By Melissa Teague, 11 11 2019

A Mystical Woman, Melissa Teague “She is a place you could get lost or found within. A place to rest your weary soul because she understands you. She does not need eyes in which to see you as she feels your soul in every cell of her being.’

She flows like a river yet is grounded like the roots of a tree, she is as gentle as an ocean breeze yet fierce as a blazing sun. She will rock your foundation to its core, burning away all the illusions and walls you have built, leaving only ashes – but this will be a blessing in disguise.

Her love will help you rise like a phoenix from those ashes into your true self. She knows the man you were meant to be. She knows you are meant for more – you are meant to be a full moon on another’s darkest be the sun that brings life to all you be a philosopher of wisdom, a teacher of truths, a wanderer of worlds…a miracle manifest.


A Mystical woman is very selective of who she allows within her heart as not all are worthy to walk upon her path. Not all can withstand the light that blazes like a wildfire within her heart. Not all can look upon her eyes and the true wonder that exists within them.

If you do gaze upon that wonder you will see the entire universe within her, world’s beyond this one… Infinity itself. Her eyes truly are portals to places beyond the veil of all you have ever known in this life. Her eyes are holy ground, sacred pools to swim within, stars to be in awe of. All that she is pours from her eyes as sacred wisdom she has gained that she wishes to share with you. With her you will die and be born again over and over. You will “know thyself” in a way like never before.


The Mystical Woman has lightning in her bones, a flame as bright as a thousand suns and a mission and purpose on earth that even she may not fully understand. She is driven by something beyond herself. She is the builder and destroyer of worlds. She destroys all that is false and builds and rebuilds with truth and the star dust flowing thru her body, mind and soul. Her path is sacred and holy, she is part of an army of Mystical Women here to set the record straight., to create a world from their sacred hearts, from the light that flows thru their veins.


The Mystical Woman is fire and water, a paradox existing in an impossibility. Should you choose to engage with her the passion and excitement will set every part of you on fire. Your bond will have depth like the roots of a redwood. There will exist a fire between you that ignites an incomprehensible alchemy- a love story beyond all love stories. She will help you find the warrior within – showing you the wisdom of all your past pain..she will teach you grace and make you humble.
If you can flow like a river thru the mountains you will have a life filled with love, light and wonder with her. But if you hold fear inside and struggle against the currents that you may face with her, you will drown in your misery, always wondering, always feeling disconnected from a part of yourself, a missing piece of your heart.


The storms within her may leave you shaky at first but it will ultimately lead you to understanding and a love deeper than any ocean. Only the strongest and wisest of warriors can break their own chains by crashing into her mystery like the waves in a hurricane. She does not mean for her waves to knock you down as that is not in her nature. She wishes to protect you from the chaos and changes that she must go thru as her path is written in the stars. Destiny and Fate are at play with her and therefore they will also touch you.


She understands if you turn and walk away as she knows the commitment and intensity to a higher purpose can be intimidating. The flames of purification can feel too destructive. It is always your choice whether to dance within her flames and be transformed for the rest of your days or to return to the only life you have ever known.


Just know that she knows you are truly a Master of Teachers, a King of kings, you have just forgotten this truth. If you choose to love a Mystical Woman she holds the keys to the door of a new destiny for you. A destiny that is beyond your current understanding but it will peel back the veil of this world and show you the truth, it will give you a mirror to see your true self and a lantern to light your way.

Will you choose to love a Mystical Woman?


Melissa Teague is a Spiritual messenger and teacher, a psychic who uses Tarot as one of her major teaching and healing tools, and an animal rescue hero living in the United States.

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We are deeply grateful for Melissa’s contributions to Bird Clan Messenger and to all of humanity. A’ho. – #BirdClanMessenger 

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