Mountain Lion’s MEME-Tastic(!) Medicine Show

The Big Cats are running the show lately and Mountain Lion is sitting up high, observing the total chaos, delusion, awakenings and rebirths going on all around the world. We are living in a sacred time of great prophecy, a time of ascending consciousness that will change the narrative for our beloved planet Earth and … Continue reading Mountain Lion’s MEME-Tastic(!) Medicine Show

Mountain Lion – The Pause that Refreshes

The creatures remind us that we are blessed with this time of stillness. To take time each day to entertain that little child without guilt, without the nagging voice in our ear telling us that our own value lies in “producing” something of “being of service.” Sometimes, the greatest service we can offer is loving ourselves. Producing a better outcome for our own futures and for those we love. This is the medicine of the Mountain Lion who comes to inspire the leader, the warrior, the messenger in each of our souls. These are the ones we need to help us build our New Earth communities.

Raven Medicine – Lifting the Veil

By Kandace Keithley Raven is a messenger of the void who comes to give us courage and vision as we walk through the depths of the most dark truths facing humanity at this time. Raven, like Crow and Coyote is a powerful creature of transformation, so this shows us that the dark and disturbing material … Continue reading Raven Medicine – Lifting the Veil

Raven Medicine – Lifting the Veil, Sounding the Trumpets – The Great Awakening has Begun!

Raven represents a change of consciousness. And, the question she asks every person is "how far are you willing to allow your life, your family, your community and country -- your morality -- to deteriorate before you wake up, take responsibility, stand together, and join the chorus of "Enough!"

Wolf’s MEME-Tastic Medicine Show

“In the beginning all things, wisdom and acknowledged were with the animals, for Tirawa, the One Above. Did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through the beast, and that form them, and from the stars and the sun and moon should man learn, all things tell of Tirawa – Creator God of the Pawnee.'” – Eagle Chief Letakos-Lesa, Pawnee

Video Discussion – Wilderness Adventures with the Two Wolves

Wolf takes us to the land of Exile where we meet the two wolves in the depths of our soul. The White wolf of light and the Black wolf of the darkness. Spirit and intuition join together in a mighty dance to determine which perceptions, belief, and traditions we will choose as we walk forward. … Continue reading Video Discussion – Wilderness Adventures with the Two Wolves

How the Old Man Made People – Miigiizi Makwa Lodge – Coyote Medicine

Ultimately – this week, Coyote is here to remind us about the power of natural law – cause and effect. In the house of Spirit with the Grandfathers this week, he teaches us about the power of our spiritual connections and our sacred responsibilities to our Ancestors and bloodlines.