This has been one of the most exciting weeks that many of us can remember. The awakening and mass organization and action of Canadian truckers is proving to be a game changer, with millions of people across the country and around the world – of all cultures, races, ages, and backgrounds – coming together to support the Truckers for Freedom Movement.

What started out as an idea from the west, shortly morphed into a nationwide movement with people lining up on bridges and overpasses to watch the convoy and cheer the heroic truckers as they drove through their towns.

People gathered together to organize and pack food, water and other provisions for the truckers. Restaurants started opening up and serving the truckers for free. Tim Hortons is supporting the movement. 

Strong leaders of the truth movement, including Theo Fleury, Jordan Peterson, Max Bernier, Randy Hillier are finally being joined by a growing number of politicians who are standing together to support the truckers, who are truly the natural choice for the leaders of the people, the heroes of  class and biological warfare. These guys are modern day knights.

Here is a memetastic medicine show that includes clips, pics, and content from Patriots around the world as well as some great Canadian music by our national treasures, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Great Big Sea. 

Hope you like it! – kk

p.s. I’ve been banned from Facebook for a month because of an article I shared in December about members of Congress being caught taking Ivermectin while refusing to take the vaccine they’re pushing on their employers (Constiuents). 

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