Around the world, people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds are awakening to the truth and power of our Spiritual Identities.

The process of transforming our Selves from physical-secular oriented beings to Spiritual Beings is known as Alchemy.

Wise Woman, teacher, and healer Katy Tucker offers this teaching that introduces us to Alchemy and the way we use this process to heal ourselves and our world.

AlchemyFrom the very beginning of humankind, Shamans and Medicine People have used the principals of Alchemy to guide and heal the people and their communities. With Gaia’s Ascension, we are experiencing a global paradigm shift that is causing people to awaken and remember the ancient wisdom, knowledge, teachings, and medicine that is our birthright as her children.

According to scientist and writer Annie Webb, “Alchemy can generally be defined as an ancient art form that seeks purification of the soul and immortality in parallel with the transmutation of chemical elements where gold symbolizes perfection.”  Read Annie’s great article about Alchemy at,

Wise Woman Rising has been established to help people of all backgrounds awaken and reconnect with their Spiritual Selves. It is through our awakening and remembering our true power as children of Mother Earth and our Father in Heaven, as is the Indigenous Worldview, that we reclaim our power.

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kandace – 3-10-18

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