Greetings from behind the Canadian Iron Curtain where the fake PM is still in hiding and issuing threats against the people of Canada. The good news is that we’re moving into the final phase of this grueling process – that of revelation and consequence.

DurhamIf you’re paying attention to DJT’s intentional “error” in naming the prosecutor who has just started the Obama/Clinton indictment party, you know his reference to “Robert” Durham instead of John was a tip toward this post.

Looks like we’re crossing the Delaware. Where’s the resident? 

John Durham has started indicting the Clinton campaign operatives who not only spied on Candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, but on the White House and President of the United States. That’s treason.

It’s game over for the deep state who have been terrorizing us for years, and have been trying to steal our country since President Kennedy was assassinated.

For the last few years, truth-tellers have been screaming that Hillary Clinton and her mafia tried to take over the United States of America through a coup in 2016.

This coup lasted through the entire Presidency of Donald Trump with the Russia hoax, two impeachment attempts and the Covid bio terror attack on the world, and continues to this day as we are seeing the jaw-dropping results of the Biden regime’s first year in power. There can be no doubt – even to the most blind and brainwashed – that the 46th administration is illegitimate and is working to take down our nation.

Screenshot (27)We are seeing the same scenario being played out in Canada as the bastard son of Fidel Castro and the elite class whore Maggie Trudeau is earning his millions destroying every aspect of Canadian life and culture.

The people here are finally waking up and the potato’s numbers have plummeted to below 20% as he continues to show the world that he’s a lying fascist, and a psychopath who would rather destroy millions of lives and an entire country than face justice for crimes against humanity.

Most American Patriots know the history and truth about this rolling coup against Western (White) nations, but others are just getting to the party.

In Canada, I have folks who were calling me a crazy person only a few months ago, now asking me questions about the Q drops  – which are coming into alignment with the present every day. Future proves past.

What we’re going to see unfold in the United States, the revelations of treason and the indictments of countless political operatives and “journalists,” is going to be playing out in Canada and other nations too.

We are going to see the heat being turned up and are still receiving warnings about a possible communications blackout. They will do anything to keep the truth from coming out, so make sure your contacts are up to date and that you’re stocked up.

TheoTrudeau (who is now in hiding and trying to invoke the War Powers Act) is involved in the Russia collusion coup attempt as well as at least one assassination attempt of Trump.

He is actively involved with the fake Biden regime in overthrowing the US Government and that is an act of war. He also worked with Clinton and Obama in allowing 20% of America’s uranium to be sold to Russia (on its way to Iran) via transporting it through Canada on its way to our enemies.

Of course the military and truckers know this.

Justine is involved in human trafficking as evidenced by the pedophilia symbol on his family foundation, and his entire frat house admin’s connections to NXIVM.

No wonder he hates truckers who are striking so much. They’re cutting off their supply of children. 

He has declared war against the United States and was caught. The ramifications for Canada are going to be historical.

Trudeau is also a Manchurian candidate. An unelected tool inserted through election fraud and corruption whose only job is to destroy Canada via orders from Klaus Schwabb.

Human Trafficking TrumpTrump is standing in his way, and the revelations about the Clinton campaign’s treason are coming out now with the Durham indictments beginning.

Trudeau knows his days are numbered and that’s why he’s trying to escalate the trucker thing – to distract from the absolute shit storm that’s about to hit him between the eyes.

Screenshot (26)Here’s a huge collection of videos, clips, and pics of the Canadian Truckers for Freedom protest that has sparked Convoys around the world.  Thank you to all the Patriots for so generously sharing content.

**I’ve attached one of my previous Memetastic Medicine Shows as well as a Kappy (Jackets and Brackets) that are very timely right now – but contain graphic and disturbing content. – kk

Canada’s Polite Revolution ft New Radicals, Kim Clement, Muse, Pastor Artur, Kappy, Robert Cray

Help Free Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who is being held in solitary confinement by Trudeau’s Communist government for preaching the Gospel and testifying about life in a Communist nation. Please help if you can –>>



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