By Kandace Keithley, Bird Clan Messenger

The Ancestors are telling all of us to strengthen our Spiritual connections, clean up our houses and our bodily temples and spend more time healing ourselves.

As we have been told repeatedly, this is a time of great chaos and transformation for the people of Mother Earth, and there are many people who are awakening. We must remember to be kind and patient with them – as we would have liked to have experienced during our own awakenings.

The best way to ensure we walk in love, peace, and compassion is to focus first on our Spiritual discipline – which requires daily exercise. Many times each day during dark and frightening times like this.

The Spiritual path requires daily discipline because those who are drawn to it are more sensitive and open to attacks by negative energy.

It is very important for us to keep our vibrations high (keep a happy heart), pray to the Great Spirit, honour our Ancestors and invite our Spiritual guides and Angels in to help us.

The People - Sky FamilyBecause the closer we walk with Spirit – close to the veil – the more vulnerable we are to Spiritual attack by the dark complexes in our souls (that we have chosen for this journey in the name of our evolution). Our dark complexes are expressed through the outward circumstances of our lives, our difficult relationships, the chaos in areas that we’re avoiding like money or homemaking.

And we are more vulnerable to attacks outside ourselves: absorbing the energy and thought forms of others, particularly when they are ill with addictions (no matter the substance and form).

We need to remember that just because we have leveled up Spiritually, that doesn’t mean we can rest or slack off our practice. Spiritual discipline is like exercise – if we don’t do the work, we become weak and stagnant. We don’t look after ourselves, we focus on the negative and get angry with others – and we eat crappy food. These are the effects of leftist/communist indoctrination on our people, which was intentionally created to sicken and demoralize the people of this planet.

sponge bob crappy food

Sometimes, it’s good to take a break from the cares and responsibilities of the world – especially at this crazy time.

Time to detach from the war (and make no mistake, we’re very much at war with powerful forces of darkness) . . .

And reconnect with the Great Spirit.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


Bird Clan Messenger 

It is my honour to receive and share these teachings from my guides and the Ancestors. These are messages received and written to the best of my understanding. If I have made mistakes, I would be grateful for your input. If these messages don’t resonate with you, that’s okay. I wish you well. And if these messages do resonate with you  – welcome to the family.

— kandace keithley, namadaki aandeg miimiiwe gekek kwe  ~ Tsa-La-Gi

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