FreelandOsiyo everyone from behind the Canadian Iron Curtain where the folks up here are beginning to learn their Deputy PM, Fraulein Freeland is a bloodline descendant of a literal Nazi Party propagandist.

No wonder Klaus Schwab chose her to be his right hand . . . um. . . person . . .  in the WEF as well as Justin Castro’s handler in Canada.

From this little arrangement, it looks like the Nazis intended to implement their Fourth Industrial Revolution (Great Reset/Agenda 21) and establish the Fourth Reich through government puppets pushing Communist ideology and wielding ANTIFA/BLM/Dirty Cop goon squads.

It looks like this system was going to be applied to all the states still under cabal control.

The good news is that Canada’s mandates are being lifted, but that doesn’t mean we can take our foot off the gas.

After the last two years of tyranny, the stripping of medical rights, personal freedoms, destruction of businesses, traumatized children and seniors, destruction of the economy, an ideological assault on the Canadian psyche, the brutalization of Truckers and Patriots, seizing of Citizens’ bank accounts and putting people who don’t agree with Trudeau’s government on “watch lists,” people have had enough and are ready for accountability. . . and it will come . . . in God’s time.

And so – Turtle is here this week, reminding us that we are in the middle of a very slow and delicate process that is going to take more time than most of us would like.

Telling the world about and destroying an ancient Satanic cult that’s been feeding off all of us in every way imaginable for thousands of years isn’t done quickly, that’s for sure.

Medicine Wheel TurtleAs a creature of the water and the earth, Turtle represents the black and red quadrants of the Medicine Wheel, where the Grandmothers and our Fathers are reflected.

The lessons of this time are about traditional values, paying attention to the water, the impact our actions are having on the environment, and sitting with the lessons of our Fathers and male relatives to decide what kind of choices we need to make to heal that intergenerational trauma for our own kids and in the New Earth societies we’re here to start.

That’s a lot of stuff for each of us to address while trying to keep up with the battle for the narrative, so Turtle reminds us that slow and steady really does win the race.

If you feel the need to stay inside your shell and isolate from the madness, give yourself that permission.

Often, when we’ve been heavily criticized as children, it is difficult for us to just allow ourselves to BE without questioning every single decision throughout the day.

Decision overload will cause us to freeze up, so it’s important to be aware of how many unconscious decisions we’re forcing ourselves to make every day simply by denying ourselves the permission to just experience a moment without questioning whether we’re doing it right.

ChildrenKnowLogosNotPlantsOnce I started noticing this decision thing in my brain (about literally everything), I then began to recognize that little gnat of self-criticism, constantly vigilant and waiting to pounce, is always hanging around too.

Then, I saw how these two little monsters – decisions (or lack of because I’ve given myself too many) and self-criticism join forces to keep me locked in procrastination mode.

Which is why I seem to be blocked about moving forward. About which direction to go, which path to take.

Because (I reasoned), it’s hard to make these decisions with so much chaos and turmoil in the world.

Wise Turtle, the Ancient symbol of life and the Earth herself, tells us the chaos and turmoil offer a great escape from having to deal with the big questions like, “what do I want my life to look like after this period of chaos is over?” “where do I want to be?” “who is going to be in the next chapter?”

There are a million other questions just like those, but I’m sure you get the drift.

Meanwhile out there in the chaos (look here! not there!!), the information war is raging hot and Anons are having a great time watching the deep state and its operation mockingbird self-destruct in front of the public in real time.

Fox News HoaxThe Ukraine “war,” being pushed by NATO War hawks who want to blow up the world is turning out to be another silly psyop, with their stories and footage being exposed as fake within minutes.

They’ve even gone so far as to use video game clips to manipulate people into believing their narrative.

The illegitimate Biden regime is imploding and taking the Democrat party along with it.

More politicians (mostly Democrat) have resigned or decided not to run again in the past year than in any time since at least the Civil War.

Pluto’s return is really starting off with a bang, and people at every level of society are being forced to assess their values and the kind of political system we want to live in.

And, this process is more than a little uncomfortable for bird clan people. We like things to move along at a much more swift pace – like as the Crow flies.

This week, while we’re irritated and impatient at the pace of the process out there, Turtle shows up to remind us (as do our Elders) that sometimes, usually often, the plans we make while we’re at the beginning of a new cycle in our journey will change along the way and end up looking like something similar to, but very different from our initial vision.

