How would it affect the way you offer your gifts, talents, and services to our human family, if you learned that all your interests and experiences are inherently based in your Spiritual Identity, expressed through your role in a particular Clan while here on earth?

Bird Clan Messenger


ClanMothers “Clan Mothers” by Shoshone-Tataviam artist, Stan Natchez. Read Tom Keefer’s excellent article on the importance of the Matrilineal Clan System in New World Indigenous society.

One of the most significant differences between Indigenous (First Nations) culture and secular people who are now living on Turtle Island is the fundamental way communities are established and maintained.

While Indigenous people use the ancient Clan System to establish and organize communities, secular communities are built around supporting and servicing employers (which increasingly are global corporations paying slave wages).

We can get a glimpse of the plans that globalists have for humanity by examining the past behavior of industrial capitalists.

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