Lynx Manitou Spirit

TORONTO – What’s in a name? What lies beneath the veneer being presented to us at this time? These are the questions that the big cat Lynx is asking us to think about. The most important aspect of knowing why we’re here is knowing our own identity and that requires knowing the meaning of our names and the power of words. 

For decades, the Spirit-led have been teaching that humanity and planet Earth are ascending into higher dimensions – ushering in a new era based in love, compassion, sharing, and peace. Many of us who have been doing this work for a long time are observing as people around the world are coming together to discuss new ideas and systems to help build the new earth. Bird Clan Messenger offers messages and teachings about this time on YouTube and other platforms, and we are in the process of building a subscriber community on Patreon along with many other great projects.



The leaders who have come to plant the seeds are seeing some fantastic ideas and incredible people on the ground, walking their walk and figuring out which direction they’re going to go next.  And while this is exciting and inspiring, it is also dangerous for people who are young, naïve, and vulnerable in any way.

So, Lynx is offering up this time for us to look at the important secrets and truths that lie in our names and in our process of recovering them.

There are many people who are finding their way to the Medicine People and Healers of the Indigenous people of Turtle Island. Many millions are discovering and reconnecting with their Ancestors who were the original people of this land.

This was my experience several years ago and I have come to learn that when we are just beginning to walk into our Indigenous cultural heritage, our worlds will turn upside down and we will most likely be required to walk alone for awhile.

Lynx Woman 2Part of the process of connecting with our Native roots is the tradition of learning our Spirit Names.

Our healers, visionaries and Medicine People who are here to serve the people and offer their gifts to the human community in faith and service are able to connect with the Spirit world and interpret the signs and symbols, the colours and energy around people as they themselves show and tell their names.

Crow In The World
Crow’s child-like joy in the things of life considered “small” by popular culture appears as mental illness by those who aren’t awake.

I was actually shocked to learn my spirit name (Sits with Crows Woman) because I was hoping for something “cute” or “glamourous.” Sits With Crows is definitely not a cute or glamourous name – until you dig deep and begin to learn the truth about Crows.

As I learned about my powerful totem Crow and her medicine and began to understand how perfectly my Ojibwe Medicine Man had heard my spirit at that time, I realized that it was the perfect name for me at that point in my journey. The name that expressed the essence of who I was.

During that time, I also learned that people who are on the healing path are particularly vulnerable to being misled or taken advantage of by unscrupulous people or false prophets because they are often leaving behind an old way of being and searching for like-minded souls to start their next chapter with.

What happens sometimes is that people will allow themselves to be led by fear which creates an excessive need for validation from others that the world likes to call “peer support.”

We see this in the Marxist-indoctrinated culture in leftist cities and even in the street community. When we place our need for external validation over our need for truth and healing, we will always be stuck in our ability to heal, grow, and be of service.

Those who have chosen the high Spirit Trail will learn that this need will cause repeated lessons, stumbles, and heartbreaks because we are here to heal and learn and grow, and we cannot do that without first loving, giving to and focusing on our selves and our own needs and dreams.

This is balm for the bleeding key.

The way we answer this one tough question determines whether we will climb those stairs out of the basement and get back to doing the hard work of daily life on the Spirit Trail or remain sitting in the dark, surrounded by the blood and bones of what could have been if only we had been brave enough to seek our own truth and believe in our own purpose.

It was through this process of Spiritual Awakening and the complete shift in my cultural worldview that I heard the Ancestors whispering the second part of my name which is “Dances with Hawks.”

HawkAndCrowAnd it was upon accepting this second part of my name – this additional aspect of myself as not only a bringer of dark truths that lead to transformation, but as a messenger of the 8th Fire Great Awakening – that I came to understand myself as a soul who has not been to this planet before, but came to help wake people up and start the New Earth projects for the future generations.

Accepting this beautiful gift of the name, the medicine of Hawk – the keeper of the Eastern gate – brought enormous lessons that were different from Crow’s lessons.

For Nature herself teaches us that we must learn every aspect of the totems, the creatures who have given us the gift of their names.

Where Crow is a messenger of transformation, a trickster who forces us to change the way we see thing and do things, Hawk is a high-flying observer. The fierce mother who will protect her nest and her babies with every ounce of insight and ferocity she has. But this means going through some tough challenges in order to learn wisdom and perspective.

Eagle on TruthSo, for folks who are carrying tobacco and asking Creator and the Ancestors to whisper their spirit name, I would caution you to be aware of the totems and signs you’re drawn to. For the creature offering you its name will surprise you with the lessons you must learn in order to carry that name in truth and authenticity.

