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Grandfather Joseph White Eagle: Dance the Sacred Circle with Love

"We cannot take from Mother Earth without giving back, we cannot have peace if we cause division between ourselves. There can be no love if we see only with our eyes and not feel with our heart, we cannot honor and respect the sacred that is all around us if we do not have honor and respect for the sacred within us." - Joseph White Eagle

Cloud Spencer Eaglebear: The Antidote is in The Poison

"Within the catacombs of many dimensions, the song of the Whippoorwill still catches the attention of the morning GRANDFATHER SUN rise. For we must understand that in order to withstand all that comes with great detail, and when we truly learn what it means to be still In order for us to receive the antidote, that is "always..." hidden in the poison..." ~ Cloud Spencer Eaglebear

Thunderbird Medicine: Changing Our Perception of Sickness and Healing

Being different is a key lesson for this great time of transformation - and it is the foundation for understanding the difference between sickness as "disease" and sickness as an opportunity to grow and change. So many children are coming to earth now with incredible gifts, talents, and abilities. But, because these gifts are so powerful and they are very courageous in wanting to share them, these kids are often seen as - first, "troublemakers," then as sick children who need big-pharma medication to "function" in society.