October 8, 2022 will be remembered in history as the day the criminal and treasonous Biden Regime, the Kazharian Mafia, and NATO escalated the war for Russia’s territories in the Ukraine to WWIII levels. Following the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge the day after Putin’s birthday, the Russians launched a carpet bomb assault on the Kiev area, destroying infrastructure and communications. The Russian Army is highly motivated and has mobilized, and they paraded ICBMs, tanks and other weapons in front of the US Embassy in Moscow as a very clear warning.

This week’s totem is Whale, who is another powerful cosmic communicator. While dolphin represents connection, whale represents the great floating library of the collective consciousness – all the information that humanity has compiled over many thousands of years.

Whale Noc

My sources are reporting that about 15% of the people on Earth are now awake to Truth which means we’ve hit critical mass.

Humanity’s collective consciousness has risen to the point that people from every background and political stance are joining together to demand PEACE for the people of Ukraine and peace once and for all.

We’ve all had enough of this handful of criminal miscreants running around trying to blow up countries who refuse to do their bidding and working to kill us all or control every aspect of our lives.

The revelations coming out are like a tsunami of Truth about every aspect of the dark ones’ practices, beliefs, crimes, and operations exploding onto the forefront of the public forum.

This is a very intense week for everyone as we have just wrapped up a full Hunters’ Moon, which indicates we’re going to see some arrests of all these ghouls very soon.

Stay safe out there. I will keep you updated as I receive more information and am still hoping to write a Whale Medicine Post this week. I just felt it was more important to give an update on the push toward WWIII.

In the meantime, while you’re walking the Road Less Travelled, have a look back at this article about our very best friend, Dog.

Hero dog

The world would be a better place if we all behaved like the creatures.

Hang in there everyone. It’s not getting worse. It’s just being uncovered so the normies know who the bad guys are.

It is my honour. . .