If you are haughty and assume your name is something grand and powerful, you will have quite a path laid out before you. Creator never gives us enormous responsibility until we have proven we’re capable. So, if you believe you’re named after a powerful creature without having experienced suffering and many crises, and discovered your  own authentic healer and speaker of goodness and truth, then you should be prepared for lessons that will either make you or break you.

There is a very good reason that the most powerful medicine men like Grandfather Frank Fool’s Crow have names that aren’t trendy or hip, and really don’t seem all that big a deal to people who don’t know the medicine.

Some people who come to the Red Road will name themselves “Eagle Woman” “Buffalo Man” or another mighty and sacred name. Often this is done without a true understanding of what it means to represent the Eagle or the Buffalo – the messenger of the Great Spirit and the mighty Grandfather of sacrifice and survival. And walking this path always begins with a great smack-down so we will learn to be humble and kind.

Those who are using the powerful names or assuming the role of spiritual leaders – or even claiming to be Tribal leaders or Elders – without truly walking the sacred path of the Eagle and Buffalo will meet many obstacles and challenges that will either inspire them to live up to their truth or continue walking as phonies. Many people want the power and status of leadership without being accountable to the Great Spirit, the Ancestors or the people.

So, as we can see – we must know ourselves first before going out and trying to connect with others. Because if we don’t truly know who we are, then we will continue to run into people who demand more of us than we give to ourselves.

FB_IMG_1556966027443All great spiritual masters have taught that the most important rule we follow during our time on Earth is to  “love the Great Spirit, the Creator with all our heart and all our soul and all our mind – and love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Notice how loving our neighbor comes AFTER loving the Holy One and ourselves. Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and all his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you (hallelujah) isn’t just a cute church song. It is literal instruction for walking on this planet.

When we seek the face of the Creator (connect with the Great Spirit) before anything else – whether making a big decision, starting a business, going on a date or just starting our day – we are demonstrating to ourselves and to the universe that we’re walking a Spirit-led life rather than just blindly flailing around in the fear of the moment or following the crowd.

This is such an important lesson to discern at this time because the way the evil ones are operating is through manipulating people into believing we are responsible for the health and well-being of complete strangers and that we must put the supposed “safety and security” of other people above our own needs, our right to breathe, and even our own right to sovereignty over our own physical bodies.

Vax gooderAt every level of human society, we see people being forced to make the choice between staying on the dark path of hierarchies (both implied and visible), between what is legal and what is just, between what is truth and what is fraud. When the prophets told us that ALL will be revealed at this time, they were not joking around.

This process is hitting every one of us at every level of human consciousness. The battle for the narrative of this planet continues to rage and is truly at a boiling point. The ancient cults that have controlled the people of Earth – along with all their slave-based spin-offs and ideologies – are gasping their last gasps.

People are beginning to understand that being expected to declare allegiance to any philosophy, organization, religious group, political party, government, business or any other person without knowing their true background and intent is manipulative and forms the basis of cult beliefs and behaviors.

So – the best thing for imperfect truth-tellers who are Heeding the Call and starting to build their business and communities – is to be very clear about your past and the experiences that brought you to this point. Confess your mistakes (acknowledge them) and repent (learn from those errors and change your attitudes and behaviors), and you will be prepared to face any slings and arrows the dark may decide to throw at you.

It is only through going through the darkness, sorting the rotten fruit from the edible and harvesting those seeds that we emerge to sit with the Grandmothers who remind us that it takes a lot of TIME to process a transformational experience.

Grandmother Spider shows us the character and tools we need to bring back our sun (inspiration) to move from being tangled in a web of fate into the place where we become the weavers, the planters or our own destiny.

Millions are awakening to the Truth that we earthlings are undergoing the Ascension described in prophetic writings like those in the Biblical book of Revelation and in the prophecies of Indigenous Shamans, Medicine People, Healers, and Teachers.

But, instead of people being lifted off the ground and bodily taken into heaven, we’re experiencing a mass awakening of people around the world. A rising of consciousness that has the power to change our natures, our beliefs and practices into a new way of being.

2 steps - Urban Cowboy YouTube Capture discover-urban cowboy GIFDigging for truth during the most prophetic transition in human history is often like doing the Two-Step – Start on your right foot – step, ball-change, step, ball-change, shift left one step. . .repeat in a circle as long as the music plays or until you get tired or bored or find someone else you’d rather dance with until the party’s over . . .

This is the Circle of Life, and when we are walking the narrow path that we here on Turtle Island know as the Sacred Red Road, we learn from our past and know how to explore beneath the surface of a person or thing presented to us.

Often, on the surface, things seem to be “fine” but what we see as fine is only the top of a huge iceberg built on evil, deceit, slavery and human trafficking.

insanityOne of the clearest ways we see this is through “celebrities” like Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, and Jennifer Anniston using their platforms to attack the police and the people’s Constitutional rights while being surrounded and protected by law enforcement whenever they go out in public and living in gated communities.

