10 Native American Painters, Schools and Styles You Should Know — Sacred  Arts Research FoundationHi everyone! Hope you’re doing well and are getting excited about the freedom movements that are happening in nations around the planet.

Last week, I wrote about this being the time of Eagle and Crow – a period of great transition to truth for the people of earth. When Eagle (truth) and Crow (transition, foolery, illumination, Universal law) fly together, we can expect to see radical changes – and a lot of darkness brought to light.

And that is exactly what we’re seeing around the world.

Canadian Convoy 1 freeedomThe Mandatory health passport is the hill that everyone except the most blind or extreme left will die on, and people around the world have finally begun to awaken to the truth of the bioterror fraud as well as the stolen election in the United States.

As I have been sharing here on the website and on Bird Clan Messenger Rumble and YouTube Channels, Canadian Truckers are the heroes of the world, as they have organized the biggest Convoy protest in human history that stretched across the prairies and the Maritimes to converge on Ottawa.

And this weekend, President Donald Trump rallied the troops and led the charge against the evil, corrupt globalists, their hoax, and their freedom-stripping mandates.

I think it’s very interesting that DJT said “Canadian Truckers are doing more for American freedom than our own leaders.”

Canadian Convoy 1 US TruckersIf you’re an anon, you know there is evidence that the US is now in control of Canada and Australia. We know every word uttered by POTUS 45 is coded and calculated.

So, I’m thinking his comment is a signal that the US Military is also in control of Canada. No doubt in my mind that Canadian Patriots are following him.

What do you think?

If Q has taught us anything, it’s that We The People are in control of the narrative. As DJT says, “there are far more of us than there are of them,” and the narrative changed the moment we realized our collective power. 

We know that the entire mission of DJT’s administration(s) has been to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking and child slavery from humanity, and he, along with the most courageous military personnel on the planet have been working behind the scenes to make this happen since 2017.

Human Trafficking TrumpPeople are finally beginning to awaken and realize the good this man has done for all of us and our children, and to believe in his promise that “the best is yet to come.”

For those of us who’ve been around for awhile, the waiting truly is the hardest part and you can get a little squirrely waiting for something to happen.

A few months ago, I started getting a sense that time was beginning to move in a counterclockwise direction out of the bottom of the V (Crow and Coyote), and backward up into the Eastern quadrant of the mind. I thought it would be a good idea to start doing my readings counter clockwise, but wow – what a mistake that is!

Although I love the idea because it suggests a path from Spirit to Heart to Body to Mind, rather than a mind-first approach to life on planet earth, it really scrambles everything up in terms of integrating the totems with astrology, the prophecies, and other things that are happening in real time now. 

Spiritual WarfareAlso, the extreme left is showing us what happens when we lead with emotion rather than reason, and nobody wants to go down that path. So – I guess, I’ll toss that idea in favor of tradition. 😀

(btw – If you haven’t checked out The Salty Cracker yet, you’re missing out on some of the most biting, hilarious “deplorable” commentary on the culture war.

He’s pretty edgy though, so I’d make sure to listen when the kids aren’t around. Check him out here.) – kk

And, Tradition has shown up in a big way this week, as we have seen the Native Canadian and American Elders gathering the tribes and joining forces with the truckers and people of all races to stand against the tyranny trying to destroy us all.

I’m starting to suspect that some of those Tribal Leaders and Grandmothers used their own wisdom and medicine to protect their people from the Imperialists’ latest attempt at geo and social engineering.

Seems like we were in a holding pattern (retrograde), and now we’re moving back into a stronger, more unified focus into the time of the 8th Fire, New Earth.

Here’s a link to the Anishnaabeg prophecy of the 8th Fire. These messages for humanity were received and written down generations ago. You can see through learning the prophecies how important it is that we change the narrative & our perception to free ourselves and Mother Earth from the path of death.

My sources are all indicating we’re about to start moving forward again. 

This makes sense for me as we leave the Age of Pisces and enter the Age of Aquarius, Pluto is now in Capricorn, and we’re having a New Moon in Aquarius too.

Native American: US Native American Spirit Of The Hawk Dream Catcher 8.5x11  Matte Art Non-Native American CraftsThere are so many huge signs of new beginnings happening in the stars, in messages from the prophets and apostles, and from the people at the grassroots level.