I think the reason for this is that when we’re in early – and even middle – stages of Spiritual Awakening and personal transformation, we’re still operating in the world of illusion and not seeing the players and situations before us clearly as the Creator sees them.

We’re seeing this play out in the collective, where many Patriots believed President Trump was publicly activating the military and was going to overturn the coup right after the stolen election was certified.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we began to realize that rather than stopping the criminals in their tracks (which most certainly would have caused a bloody civil war), the Patriots decided to allow them to expose themselves and their true agendas while at the same time releasing evidence of their crimes to the public.

This decision saved countless lives and will prove to be a far more powerful long-term weapon than a war which would be interpreted as a fascist attack on political opponents (which is what they’re doing) rather than the rightful response to a coup.

That need for projection is the one thing still standing in the way of awakening for people who are still clinging to the Matrix.

HRC CollusionThe ones clinging to their need for projection still suffer from TDS and believe that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, even though the evidence and indictments prove that the cheating and interference, the entire Russia hoax that cost American taxpayers millions of dollars for an unnecessary “impeachment” hearing, was all dreamed up, paid for and implemented by operatives for Hillary  Clinton’s campaign.

We’re all in the middle of an excruciating process of revelation with pressure from all sides. The truths that are popping up are causing a lot of denial even among those who have been doing the research for awhile.

We repeatedly have been told and shown that at least 98% of DC is corrupt and wiping them all out would take down the entire government – which would leave America open to massive attack from our enemies.

People hate it when they learn that their Conservative “hero” politician or media star or preacher is another deep state/MOSSAD operative.

Nazi PriestsWe have to learn the lesson over and over again that no one is without a dark side, and the political swamp is very deep.

It is dangerous to ever idolize anyone, much less a politician, a celebrity, or a spiritual leader during the most corrupt time in human history.

But, people do idolize others whether in the public arena or in our personal lives.

If we have grown up in dysfunctional, abusive or neglectful homes, we will have a tendency to see everyone we meet as somehow “better” than ourselves, and begin to project all the positive (but unacknowledged) aspects of ourselves onto them.

Screenshot (66)The weird thing that often happens in these relationships born of projection is that once we begin to emerge from the glamour and illusion of early days, we start to project all the negative and unacknowledged aspects of ourselves onto them as well.

And of course, all this projection creates a laser light show of emotional entanglement and battles, which usually lead to the deterioration of the relationship.

This is why all Spiritual Masters teach us to love ourselves first, for we are made by the Creator of the Universe. Not a man in a lab coat.

For if we can’t give ourselves what we need, we won’t have anything to give to another with a pure heart, and will be so ravenous that we are unable to simply receive with gratitude.

Psalm 139:13-14 - Bible verse - DailyVerses.netInstead, without the fertile heart born of self-love, we demand with expectation and are disappointed when the other doesn’t meet our need of the moment.

Before we’re truly conscious about our wounds, we have a natural tendency to project onto others the ideals even foibles that we refuse to see in ourselves.

Our perfect partner is often an amalgamation of the highest expectations we set for ourselves (but often don’t want to give ourselves) and the perfect mate as assessed by our particular culture or society.

And, the villains in our lives reflect to us the unclaimed, shadow parts of ourselves.

I think this is why Empaths and Narcissists continue to engage in their weird Tangoes until one of them wakes up and decides to leave the dance floor.

Grandmother SpiderIt takes a very long time to untangle the web of illusions and delusions we’ve been caught up in since the day we were born, and then another long time to begin weaving the story of the rest of our lives ourselves – from a higher level of consciousness than ever before.

Going through the process of awakening and transition during this historic and chaotic time on Planet Earth is a life changing experience, for we are being hit at every level of our lives and being asked to become conscious of all our thoughts and choices from the most minute to the grand.

The process of awakening and beginning the hard work to heal those ancient wounds we may have missed the first few times around forces us to see the people in our lives with new eyes.

To understand the script and the role we’ve been playing, and to figure out if it is authentic and healthy to continue.

Often, especially at this chaotic time in which we’re seeing peoples’ true characters emerge, the answer is that we will have to walk away from people and relationships that harm us and hinder our healing.

Many people have had to make the choice to distance themselves from parents or siblings who are pushing the Covid hoax in order to protect their children and their own sanity/lives.

Many have been forced to resign from their jobs for refusing to comply with government tyranny and medical interference.

Many of us have been graced with time to assess and report on the situation around the world, and to process our own experiences in relation to the larger society.