These frauds cash in on their “persona” through manipulating the “social justice” crowd (who don’t do their research) to buy their products and spread their Marxist ideology to support a system literally based on child slavery and human trafficking.

As individual and collective consciousness is elevated, we begin experiencing life in a different way. As our vibrations rise, they are more easily matched to those that exist in higher, more loving and peaceful dimensions.

As we connect with the love and peace in these higher dimensions – which most of us have misunderstood to be “heaven” – we open ourselves to spiritual surrender, healing, expanded comprehension of mysteries, and much more compassion for ourselves, other people, our animal and bird relatives, and our Mother Earth. The website, “From the Stars” has a great explanation of Fourth Dimensional experience. Check it out here.

Crow and BuffaloSpiritual leaders and healers have taught about this elevation in consciousness in the language of their own times and places. Jesus of Nazareth taught that there were “many rooms” in his father’s house (the universe). And for those of us who have chosen to come during this sacred time of transformation, there will be time in the wilderness, wandering through the dark, and decisions to be made.

If you’re here to start a New Earth community, the Ancestors remind you that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

People who want to be a part of the GESARA economy, who are truth-tellers and public figures starting authentic charities and working in service must be particularly careful of the marketplace right now.

Many old paradigm businesses are dying, the banking system is changing and it is a very good time to invest in physical silver and other metals. Stay away from bitcoin and any scam that demands you pay money for no return. Remember the internet is a dark and dangerous place. NEVER give your personal information to people you don’t know. Here are a few more tips for Wayshowers and Lightworkers who are walking a clean path and want to be respected for their New Earth work:

If you’re approached to join any church, group, or organization – particularly through Social Media – it’s worth looking out for these red flags that indicate a pyramid scheme or cult:

  • Before you can join, they ask you to pay an upfront ‘gift’, ‘fee’ or ‘investment’ by bank transfer

  • They require you to give personal, legal information like your drivers’ license number

  • They ask you to recruit more and more people to join as well, and encourage you to sign up your friends and family

  • They say you could make lots of money, really quickly

  • They ask you to exalt their leaders in word and deed, and place their needs ahead of your own and those of your own family.

Remember the old saying: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This includes Nigerian princes and Illuminati sales reps that are still making the rounds these days. People will tell you who they are and they will also show you. Believe actions over words.

Cherokee Clan MotherMany of the people who are swept up in the concept of circular fundraising groups are beautiful and good souls with powerful visions they’re just trying to find resources for.

Unfortunately, the structure of most of these groups rely on innocent people who are vulnerable and often isolated. And they are operated at the top by people that nobody on the ground even knows.

This is the patriarchal paradigm that we are moving away from as we move into the 4th dimensional structure based on service to others rather than service to self.

Also unfortunately, the statistics for a return on your investment aren’t good at all for the circular money-raising plan. It would be a much better to put your money and all the TIME you spend into buying silver, developing your business, or caring for your family and home.

No authentic healer or spiritual group will require you to pay a huge sum of money (in the middle of a global financial crisis) in order to join. No legitimate fundraising program will demand secrecy and operate in violation of tax laws. If you have plans to serve humanity through an authentic charity, you are going to have to do the groundwork and put in the effort every day to find funding and resources legally. What kind of message would we send if we started our New Earth projects through fraud and deception?

K Keithley, 3D Medicine Wheel 4 June 13 2018Lynx – the keeper of secrets – reminds us to be cautious and use our intuition, particularly when we are dealing with other people whose medicine we are not quite sure of, when our intuition is firing warning shots. 

Many people who claim to be spiritual leaders are still walking in darkness and serving the material world, rather than respecting the laws of the Universe. Universal law is no respecter of persons and it is a great truth that we are known by our fruit. Are we in alignment with what is sacred and holy, or are we using our power to manipulate and mislead others?

When we encounter these lessons we are always faced with tough decisions.

For being true to the Creator, the Ancestors and ourselves and families will require us to walk away from people who aren’t in alignment with our values – and sometimes that means we have to leave behind people we have grown to know and love.

Everyone is one their own journey.

But, never fear. For the truth of the ages shows us that the more clear we are about our identity and purpose for being here (all spelled out in our names), we become magnets for those who are walking the same path, who share the same vision and want the same future for their children, their families, and their communities.

The secret. The key. The Truth about who we are and why we’re here always begins by knowing our name – and learning to walk out the lessons embedded in each syllable. 

Know yourself. Be true to yourself. Seek the Creator, learn and practice the ways of the Ancestors and all will truly be well for you and your descendants.

It is my honour to be hour messenger.

Chi Miigwetch.

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