QAnon & The Great Awakening



In March, 2020 the entire world was closed down due to the Covid-19 “pandemic” that is being revealed as a bio-terrorism attack against humanity by those intent on creating a New World Order. As we will be seeing over the next several months, this attack is the responsibility of the evil entities behind virtually every mass shooting, every war, drug and weapons trafficking, mass relocation of refugees, human trafficking, and thousands of years of human misery.

It will be very difficult for many to accept that our world was nearly taken over by Satanists and their political ideology Marxist Communism while we have been asleep, focusing on our own ambitions, and enslaved by the selfish materialism of consumer culture.


While we have allowed strangers and the corporate media to raise our children after being told our only value lies in a paycheck that is taxed over and over again, leaving our families in poverty.

While we have walked away from the Traditional teachings and wisdom of our Elders and Ancestors, the evil ones have been busy destroying our land, poisoning our food and water, stealing the secrets of the medicine and making it a crime to plant many of Mother Earth’s natural plant medicines!

That time has ended and in accordance with the Prophecies of our Ancestors, we are walking through the transition from the 7th to the 8th Fires.

This page contains information and resources to help you understand what has and is happening. Remember that everything the evil ones brought to our Native Ancestors, they are now doing to the rest of the people.

We must stand together, we must listen to the wisdom of the Original people if we are to survive. A’ho.

This video, “The Virus” is 100% appropriate for this time. By A Tribe Called Red.

This video, “Q-The Plan to Save the World” is by Joe M. a citizen journalist who has become a well-respected leader in the Military Intelligence Operation known as Q. It will help you understand the system that has enslaved humanity and the plans that are underway for the return of our planet to the people.

Another great story of our recent history by Joe M.

The below video shows where we are right now – and it opens with a Native Medicine Man, explaining what has happened to the two-leggeds since we lost our connection with nature and allowed technology to take over our lives.

This is a music video offering a visual depiction of the political corruption in Washington D.C. and a very clear hint of what we should be preparing ourselves and the people in our lives to expect in the coming months. The world will be shocked.

Following are links to QAnon sites and information.

Deborah Franklin:  An Introduction to Q, The American Thinker
The 8Kun QAnon Forum. This is where citizen researchers share intel, documentary evidence, and theories about the military intelligence information operation known as Q.
The Q Patriot Hub.
Q Map & POTUS Tweets.

We will continue to add information as it becomes available.

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