By Jean-Paul Baptiste

What has been afforded to me is wisdom. To see what is underlying within me and within others is not what we think nor fantasized. After all we see through distortion and call it something else. We are going to see what we are, these feelings of our past… This is very deep. We cannot bypass it any longer…time is running out.

mukwa1What we have learned:

  • Everything is a mirror
  • Our wounds dictate our behaviors
  • The pain and suffering is the matrix
  • Sitting through our feelings and letting our bodies feel is what heals us…on many levels
  • Asking for help from our guides, team, ancestors even the creator is best when we forgive ourselves
  • Emotions (Energy in motion) what we trapped in matter and what is needed is for these expressions to be released at all times. Allowing yourself to feel…be it anger, sadness… Hate…all of it…helps so much.- To know how we deny our souls over and over again? And to actually do something about it is mastery.
  • To know you’re connected to the land and to observe how she moves in these times is very subtle but our love is growing each and every day.
  • Candle work, breathing techniques, the sunlight, Mother Nature, basic exercise and Yoga are your tools…but tuning in and observing yourself as you interact in the moment is your best tool.
  • 0 to 7 years is where one looks first… From here…that’s all one really needs to heal themselves. Hence why after ignoring your inner child all your life and your spiritual body is that of a child… Irresponsible and anger that you ignored your soul all of your life. It is not a realization that is nice when you reveal it and it keeps on coming.
  • Dreaming is a tool and yet it’s our best or worst one. Here the expression that is evil lays before us as our hidden habits/beliefs follow us to that great mirror which is us…manifested within our universe. It is a door which must be open and closed… And why we need to be neutral.

Cloud Spencer Eagle Bear Spirit Dance CreatorI have been seeing huge waves of light, mass amounts of Awakening which trickles in distortion within the collective groups and quantum soup in general.

Great strides have been witnessed and great ignorance as well.

Please take this time to reset as you speak out loud to your team…ask for clarity. Know your thoughts, actions and feelings are worthy just like you.

I send love and prayers so your heart opens a little more each day.

If you’re going through some stuff, please reach out…to whomever.

Deep down, we all have this wisdom, we all know everything and everyone…we all have gifts. It is our soul that is doing this… It is showing us what is love and what love is not.

Many blessings ❤️

Jean Paul Baptiste is a Cree healer, teacher and storyteller who works in the dreamworld and has been given the gift of reading people’s hearts and energy. He lives in Edmonton Alberta.

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