Melissa Teague: Hidden Secrets About Languages

Mantras, from Sanskrit have been used for thousands of years as well and are believed to hold psychological and spiritual powers. People who practice Mantras believe that repeating certain words, sounds or syllables can rewire the brain to create a more positive reality for yourself.

Love Letters from Toronto – 3

We have some great material here on Bird Clan Messenger for you to read while you're still at home - including Melissa Teague's recent article on Negative Ions, and beautiful teachings and messages by Joseph White Eagle and Cloud Spencer Eaglebear. Coming up in the next few days, we have a great article on prepping, some Bear Medicine about Trauma as the Gateway between the physical and spirit worlds, as well as prayers, wisdom and traditional Native teachings. 

Melissa Teague: Increase Negative Ions For Better Health

Negative ions are very beneficial to the body and home as they clear the air of pollen, molds, allergens, pet dander, viruses, bacteria and smoke. The negative ions bond and cling with these impurities found in the air they occupy. They then purify the air and kill the germs.

Melissa Teague – Moon Enters Scorpio, Opposes Uranus & Venus

First up, passion is on the rise as the Moon enters Scorpio. Feelings deepen and gain in importance. We’ve been quite moderate and considerate for a couple of days with the Moon in Libra. The Moon in Scorpio is a very different feeling. Buried feelings begin to rise, and truth becomes more important. Emotionally, we become on the ball, though we’re more than capable of fooling ourselves if we lack in honesty and integrity. It’s not so easy to fool others in these times though!

Melissa Teague – Manifesting, Miracles, and the Laws of Creation

"The laws of creation are conceptually very simple - our most predominate thoughts and beliefs attract similar events, circumstances and people into our experience. The problem is there can be many stumbling blocks in creating." - Melissa Teague

Melissa Teague: An Awakened Mystical Woman

#BirdClanMessenger #GreatAwakening #8thFire "All must be illuminated through the breaking open of the falseness of self. The lies we tell ourselves must be shown. The truth of our behavior towards others must be felt. We must be broken in order to be transformed." - Melissa Teague