By Cloud Spencer Eaglebear

It is the spiritual path that calls out to us from the darkness, to be the sacred light to feed a starving soul. When was the day you stopped singing, dancing and banging the drum…?

If you can’t remember, never mind, but that was the very day you began to become sick and lost from the eye of the sacred.

Medicine ManWe will heal YOU so you may sing again , we will show you the way so you may dance again, we will fix you so you may play the heartbeat that is sacred to all ears so they may hear again where one must go to be apart of the road that is Sacred and Red.

It is our MOTHER EARTH who has forgiven us and allowed us to trespass on sacred grounds, to fulfill the calling of the Ancients who see us clearly from across the galaxy of stars that shine perfectly in the darkness where the wisdom we all search for resides.

It is the ARCHITECT OF UNIVERSE, BLUE PRINT MAKER OF LIFE, who summons us to be HOLLOW BONES and pay close attention to the structure of the orchestra that plays a note that gathers a frequency heard from the depths of the shadows where the unseen spirits perform a ritual that was written in glyphs that are Holy and to be read not by the naked eye for it would take eons to read and decipher.

Grandfather Bear

It is the being who knows true weakness and strength that is humble enough to fulfill the prophecy of the old, to give all that they have to sacrifice to bring balance back to all who seek wisdom from the aide of knowledge, to put those who are ready on that solemn road to be HOLLOW BONES and whisk away the storms and speak life back into all that was forgotten.

So we may be the flowering tree of the living center that promotes all healing for those who seek the path to be one with The UNIVERSE and guide all back like a tuning fork that is only heard by the ears who listen to the call of the Ancients.

Spiritual Path Cloud Spencer EaglebearFor this realm is a dimension for those who walked side by side of shame and found that the taste was too bitter to continue to follow, so now they seek the voice that can only be heard by those who chose the path less taken.

Where it continues toward the opening of that dimensional door , that will carry you earnestly , on that spiritual path.

These are my thoughts…. walk in beauty…..A’HO

Cloud Spencer Eaglebear is a Choctaw Healer and Teacher from the White Elk Clan, Traditional Ojibway, Eagle Clan & Osage Bear Clan who has learned traditional teachings from The Elders in his own family Clans, and is honored to have also learned from the Lakota Elders.

Buffalo Love

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