Join Bird Clan Messenger this week to learn about Trickster and Sacred Healer, Coyote and his friends Butterfly, Otter, and Owl. Don’t forget we’re in the year of the Great Mother Bear, so everything that is happening is for our healing and growth.

This week will be a week of celebration and laughter for those who know what’s going on in the world, those who have done their research. And, it will be a week of continued and increased fear and anger for those who are still clinging to the old ways of being and seeing.

Turnabout is fair play in love and war they say. And that is exactly what we’re seeing in the Spiritual community, on the geopolitical stage – and for those of us on a healing journey, in ourselves as well.

It is no coincidence that this week’s totem from the Medicine Card deck is Coyote – the very week we’re marching toward April Fool’s Day. 

Lots of great medicine coming up this week.