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Here is the extended Medicine Wheel Reading video for this week’s Totems – Black Panther, Eagle, Grouse, Raven, Wolf, Owl, Buffalo and Swan Medicine. I’d love it if you’d follow and share.

Black Panther forces the darkest secrets out into the open. At this time, we are seeing the revelations of the deceit and evil behind the global bioterror event and the attempted coup in the US. Black Panther Medicine gives us the ability to see into the darkest of crevices, to find the hidden truths of our missions and our worth, and to help us overcome our fears of surrendering to the unknown and trust in the process of life that we are a part of.

Other totems in this reading are:

  • Eagle (East, Yellow Quadrant, Mind,)
  • Grouse Raven & Wolf (South, Red Quadrant, Physical Body)
  • Owl (West, Black Quadrant, Heart/Emotion)
  • Buffalo (North, White Quadrant, Spirit)
  • Swan (Sky, Divine Consciousness)

Bird Clan Messenger teaches about the 8thFire and Great Awakening events, personal spiritual awakening, and offers lessons and stories of our Indigenous Ancestors, as well as traditional wisdom and medicine from the Elders of many cultures. Chi Miigwetch for joining me.

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