This was a great surprise and perfect timing! If you missed it, check out the podcast (link below). If you’d like to see the video clips and memes, I’ve listed Bird Clan Messenger’s video channels below.

This weekโ€™s show includes a look back at the Canadian Convoy in February where I believe the 8th Fire that has been prophesied about was lit for the world, along with a rowdy look at the dirty Royals, lots of comments from MAGA King, DJT, videos, clips, and some great Memetastic medicine showing the hypocrisy of the elite left at Marthaโ€™s Vineyard.

Includes โ€œPromontory โ€“ Last of the Mohicans,โ€ Dougie MacClean, โ€œHold On, Hold On,โ€ Neko Case, โ€œFire and Ice,โ€ Jesse Villa, โ€œWolves,โ€ Sam Tinnesz, โ€œSheโ€™s so Highโ€ (Pelosi Parody), Stephen Crowder, โ€œThat Smell,โ€ Lynryd Skynyrd, โ€œGhetto Gospel,โ€ 2Pac & Elton John, โ€œMoney for Nothingโ€ Dire Strats, โ€œOne Day,โ€ Matthew Paul Miller.

Thanks to Scotty Mar 10, the Salty Army, and Patriots everywhere for the fantastic clips, pics, memes, and video content.

Videos at:

Bird Clan Messenger BitChute
Bird Clan Messenger Rumble
Bird Clan Messenger Brighteon

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