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Lodge of the 8th Fire

In 2017 and 2018, I experienced a major Spiritual Awakening which completely took me away from the Matrix world I was living in.

During this time, I received a massive amount of Ancient information about the huge transition and time of chaos we were entering, along with visions for a community to be established afterward on behalf of our children and future generations.

This community, known as The Lodge of the 8th Fire, is intended to start with a farm, apparently in Ontario Canada, where the live-in residents who are work-study participants in the Bird Clan Messenger Oshkebewis (helper) program staff the farm, the farm store and all other operations. 

This 2 year experiential lived training is the process our Ancestors used for hundreds of thousands of years before governments came along with their “education systems.” 

8thFire ProphecyWe believe it’s time to get government out of our children’s education, and The Lodge of the 8th Fire is being developed to serve as a life skills, job training centre, and short-term home for 8 young people between the ages of 18 and 24. (4 male, 4 female).

The program is open to youth of all cultural backgrounds who are interested in learning about our Ancestors’ cultures as well as traditional teachings and real life skills from a conservative perspective.

The Lodge will operate primarily from a farm house which serves as a meeting place, community kitchen, offices, and Inn for paying guests. Oshkebewis and the teaching Elders on site will live in bunkies on the property.

In addition to providing local, organic food for the community, the Lodge will provide Oshkebewis:

  • Spiritual and Cultural teachings,
  • Traditional wisdom and knowledge,
  • Histories of our nations, Founding documents, Bills of Rights,
  • Life skills training,
  • On the Job experience
    • Market Gardening,
    • Retail,
    • Security,
    • Hospitality,
    • Events,
    • Music and Media,
    • Trades & Furniture restoration,
    • Dog care
    • etc. . . 

All the areas of teaching are integrated into the daily life and activities of a working farm and farm store/event space operation and work together to create whole, well rounded, productive citizens.

I am in the process of developing this project while continuing to research, write and produce content for the Bird Clan Messenger website and social media channels.

Obviously, this is an enormous undertaking and we are looking for people with skills of all kinds. 

If you’re interested in learning about the evolution of the Lodge of the 8th Fire and offering your support, make sure you’re subscribed to Bird Clan Messenger. 



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