By Melissa Teague

Beginning last year we entered into a time of great change. For each of us individually, and as a collective of nations and people, these changes will vary greatly. Many of these changes will happen suddenly without warning or could take a year or more to complete.

The biggest changes for us as a collective or collectives of nations, tribes etc., will be in the following:

🌟FINANCIAL MARKET (Cashless society?, universal income? Values of currencies?etc)

🌟FOOD/RESOURCES/AGRICULTURE/PERMACULTURE (new shipping for food, where it is resourced from, healthier foods etc)

🌟VALUES, MORALS, SELF WORTH (what we. will no longer allow in govt, relationships, with friends and how we see ourselves etc)

🌟EARTH-LAND/WATER/WEATHER (volcanoes, quakes, storms, borders, etc)

(Healthier eating, living, body shaping, natural medicines)

🌟INVENTIONS/DISCOVERIES. (new or once thought extinct species found, new planets, scientific, health and beauty inventions etc)


These major changes will continue until 2026 as Uranus shifted into a new sign last year and will stay in the sign of Taurus until 2026.

Uranus is known as “The Great Enlightener” and is all about EVOLUTION and REVOLUTION, GREAT AND LONG LASTING CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1934-1942. It was the time of The Great Depression, WW2, when Social Security was established etc.

Last year when Uranus moved into Taurus major issues happened with North Korea, Brexit, US/China trade, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and 80,000 fires were set across the Amazon, Africa and California. The impeachment process was started for President Trump and we also watched the major protests in Hong Kong.

AQUARIUSExpect more long lasting and enduring change! I believe many will reach Enlightenment and much higher levels of spirituality and we will see a whole list of psychic abilities become way more powerful and known than ever before in history.

More kids will begin talking about their past lives with great details and their unique personalities and special abilities will become some of the most treasured things in our society.

We are truly about to make massive leaps and bounds in evolution, science, technology, health and what is for the greater good of all.


Melissa Teague is a Spiritual messenger and teacher, a psychic who uses Tarot as one of her major teaching and healing tools, and an animal rescue hero living in the United States.

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We are deeply grateful for Melissa’s contributions to Bird Clan Messenger and to all of humanity. A’ho. – #BirdClanMessenger 

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