We’re leaving the first month – the month represented by the Eagle totem, who reminds us of the importance of beginning with our spiritual connection, at the beginning of everything: each day, each week, each month, and each year.

And of course, we need to remember to honor the Creator at the beginning of and even during celebrations, ceremonies and other important events.

Hawk represents the second month, and she offers her medicine of laser sharp vision and a change of perspective.

Hawk sits in the yellow quarter of the Medicine Wheel, guarding the Eastern gate of our intellect.

So, when these two powerful totems/archetypes come together in our experience, we begin to understand the world first from a spiritual perspective, and that impacts our perception of reality.

Puzzles for Adults 500 Piece Wooden Large Puzzle Eagle and Native American  Vintage Paintings Jigsaw Puzzle Games 14.9x20.4in, Jigsaw Puzzles - Amazon  CanadaHawk can’t fly as high as Eagle can, so she’s also an important reminder for us to respect our own limitations, and accept our own gifts and interpretations of life as good and true if they are in alignment with the Laws of God.

Prophets and truthtellers – Bird Clan Messengers of all cultures have been sharing information about this time we’re all traveling through together known as the Great Awakening or the time of the 8th Fire.

Those early messengers who were ridiculed, exiled, and attacked are now watching the very truths they foretold come to pass.

And the good news is that after last year’s Mother Bear / Heart Medicine, Healing, and Protection time in the cave . . . 

 . . . this is the year of the Snake, who lives in the South with Crow and  Coyote, Prairie Dog and even Grouse – reminding us of our physical bodies, community, and the importance of gathering for ceremony.

The land dwellers remind that in order to bring about the regeneration of our lives and communities, we can’t forget about our physical health. And, we can’t forget about the creatures and environment either.

It’s time to start picking up those masks!

Lots of us have used the lockdowns as an excuse to “buy more popcorn” as we’ve watched in amazement at the events unfolding around the world. But, the spring is coming and we need to be mindful about what we’re eating and how much; also, exercise is so important after we’ve been cooped up for so long.

In Greek pottery style, the Allegory of the Cave features the shadow of a bird cast on a cave wall while a man watchesSnake pops in to help Eagle and Hawk this week, and as is the plan for the year, she will be reminding people about lessons of shedding the old in order to regenerate new “skin,” even if that means losing the scales from our eyes that have kept us living in the Cave – the land of delusion

The allegory of the cave is a fantastic explanation of what happens when we begin to awaken from the enslavement illusion. The vision of truth that started out as a personal realization completely changed our lives, cast us into exile where we learned to master and respect the wilderness, and formed the basis of what is becoming the new reality.

Our journey of the past several years is showing us very clearly how our perception creates our reality.

The phrase “Perception is reality” has been dancing through my head a lot lately, as we are seeing the change in peoples’ perceptions about our world, our communities, our families, and our own importance leading to a new way of running this place.

I first learned this phrase and lesson long ago, while standing by my desk in New York City. I was an Account Executive and Agency writer for Burson-Marstellar, one of the big name PR global agencies, and one day had a strange experience that I later realized was one of my first mystical moments.

There in the middle of that enormous, busy space with its florescent lighting and hundreds of people jammed into particle board cubicles, I saw the light shift to golden and a booming voice said to me:

Perception is Reality!!!

My body started to vibrate, resonating in truth of that statement (that nobody else could hear).

Even though I had wandered away from my faith and was not particularly philosophical at that point in my life, I knew that message had come from somewhere outside my own consciousness. And it has stayed with me all this time.

Shortly after that message, I received a strong vision of the Rocky Mountains that I thought was Montana, and wound up living in Alberta Canada, home of the Canadian Rockies only three years later.

As I look back on that time, I can see how my perception about myself and my life goals started to shift after that experience. I started to need more out of my writing, to learn depth research, to use my gifts and education to write about more than DuPont Stain-master carpet. I found myself wanting a different way of life than big city professional. 

The Ancestors had given me a wake-up call back to the traditional path that would lead me into graduate school, motherhood, and a wonderful time of full time homemaking – growing and producing our family’s food, raising our sons on a single income. That period was the doorway to something much bigger and much different than the path I was on.

The way I perceived my life and the value of the work I was doing, the life I was living in New York did a 180 into a more traditional path, the way of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Which, I came to learn is much more valuable than a career, a paycheck or a Ph.D.

SeagullMany years later, the subject of Perspective came up again when I was working with my Native healers.

