideology. The blindness to the disease of corruption that has overtaken those who were entrusted to be the leaders of the people on this planet.

New Heart Steadfast SpiritMany are awakening now and beginning the painful process of realizing the damage to all of humanity that has occurred over the past several thousand years – at the hands of an organized group of families and the global crime network they created.

There is great wailing and gnashing of teeth as the great harvest begins and the separation of the wheat from the chafe truly begins.

Those who cannot awaken, who continue to follow the old system of exclusion, secrecy, gossip, manipulation, war, drugs, murder, child trafficking, and horrific crimes against humanity will not have the experience of building the New Earth.

RainbowBut, those who heed the call of Crow to dig deep within, cry out with the pain of realizing their own woundedness and flaws and the impact it has had on the world and her people – Those who hit the very bottom yet make the hard decision to get up, stand up for their own rights and those of their family and community – will reach the point where they are ready to feed the Grackle, receive her teachings of open heart, open mind – joy, peace, creativity, and healing.

When we see the truth of our own destruction, accept it and decide to move forward and make better choices, we are blessed with new visions, thoughts, and habits. We begin to look forward to our prayer times and spiritual practice. We seek the guidance of our Elders and healers, and become conscious of walking through every colour of the Medicine Wheel many times each day – always balancing the time we spend in each: Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit.

For it is when we are walking in balance here on the ground that we are closest to the Great Spirit. When we are in balance, we are aligned with our Spiritual Destiny.

The Ancestors would like us to remember that humans were never meant to grovel at the feet of a Creator that the dark ones have misled many into seeing as *angry.*

The People - Sky FamilyNo indeed, we are beautiful sacred beings, who have come to this planet to grow and heal our souls, to begin the hard work of healing all our relations up and down the generations.

Grackle is hanging out here in the Black for the time being, but is getting ready to fly to the East where she will be joined by a wild winged chorus of bird relatives – all for our entertainment and love. They’re preparing to awaken us with a cacophony of Bird Song!

These little flyers offer us such good medicine if we will only pay attention to them.

This is a Medicine Song of Grackle.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


Bird Clan Messenger 

It is my honour to receive and share these teachings from my guides and the Ancestors. These are messages received and written to the best of my understanding. If I have made mistakes, I would be grateful for your input. If these messages don’t resonate with you, that’s okay. I wish you well. And if these messages do resonate with you  – welcome to the family.

— kandace keithley, namadaki aandeg miimiiwe gekek kwe  ~ Tsa-La-Gi

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