Thank you, Melissa Teague.for this incredible analysis of what is going out there in our Cosmos today and over the next few days. I am really feeling all of this in Toronto after yesterday’s freaking BOMBSHELLS! There’s no doubt that #TheStormIsUponUs. My guides are really emphasizing that we need to keep everyone at home and working on self-care and Spiritual Discipline – PRAYER – as much as they possibly can. Sounds to me like President Trump last night gave the entire country the go-ahead to hunker down and stay inside with their families. Protect the Elders and the children. If people run out of money or food in the next couple of weeks, they’ll learn to reach out to their friends, family and community – just like our Ancestors have always done, like our Great Grandparents and Grandparents did during the Depression. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to reconnect, protect their health and take care of ourselves.  — Kandace

Melissa Teague - Moon in Scorpio 3

Moon in Scorpio Opposing Uranus and Venus

By Melissa Teague

Between now and the end of the month earth people will experience an incredibly powerful, and at times volatile period, as Mars comes into conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter within a couple of days, all happening whilst we have the Spring equinox and a new Moon in Aries only 3-4 days later.

And then Mars and Saturn come into conjunction at the end of the month. It’s mind boggling and I feel heady in anticipation of what is to come. Not necessarily so much on the outside. Internally though, the energies are huge, pretty much off the scale in fact!

As for now, and today, the Moon will be entering Scorpio within an hour of writing this post. A few hours later, the Moon will be opposing Uranus, and then another few hours later, she’ll be opposing Venus.

Melissa Teague new-moon-scorpio-2019

This is a mightily powerful prospect as well, little in fairness to the energies on their way later this month, but very powerful in their own rights, and given the Moon’s involvement, we will feel it!

First up, passion is on the rise as the Moon enters Scorpio. Feelings deepen and gain in importance. We’ve been quite moderate and considerate for a couple of days with the Moon in Libra. The Moon in Scorpio is a very different feeling. Buried feelings begin to rise, and truth becomes more important. Emotionally, we become on the ball, though we’re more than capable of fooling ourselves if we lack in honesty and integrity. It’s not so easy to fool others in these times though!

Even now, the Moon is opposite Uranus and Venus, just not directly yet. As that comes into play in the coming hours, the energies of those planets gain in strength and come strongly into our feelings.

Uranus mixes everything up. A volatile and changeable energy, and with the Moon in Scorpio, it’s a potentially highly volatile situation. Yet there is brilliance and clarity on offer as well. It’s going to feel strong and strange, and potentially really exciting. If circumstances are blocking the flow of energies though, we may become anarchic in attitude, defiant and unruly!

Yet, Venus at that stage will be closer in her opposition to the Moon, and she is urging caution and restraint, consideration and balance. It’s a curious mix for sure. As the hours tick on, Venus begins to hold more power and sway, so compromise comes easier, with love and harmony gaining prominence on the agenda.

All in all, an interesting period ahead of us, relevant for the next 18 hours.


Melissa Teague is a Spiritual messenger and teacher, a psychic who uses Tarot as one of her major teaching and healing tools, and an animal rescue hero living in the United States.

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