We’ve had to use this time to remember the ways of our Grandparents – stretching our dollars, storing up food, growing our own.

There is still a great deal of disinformation being pushed by the remaining governments under cabal control, and it is difficult for the truth-tellers in these countries to remain patient while fellow citizens insist on their slumber.

SanctionsWe were told that it will take a near extinction event to awaken many people, and after the last two years of incessant bioterror and psyche warfare assaults, I’m amazed that more aren’t walking around with eyes wide open.

It would seem that the military is the only way, and indeed we are now seeing the NATO Nations who are controlled by the deep state terrorists behind every war since WWII, pushing for war with Russia to protect the hub of their operations, which is in the Ukraine.

Every day, we’re seeing the traitors and criminals among us on every level of society revealing themselves and we can only wonder when the arrests will begin in earnest.

So, what do we do when we’re feeling like we need to be glued to the giant spy movie we all seem to be extras in going on “out there” rather than being the stars of our own show?

Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road? And What YOU Can Do! - Turtle Survival  AllianceTurtle says that when we’re feeling overwhelmed, think of the way she feels when being faced with the huge decision to cross a highway to get back to her home turf.

Does she stay put?

Does she get halfway across, freeze up and wind up as roadkill unless a Turtle rescue hero comes along?

Or, does she just make up her mind and get on with it – eyes focused on the goal and all senses alert – ready to hunker down when necessary and get moving again when the coast is clear?

By paying too much attention to what’s going on “out there,” we’re giving up time that we could be using to craft our own stories. And we can also become overwhelmed with the enormity of this human mission.

So, it’s important to remember how we spend our time while we’re hunkered down in the shell is important.

TurtleHere are a few questions for Turtle Shell time:

  • How unplugged are you really?
  • How often do you shut everything down and just get away?
  • No phone, no music, no videos, no books, no conversation, no ear buds . . . just silence. . . ?

I’m willing to bet that the majority of people don’t really take regular (daily) time to unplug and turn off everything including our brains.

They say prayer is when we talk to God and meditation is when we listen.

Lately, as I have been feeling more and more overwhelmed and confused about my own mission, my Spidey senses ask, “why don’t you unplug? why don’t you have a day of silence? why don’t you meditate?”

It seems that for those of us with strong messenger totems, it is difficult just sit back and listen for the voice of the Creator. . .

even though we KNOW that is where we will find the answer to the questions, the key to unlock the door, and the map to guide us into the next leg of our journey.

When things got too intense at our house, I used to tell my boys “mellow . . . stay calm and cool.”

And that is the message Turtle is whispering in our ears.

We can’t change the pace of the Great Awakening with our own efforts.

It’s a team project and it’s important to rely on our friends around the world to fill in the gaps when we need a break.

We can’t change the pace of another person’s awakening either.

Turtle PersistenceAnd, even though it’s maddening to the point of wanting to yank out somebody’s hair, we have to stand down and allow people to walk free from the Matrix in their own time.

Remember this is a battle of Faith. A Spiritual war like we’ve never before seen on this planet.

Each person has made their own decision about the role they will play and the consequences they see for the seeds they’ve sown.

Remember that, and it will be easier to let yourself off the hook for those little niggly self jabs if you’re sowing more good seeds back into your psyche than bad.

Turtle is a creature of longevity, a totem that reminds me of a fortune cookie message I received once and keep taped to my old warhorse computer:

“Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.”

After several years of having this quote in my face every day, today I decided to look it up and see if it’s an actual quote or just something a wise Chinese grandmother in the fortune cookie factory had to say.

Turns out, it’s a quote by “Samuel Johnson an English writer who made lasting contributions as a poet, playwright, essayist, moralist, critic, biographer, editor and lexicographer.”

According to Arthur at the Art of Living website, the quote “reminds us that the secret to achieving anything worthwhile is to persevere no matter how hard (or repetitive) things get. The secret to making that easier? Trusting the process instead of doubting and second-guessing yourself.”

For people who have been told to “Trust the Plan” for the past four years, this is definitely a sign that we’re on the right path, moving in the right direction . . .

Let’s start thinking about moving from “Trust the Plan” for the Earth and her people to trusting the process of our own lives, trusting the process of our faith journey and spiritual growth, and trusting the process of reaching our goals. . .

at the pace of a slow moving Grandma named Turtle.

Be patient. Stay strong. Unplug.

It is my honour to be your messenger.