By Cloud Spencer Eaglebear

Visions of the other world….Magnificent landscapes of high cliffs and sacred waters filled with my relatives the stars. Morning rising of our GRANDFATHER SUN, who carries the sacred sage smoke of all those who wake up for their morning ceremonies, just for the sake of breathing in the air that Cascade on a burnt lit horizon to say that we all move in silence when prayers have been offered to all those who know life…

Smudge 1There will always be time.

Time to bring upliftment to the less fortunate, willing to fight our own demons inside to bridge the gap of wisdom to those who have fallen into their own snares of wasteful thinking which take us from the meditation of walking the longest road ever for Man and Woman.

We are just shadows, who formed a sacred bond with the forces of harmony and balance. Willing to spare a moment to give of ourselves to learn more on what we must do to be one with the SACRED and mold our very essence to the thread of this reality, seen and unseen.

There is a song for this .

For there are many songs we sing as the TRUE HUMAN BEINGS.

Just as John has expressed his need to live as a human as humanly as possible, we all strive to the same endeavors. It is through teachings, lessons and medicines that we shall inherit what is so divinely given, our inherent right to live as love, as all beings are. For more information on circle teachings, medicine walks and other ways to connect, contact us

For We even have a song for our deaths that is also a honor to be recognized as we carry that very song to the blue road as we vanish to the very heart of the universe…

For we all know shame and we all know victories and defeats. For they are our teachers here as we walk the road that is Red, so we may find the middle and be humble enough to carry on when we become weak for a time.

So we may become something little better or maybe we shall carry our torments until we learn to get out of our own way.

Nevertheless, if we seek to make the voices in our head stop talking and learn to look at this paradise we call turtle island , who is our FIRST MOTHER to ALL…. MAYBE JUST MAYBE we can really understand what it means to see THE TRUE VISIONS, OF THE OTHER WORLD….. These are my thoughts

Walk in beauty


Cloud Spencer Eaglebear is a Choctaw Healer and Teacher from the White Elk Clan, Traditional Ojibway, Eagle Clan & Osage Bear Clan who has learned traditional teachings from The Elders in his own family Clans, and is honored to have also learned from the Lakota Elders.

Buffalo Love

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