By Melissa Teague

These 13 Virtues/Blessings of Ascension are an inherent part of our Ascension process and are the foundations upon which the new world of The Age of Aquarius is being built NOW….

These virtues will be the very core of everything we will value and bring forth into this new reality, light and balance. All institutions, systems and new communities/cultures will be based upon these as more TRUTH comes forward regarding the false narratives about history and the reason for all religions and all governments.

8th Fire BearAs foretold by prophecies of many traditions and known as the 8th Fire by Native North Americans, many Awakened Ones are now becoming living examples of these 13 virtues and this number climbs daily as more people climb the Ascension ladder and awaken to the truth.

🌎 COMPASSION – the ability to love and be of service without Judgement. The ability to fully understand and FEEL another’s situation or issues without entering or assuming their cloak. To realize that each has their own chosen path and that we can only offer love and assistance, not tell them what is right for them. We can not fight their battles or take on their pain, just offer compassion and love. 💜

🌎 TRUTH – Truth is CLARITY. Truth simply is, and it doesn’t need defended. It stands alone. It is the wholeness of “knowing”. It can not be altered for long. Wisdom is the virtue of having good sense to know and understand that truth.

Baby Wolf 🌎 HUMILITY – The ability to be truly grateful for even the smallest blessings that truly exist and that are bestowed upon ALL. Understanding that we all need one another as we are ONE at the source of ALL creation. United we are stronger, and this Unity is necessary for all works and sharing of services to the individual and whole.

🌎 CHARITY – The genuine ability to share all things, material, spiritual, and emotional. Based in the true understanding that there is always enough for all to thrive and that we are all richer in the joint expression of sharing. A heart felt need to be generous. Knowing that knowledge and resources or gifts/abilities are NEVER intended solely for one.


🌎 AWE – The ability to understand that there is always more to learn, to experience and to understand. To know that although our understanding and experience of the Creator is limited, the promise of further growth holds true. It is holding the innocence of a child within, with that same sense of wonder. It’s understanding the magnificence of the universal divine plan- it’s unfoldment. It’s the thrill, the expectation and joy at just being. It means letting go of the need to control and struggle of life and letting things unfold as they will.

🌎 WISDOM – The ability to comprehend the difference between believing, thinking and knowing. Knowing comes from the deepest core of tour being, (the subtle nudges we all get) It is that part of the you that is ultimately connected with your higher soulself, guides and the Creator. It is understanding of all in the Divine plan and having respect for all as a part of that plan and the Creator.

🌎 BEAUTY – True beauty is more than a look, it is a state of being. It is to be in a state of beauty in all realms, ( The physical, emotional and spiritual). To be the perfect mirror for all of the Creator’s creations. A person embodying this virtue lives thru the heart, yet is powerful in presence. Many will be drawn to them. Many will see them, not for just their face but the whole of them as beautiful.

Bird Clan Woman

🌎 JOY – Many in the first stages of Ascension may not feel this at all yet, but for those of us that have felt it ebb and flow in cycles are now experiencing it daily and even constantly. It is being in Harmony with all, no matter what is happening. To live in and remain in the heart,(which happens by being self aware at all times)

🌎 HOPE – The heart felt knowing of the presence of the Creator. The ability to know that not all things on Earth are as they appear. To see thru the illusion of Earth as all there is to life and to be able to live in the serenity this knowing brings. To be in the world but not of it. To remain centered and one with who you are regardless of externals.

🌎 PURITY – To remain pure in all aspects of self. To be centered in chaos. To see, feel and know your truth and self no matter the illusion, or circumstances.


🌎 FORTITUDE – Courage in all forms. The ability to keep going forward when others have given up. Patience is a part of this. Fortitude is the encompassing of forbearance.

🌎 PRUDENCE – The knowing in all situations when to proceed or retreat, when to take action and when to be still, when to offer guidance and when to not speak. It’s to “know” what is needed at all times in exact measurements. To first see the balance of all things and then live and practice balance, moderation. PRUDENCE allows for the complete release of addictions.

🌎 GRACE – The quality of being a true and exact expression of (the real you) the divine spirit and will. This is a state of beauty, of wholeness , of oneness with divinity/the Creator. It is the final virtue encompassing service and action..

These virtues, when embodied make us feel good and whole. Just having self awareness and the desire to to embody these virtues will change your life because you will literally begin to be the living example of the virtues.

A living Christed being for the greater good of ALL; Divine will in action, A living example of what is possible for all humans.

💜💜💜. Melissa

Melissa Teague is a Spiritual messenger and teacher, a psychic who uses Tarot as one of her major teaching and healing tools, and an animal rescue hero living in the United States.

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We are deeply grateful for Melissa’s contributions to Bird Clan Messenger and to all of humanity. A’ho. – #BirdClanMessenger 

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