When I was working with the Elders to learn my Spirit Name and Clan, my Ojibwe Medicine Man, James Carpenter asked me which Bird I identified with the most.

At that moment, a hawk caught my eye outside as she soared over the park across the street, circling and keeping a lookout for lunch.

I laughed and said, “that happens a lot,” as Hawks have shown up increasingly for me since I began this walk on the Red Road.

And James said, “you know – Hawks aren’t the nicest birds. They’re predators who rip their prey apart.” 

Well, that little reminder of natural law shocked me a bit, but then he went on:

“Everyone always thinks they’re most an Eagle or a Hawk, those powerful birds. My teacher told me that nobody ever thinks about being one of the unimportant birds like Seagull.” You can read that teaching here. 

So, even though I knew I was called into leadership of some sort, my teacher was reminding me of the need for humility on the path, the importance of remembering the people on every level of society, and the power that we have when we all come together.

I never did identify a particular Clan for myself that goes beyond “Bird Clan” even though I actually could identify with all of the Clans, even the non-bird ones, to some degree.

In the Ojibwe tradition, there are a few different Bird Clans, (Eagle, Loon, Crane).

Pin on Kimberly's Gratitude BoardBut in the Cherokee tradition, the Bird Clan are the messengers – the teachers and growers of plant medicine.

I’m even more comfy with the idea of a Sparrow Clan, as for the Cherokee, the Sparrow is the “Principal Bird,” reminding us of the dignity of the common man and woman. 

Most leaders have either never learned or have forgotten the power of unimportant birds, and instead imagine themselves first to be Eagles or Hawks without understanding the destructive nature of those predatory and powerful totems when they’re wielded without humility or compassion.

Our Elders understand that, in order for us to be good leaders, we first must be one of the “unimportant birds.”

I’d say that’s a good teaching for those of us who have been hanging out with the Pigeons for a long time. We all know deep inside that there are many more good people on Earth than there are bad.

We’re just in the time of realizing who the good (but still misguided) people are, and inviting them to join together with us.

It’s important to remember that even though many people’s awareness of what is going on has changed, their entire perception remains stuck in the old negative paradigm of fear and catastrophe.

These are the ones in the chat rooms who refuse to honor other people’s faith traditions, the ones who scream “the sky is falling!!!” with every little bump in the road.  They infest groups with their negative energy and judgement while claiming to be working for light and truth.

But, those who are truly walking the Spiritual path are now easily able to discern the truth that the marathon is ending and will come much sooner if we all keep our eyes on the victory, rather than stopping and sobbing over every little problem. 

Universal Law shows us again and again that we receive what we focus on. If we focus on abundance and believe in a positive outcome, then that’s what we will experience. 

Eagle and Hawk together show us how important it is to focus on the truth we want to bring forth.

That’s what the people who want Freedom in countries around the world are doing. We’ve set our sites on Freedom, the end to all tyranny, and the removal of the criminals from our systems and societies. We will not back down until that happens.

Canadian Convoy 1 Thank a truckerThe Canadian truckers and their supporters aren’t leaving until the corrupt Communist Justin Castro government either rescinds all mandates or resigns, and there are already calls in Parliament for a no confidence vote as Canadian politicians have begun finding their courage all the sudden.

What this all means is that it is a good idea to stock up on food and essential items, but make sure you don’t get greedy.

Keep an eye on the stores in your area and let people know what’s happening with the distribution system.

This experience of changing the narrative from the globalist Great Reset to the peoples’ Great Awakening is both isolating and empowering. There are great opportunities for us to find one another and join forces on behalf of the revolution and the New Earth.

To that end, if you’re in Toronto and would like to talk with me about helping to create content and build the Bird Clan Messenger network and membership community on a commission basis, contact me here. 

There are going to be fantastic opportunities for all of us in the months ahead, so stay focused and believe in the mission you know you came here to do.

In the meantime, stay in prayer for humanity – for those who are losing loved ones to this terrible war, for those fighting for our freedom, and for the handful of true leaders of the people that we have left.

Remember: We create our reality through the way we choose to perceive our circumstances and every situation we’re in.

If we’re unhappy, then we must do the hard work to slough off the old habits and begin new, healthier ways of being. Focusing on the best outcome while staying in balance through our days will lead us to success.

It is my honor to be your messenger.

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