Melissa Teague is a spiritual warrior, teacher and writer whose primary focus is animal rescue. Wise Woman Rising is honored to share Melissa’s recent teaching about the importance of our emotions.  Chi Miigwetch — Editor 

“Emotions are energy, as is everything. All measurable by science today.” — Melissa Teague

Every emotion carries with it a specific, identifiable frequency. Feelings and emotions trigger the body to release tiny neuropeptides which are critical for the metabolic functioning, including the release of hormones in the body.

When we feel positive emotions like joy, excitement, love, and true gratitude, our body releases an endorphin like chemical called oxytocin which makes us feel happy and fulfilled.

Negative emotions do not cause an immediate dump of hormones, but the prolonged presence of these negative emotions, which are usually buried in the subconscious mind, will cause havoc to ensue within the body’s communications systems & hormonal flow.

As our emotions and feelings change, the mixture of peptides travels all throughout the body & brain, changing the chemistry of every cell in the body. This causes physiological changes within the body for the worse or the better,depending on whether there are more stress hormones or oxytocin chemicals released.


Without our realizing it, “frozen” unconscious emotions like anger, fear, hatred, humiliation, unworthiness, greed, lust, cowardice, sadness, grief, and deep pain are what usually rule us until we do the deep work of emotional healing and spiritual recovery.

Most of us “manage” these emotions by avoiding them at first, neither feeling or acknowledging them. But, when these emotions are not fully felt at the time they are first experienced, then we usually form unconscious habits surrounding them.

Unacknowledged and unhealed, stagnant emotions also cause blockages that keep our energy from moving as it should, and this causes disease and health issues in the areas where the energy flow is being obstructed.

The body is nothing more than an amalgamation or combination of energies vibrating at a certain velocity. The earth and universe is made up of oscillating, moving and swirling energies and so are we. It is unnatural for energy not to be in constant movement and flow.

Ancient texts speak of unfelt emotions being stored in the body’s energetic field, which is a field or body of energy that surrounds the physical body and can be measured by science.

When we come in contact with someone who triggers these deeply held, mostly unfelt emotions like unworthiness, guilt, pain or shame it usually means they are triggering a memory of that same deeply painful feeling or emotion held in the subconscious. We all have had people do this to us, and we usually do not understand why we feel a certain negative way towards these people.


EFT Healer Christine Hunt explores current teachings on energy and healing in her article, “How Your Thoughts and Emotions Can Make You Sick.”


If we take the time to examine the feelings and emotions that these conflicts bring to the surface for us, and remember where those emotions first began within us, we can clear the blockages caused by the stagnated negative energy. Doing so eventually creates a more peaceful state of being, as the subconscious mind stops rehashing the stored emotions, and creates new habits and ways of being.

By being more self aware and conscious of our emotions, we can literally alter the physiology of our bodies. This is the essence of healing.

We need to examine and take an honest look at our beliefs, why we have them and spend some time reflecting on old painful experiences to get a clear understanding of the emotions and habits they’ve led us to create for ourselves.

Being aware of the answers is healing in and of itself, it just takes the courage to look inside ourselves and become more self aware.

March 13, 2018

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