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Hummingbird Medicine – The Cure for Apathy

And for many people, there is great danger at this time of becoming lazy and apathetic. We are seeing the restrictions by powerful entities and feel helpless to do anything about it. Our jobs and businesses are closed and we’re feeling scared about the future. Cut off from hope and our sense of self reliance. This is the point at which we need hummingbird medicine.

Grandmother Bear Medicine – Reclaiming the Vision, Rekindling the Fire After a Setback

A couple of weeks ago, I lost my entire Facebook world of more than 10K people, including our Bird Clan Messenger page because of my work in revealing truth about what is happening in our world. I would be so grateful if you all would share my articles and upcoming videos on your social media pages and in your groups to help rebuild this growing community. I need my Bird Clan messengers now more than ever.

Cloud Spencer Eaglebear – The Call of the Red Road

For all aspects of creation are one. Were we are beginning to see and understand more of that sacred universal language that cannot be hidden from those who chose to walk upright and lean in closely to humility... Those who fell to the Earth our MOTHER and ask to be filled with courage, just to have enough strength to LOVE, more then you have ever done before.