By Kandace Keithley

This is a bonus MEME-tastic Medicine Show because of the incredible things we are beginning to witness. This past weekend marked a major turning point in the battle to change the narrative for the people of the Earth. Fair warning for those of you triggered by Christianity, this video opens with a ceremony of great importance for the Earth and all people.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin led his country honoring the day of Jesus’ baptism with a Polar Bear Swim, and in my home state Oklahoma millions of Patriots around the world watched the gathering of the Five Thousand in Tulsa where they blew the Sofars to call in the power of the Holy Spirit. Lin Wood, General Flynn, Mike Lindell and a huge number of Patriots from all walks of life rallied the troops to stand up against the human trafficking and evil being perpetrated by the people who are controlling all our nations.

The truth is out like a genie out of its magic lamp. The people know who “17” is and are coming together from all faith traditions to protect our children. Our Children are our future. Welcome to the 8th Fire Great Awakening.

Chi Miigwetch to Adrian von Ziegler for his fantastic Celtic music “Wolf Blood,” to Eye Drop Media for Q information, links and some of the best and most inspiring videos around, and Patriots who give their time, gifts and talents to share the truth with the world. Semper Fi.

Bird Clan Messenger teaches the Prophecies of all people happening at this time of the 8th Fire Great Awakening. We discuss politics from a Conservative Native perspective, and share Native Culture and Traditional wisdom of the Ancestors of all people.

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This is the year of the Great Mother Bear who teaches us that the New Earth will not be built upon the destruction of the old, but through the careful sifting of the good from the bad. For as our Grandmothers teach us, we must take the good with the bad. Use this time to heal yourself, love yourself – and love your relatives. For you have chosen them long before you came to this planet and they are your greatest teachers. Even the ones who are still struggling.

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