By Melissa Teague

If you can completely suspend your beliefs and doubts and then embrace your own Creative power along with the mechanics and laws of reality creation, you could literally begin manifesting “miracles” and all you have dreamed of.

I believe as the energies increase and our abilities to control our beliefs/doubts also increase we will begin witnessing “Miracles” of every sort across the globe.

Jesus-law-of-attractionJesus understood the mechanics of creation and completely embraced his ability to create within reality so he could literally manifest miracles. In journals by The Essenes – (his followers and students), they wrote about his knowledge of the coming Golden Age – Age of Aquarius, that we are in now.

Jesus taught that the “2nd Coming” was not about his return but the return of ones embodying “Christ consciousness,” which is the exact consciousness and knowledge he held about creation. He said we would create miracles all across the globe and we would in fact change the entire world because we embraced the Christ Consciousness and mechanics of reality creation.

Jesus Law of AttractionI believe this 1% or The 144,000+ will in fact begin doing this in 2020 on a whole new level. From my research I have found the following are the basics we need to begin creating reality and miracles within our reality.

Laws of Creation

The laws are conceptually very simple – our most predominate thoughts and beliefs attract similar events, circumstances and people into our experience. The problem is there can be many stumbling blocks in creating.

The most important ones are:

**THOUGHTS** are the primary mechanism of creating an experience and the more focus and attention we give our thoughts, the more power they have. So give plenty of focus and attention to what you DO want and none to what you DON’T want. We often block ourselves by worrying and doubting that we can create what we want. The Universe does not know the difference of what you want or don’t want so it will bring you exactly what you think about.

Native Law of Attraction**FOCUS** Another stumbling block is that we constantly focus on “what is” or “what was”- basically living in the past or being stuck on how things are at the moment versus imagining how we want them to be. We are constantly perpetuating more of the same when we are in this mode of thinking. Its why our reality changes so slowly, if at all. So imagine more of how you want things to be and give less attention to how things were or are now.

**BELIEFS** shape and constrain the thoughts we have so they are critical to manifesting a desired reality. The tricky thing is most beliefs are subconscious so they significantly limit what we think is possible (to manifest into our reality) You must identify and release any and all beliefs that limit you and do what it takes to about new more empowering beliefs. There are many ways you can do this and you will literally rewire your brain to help you easily manifest what you desire.( Listen to music that has positive subliminal messages while you sleep or write affirmations repeatedly, as both directly affects the subconscious)

Snake Crone Goddess**EMOTION** Expressed with our thoughts is where most of the creative power of thought comes from. You must invoke and FEEL strong positive emotions along with your thoughts. Feel what you might feel if you were to reach your desired outcome. And express gratitude as if you already reached your goal for an added power punch. If you catch yourself thinking and feeling negatively or doubting then stop it in its tracks. Quickly switch over to the positive and stay self aware-always.

SpiderLawAttraction2**WORDS** The thoughts and things we say aloud are announcements to the Universe of our thoughts, beliefs and expectations. Choose your words wisely otherwise you will order another version of reality you may not want. Keep every thing you speak positive. Don’t fall into the age old trap of talking about your worries, fears, doubts, judgments of others etc. Don’t complain as it will only bring you more of what you do NOT want.

**EXPECTATION** You have to fully expect to receive what you are trying to manifest. You must have faith and trust you will receive your desired outcome. But don’t get caught up in the details of “how” it will happen. Just trust and expect without doubts or worries.

The more aware we become and realize how we co- create our reality the more we will begin to control our lives and outcomes. We will begin to manifest miracles for all to see and in doing so the entire collective will begin manifesting a better reality for us all.

Once we realize the rules of the games then we begin to start playing at a whole new level! I think many of us are stepping into that new level this year and that’s why it’s been long prophesied to be a year of massive change and miracles!!


Melissa Teague is a Spiritual messenger and teacher, a psychic who uses Tarot as one of her major teaching and healing tools, and an animal rescue hero living in the United States.

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